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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3.6 GHz

    You'd go with the X model only if you want the single core turbo over 4Ghz. The 1600X and 1800X are both capable of 4.1Ghz single core. But if you over-clock them you loose that feature. In essence you have a choice to make with Ryzen. 3.9-4Ghz always on on all cores, or stock speeds with a...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3.6 GHz

    Anno 2205 - 1 FPS BF1 - 5.7 FPS Dishonored 2 - 8.5 FPS Doom - 0.8 FPS Fallout 4 - 15.6 FPS Far Cry Primal - 7.6 FPS Hitman...
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    Comodo Internet Security Free any good?

    Just don't bother to register at all it will still work and update. Just skip that part of the install.
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    Comodo Internet Security Free any good?

    I use it as well. You have to remove some stuff they bundle in with it now. There is usually a yahoo/google search engine with home page. Geek buddy and Dragon. It's a part of the software suit but both parts are useless to me. And they add some widgets and popups to the desktop that I don't...
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    If you had $500, $1000, $2000, what would you spend it on?

    $500 - save it $1000 - save it $2000 - Lathe with Vertical mill, Machine blocks, and a load of tools to make more tools. I'd love to say computer parts. I just couldn't justify an upgrade from the 2500K. I regret deeply having to sell my lathe and mill. With that tool a decent welder and some...
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    Will Ryzen 5 1600x be a better deal than the 1700 or 1700x?

    The 1600x will be the one to look at for sure. I'm not sure this is 100% correct but this is my understanding of the chip at this time. If you look at the TPU review and notice that some of the gaming scores are lower when overclocked, It's because when using a single core the 1600x and 1800x...
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    1700 vs 7700 for a programmer and gamer

    I would wait. R5 is due on the 11th of April, It's only a few weeks away. Wait and see what those chips offer. The R5 1600X is the chip you want to keep an eye on. It should be 6c12t with similar if not better gaming scores than R7, and still retain a lot of the multi-threaded grunt of the...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    Really interesting review. I'm dumbfounded by the poor overclock performance. And the fact the chip actually looses performance in some tests. I'm pretty sure the platform needs more development time because of that. By the time we see R5 hopefully they have the bios and drivers functioning a...
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    What resolution do you game at

    5870x1080. It's not without it's problems. you get some stretching and warping of the image. The advantages in Sim style games far outweigh those negatives.
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    Ryzen benchmarking and overclocking results

    @W1zzard A long shot here. Could you do a set of results including older benchmark chips like the 2500K . I'm seeing a lot of reviews that are only interested in current CPU's, and its getting frustrating for me at least to have 3-4 test pages open to try get a good overview. There is no need...
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    AMD Stock...Wow!

    I think you are wrong. It's not a knockout for the gaming market but the gaming market has failed to capitalise on true multicore. There will be renewed pressure for this to happen now. However it is an absolute stunner for anyone looking to build a Workstation, Server, Render machine. It is a...
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    Looking for a perfect keyboard (it's so hard to have a desktop in 2017)

    Cherry make a few boards that might suit. The strait series and the orca might be worth looking at. http://www.keyboardspecialists.co.uk/2936-cherry-m85-25835gb-orca-wireless-keyboard-and-mouse http://www.keyboardspecialists.co.uk/5105-cherry-strait-wireless-keyboard-and-mouse-set...
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    Team Blue vs Red

    Given the choice of platforms that are on a level. I'd go AMD. They don't tend to change socket so often, so you get a bit more life in upgrades. Intel you know you are product locked to 2 generations, After than it'll be a new motherboard as well as the CPU. Saying that I did get burned by...
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    What Power Supply brand are you running in your setup?

    FSP again. Everest 800W. It's due to be replaced soon I've had it 8ish years. Never missed a beat. I was looking at one of these as a replacement unit for it in summer. http://www.fspgroupusa.com/ecommerce/retail-products/aurum-pt-series/aurum-pt-series.html
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    Would a aftermarket cooler keep your room cooler or not? *poll*

    The same amount of energy is transferred. Here is the problem. The Stock heatsink runs at 90C. The After-market one 45C with more airflow as well. So If you are near the PC the 90C + lower airflow will affect more of the air near you. The after-market one will draw more air and only heat...
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    Star Citizen: Call For Transparency, Refund Demands Increase

    Lol. Just because I think it's in pre Alpha, doesn't mean it actually is... or isn't. The fact you quoted me, then got corrected is most amusing. Because that is how FUD starts. Someone reads a post that may or may not be factual from a non official source, Then quotes or manipulates it. This...
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    Star Citizen: Call For Transparency, Refund Demands Increase

    You absolutely have no idea about how development works. If you did you would understand just how silly this whole statement is. Star Citizen is NOT in the alpha test phase. It's in pre-alpha. Ordinarily you would never see alpha never mind pre-alpha. The true alpha stage will be the final...
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    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    It's not even a headstart for a lot of players. If you don't have one of the big ships, and you plan on doing the S42 campaign before you enter the open world then having a basic ship isn't needed. You will exit S42 having been payed to do the campaign. It is after all a military campaign, and...
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    Star Citizen: Call For Transparency, Refund Demands Increase

    I'm not worried at all about the current progress. I pledged way back and only just missed out on a golden ticket by a day or so. The problem atm isn't lack of content or lack of transparency. The company in my mind is doing things correctly, I would much rather wait a few years to have the...
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    Heatsink fell off sound card

    That style of heatsink is normally held in place with double sided tape. Google this for your region it should throw some up on your local sites or ebay. "Akasa double-sided thermal adhesive tape"
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    I want my system to play games. 60fps, Reasonable graphics I'm happy. Benchmarking is long dead. It's been dead for many years. The gains that were won when benchmarking was it it's peak were ground-breaking and showed real system speed increases. Current systems don't have that. If you...
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    Bottlenecks are relative. Any system that cannot use the speed of hardware to 100% has a bottleneck of some sort. For example, PCIe 1x for a card that needs 16x. Sata 1.0a controller running a Sata 3.0 SSD. 100Mhz ram in a 166Mhz system. An older GPU been ran at 100% is not a bottleneck,. It...
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    My bro went on my dads PC two times and this is what i had to fix.

    I'd actually suspect Facebook. There have been a number of clickbait articles this week that have popped up in the new "suggestions" feed addition. A good few have spawned virus like web pages as pop-ups from the clickbait article. And those have spawned on me through ABP and running firefox...
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    Favorite GPU you have owned

    It's his Chip collection that makes me smile the most. Slot A athlon, Socket A athlon, Thunderbird, palamino,TB-a, TB-b, barton. It'd like looking at a wall of warm memories!
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    Favorite GPU you have owned

    Those cards were fantastic, Loved everything about them including the remote! I had a voodoo3 3000 16mb, Good card but the voodoo5 beat it to a pulp for gaming. 3DFX had a lot of things very right, It's a shame they didn't sell the VSA100 chip to third parties and keep the company afloat. I was...