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  1. lowrider_05

    New GPUs, now crashing after few seconds in game.

    well, then a Driver problem is also a possibility i imagine
  2. lowrider_05

    New GPUs, now crashing after few seconds in game.

    only way to know is to use a Powermeter and yes even an 850W PSU might have problems to maintain stability for longer time with high usage and if its the PSU you should get an instant reboot with no Bluescreen i have some experience with Crossfire and a PSU on its maximum usage thats why i have...
  3. lowrider_05

    New GPUs, now crashing after few seconds in game.

    Just maybe your PSU can´t support 2 1080 Ti´s or it has a fault those 2 cards can suck up to 600 watts together
  4. lowrider_05

    Help! Locating bios/flash chip

    But his sticker says twinfrozr 3
  5. lowrider_05

    Help! Locating bios/flash chip

    If I'm not mistaken your 6950 should have a BIOS switch for a second bios wich should allow you to boot the card and reflash your backup to it.
  6. lowrider_05

    Asus overclocking problem

    first reset the bios to default if the problem is still there then you should look at the hardware.
  7. lowrider_05

    R9 280x Xfire on 760w enough?

    well i just report what my wattmeter said at that time and now with my 9590 and my 290x both overclocked i don´t exceed 600 watts but with my old rig 8320 @ 4,7 and 2 7950´s in CF Overclocked and overvolted i could hit the 1000 watt mark with firestrike or catzilla but in games it was 760 watts...
  8. lowrider_05

    R9 280x Xfire on 760w enough?

    i had that combo myself and as long as you dont overclock you are fine but if you overclock your CPU + GPU´s you will sometimes have a peak of about 1000 watts. hope that helps.
  9. lowrider_05

    ASUS R9 290X OC2 Dead in 30 Minutes.

    from what i understand he flashed it with the asus flash program wich flashes both bioses at once and because the website promises an stability improvement.
  10. lowrider_05

    Best of the best SSD (SATA, M.2, PCI)

    PCI express SSD is the fastest and the most costly also what size do you need them to be? How big is your budget? Because with pcie SSDs there is an open end to the pricerange. There you go with one of the fastest...
  11. lowrider_05

    Best PSU (2x Xeon, 2 way SLI)

    from my experience i would like to recommend the LC1000 V2.3 Legion X2 PSU http://www.lc-power.de/index.php?id=251&L=1 it should suit your needs and is not that expensive. its just another suggestion.
  12. lowrider_05

    r9 270x Toxic or hd 7950 dual X OC

    i had the same card in crossfire and overclocked and overvolted them to their thermal limit and had them over a year with no problems so i think the 7950 dual x is a well built card and under normal usage it should almost certainly last longer than 2 years but the choice is entirely up to you. a...
  13. lowrider_05

    AMD Readies Radeon R7 Branded Client SSDs

    i think that was sarcasm ;)
  14. lowrider_05

    [PC] Watch_Dogs graphical settings

    no its not a huge hit, you loose max 5-10 fps
  15. lowrider_05

    [PC] Watch_Dogs graphical settings

    HBAO+ is from NV but always works on AMD too if i can remember correctly.
  16. lowrider_05

    [PC] Watch_Dogs graphical settings

    well at least for me there is a HUGE difference between low and ultra just look at water or the sun or windows or distant objects .......
  17. lowrider_05

    [PC] Watch_Dogs graphical settings

    I can squeeze just about 35-55 fps on ultra with msaa4x @ 1080P. I even tried to activate the hidden supersampling but got unplayable 30 fps max out of it
  18. lowrider_05

    Downgrading my computer

    well i would sell the cheap car, i own a 350Z for my daily driving. I just told you what I would do if it was my pc but if you want to sell the powerhouse then go on.
  19. lowrider_05

    Downgrading my computer

    you will lose much money if you sell your Xeons and 580s compared to the price you bought them for and for that difference you can pay alot of electricity with, so i would advise you to sell the cheaper pc and pay the electric bills with that money instead of losing performance and money. just...
  20. lowrider_05

    Merry Christmas! Star Citizen Giveaway

    I love star citizen i want this ship
  21. lowrider_05

    Memory issue with FX 8320/ASRock 990fx Extreme3

    If you got all 4 sticks in the board then some if not all Asrock boards have problems just try to put only 2 sticks in and clock it up an see if it works.
  22. lowrider_05

    New Gaming Rig (AMD)

    I would just recommend you to look for a FX 6300 series cpu because it hast the best bang for buck factor in the AMD FX series but if you want raw power then get the FX 9590 hope i could help a bit.
  23. lowrider_05

    What SSD is the best?

    rapid mode helps only for short intervals of sequential reads and writes wich helps not so much with the speed for daily operations like high IOPS do. just my opinion of course as for what the OP asks, look at my system specs with my 2 raid 0 ssd,s i got the most bang for the buck.
  24. lowrider_05

    i5-4670k to Xeon E3-1220/1225 V3

    even than it makes no sense: http://www.pcgameshardware.de/CPU-Hardware-154106/Tests/Xeon-E3-1230-v3-Test-1099616/
  25. lowrider_05

    i5-4670k to Xeon E3-1220/1225 V3

    Yes your i5 is about 3% faster than the 1225 V3