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  1. RevoLand

    Coffee Lake or Ryzen Upgrade question

    Hello everyone, So i was about to get a Ryzen 7 1700 before Coffee Lake gets released earlier than expected and with the current review results, i am stuck and not sure which one i should go with. I am currently thinking about going with Intel i7-8700 + MSI Z370A-PRO but with the Intel's early...
  2. RevoLand

    Steam Library Manager (Free/Open-Source/C#/v1.4.4)

    Steam Library Manager (SLM) is a tool to manage your Steam Libraries quick and easy. With SLM you can administrate all of your games and backups from one place. Drag and drop between libraries and backup folders with ease. Works with existing Steam Backups or opt to use SLM's open system for...
  3. RevoLand

    Steam Library Manager (Free/Open-Source/C#)

    Hello TPU, I have made a tool to manage your installed Steam games and i am looking for some feedback to improve it. As the current state of SLM (Steam Library Manager) you can do these: Find Steam installation path auto (from registry) Move installed games between Steam libraries (with their...