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  1. casual swift

    Why I'm now an Apple fan...

    I have to agree.... They definitely are not scared to backup their products. I'm going back to the Iphone 5 and I couldn't be happier about it. =)
  2. casual swift

    LGA 1155 board recomendations

    I'm going with the GD65 z68 as well except w/ 2600k.
  3. casual swift

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    So are most people getting this pre-order through Steam? Where can I pre-order and get some type of discount that everyone is talking about?
  4. casual swift

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clubhouse

    Seeing the same thing here... luckily I've been on the dominating team so I haven't been complaining. =D
  5. casual swift

    Are you going to buy BF3?

    Of course I will be...
  6. casual swift

    Mouse click turns computer on!

    I have mine setup to wake from sleepmode with any key stroke or mouse click.
  7. casual swift

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Yeah I agree with that as well.
  8. casual swift

    Laptop with red stuck pixel

    What are the specs on the laptop just out of curiosity?
  9. casual swift

    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    Do yall use LightRoom for editing or what? I'll give that one a whirl as soon as I get LR re-installed. (just did a reformat a few days ago)
  10. casual swift

    Apple iDevice clubhouse: Now with essential apps and tweaks!

    Why didn't I search for this thread earlier? My first iPhone was the 3GS and I haven't looked back since. iPhone 4 Black 16gig God you can say that again. iTunes is terrible. It's not bad as far as buying music goes but the whole library/sync system is terrible. :banghead:
  11. casual swift

    Looking for some quick suggestions...

    2500k makes the most sense for me right now so I'm gonna go with it. Now I just need to figure out what Mobo I'm gonna run. I've been chatting with cadaveca - there seems to be more out there right now for the z68 chipset? I really only need p67 though. Recommendations? Since I'm at it I'm...
  12. casual swift

    How do you hold your mouse?

    Thanks for the visual! Hey just outta curiosity is your 750 OC'ed and if so what did you get it to?
  13. casual swift

    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    Anybody have any tips for shooting indoor sports like basketball/volleyball games? Any other Olympus users in the house for glass recommendations?
  14. casual swift

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    +1. The deployment spawns are kinda cool but in flags they need have the ability to spawn elsewhere when one team is being dominated. It would be more fair...
  15. casual swift

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clubhouse

    I need some organized people to get on my friends list. I'll be on tonight feel free to add me. steam id: casual_swift Solider Name - Jetasis
  16. casual swift

    How do you hold your mouse?

    Just curious... Do you hold it with your palm resting on the body of the mouse and having your wrist elevated off the pad? Or do you rest your wrist on the pad and control the mouse with just your fingers? Or something different?
  17. casual swift

    How to Deal with Clients that Watch Everything You Do

    Does everybody on this forum work as a Tech? Lol.
  18. casual swift

    Near-death experiences may be triggered by serotonin

    LOL. There's not a whole lot of posts that make me laugh out loud in the office but this is one of them. :laugh:
  19. casual swift

    $1500+ well spent...

    Glad to here everything worked out! Hopefully that HDD stays intact.
  20. casual swift

    Are you buying MW3

    I'm going to buy it for 360 just because soooo many of my friends will be. Jumping in with a party for a few rounds is what makes console multiplayer gaming so much fun. I'll stick with Battlefield 3 on PC and then pop on with my friends for MW3 when everyone is on.
  21. casual swift

    Middle-click doesn't do anything in Firefox

    I was having some strange issues this morning as well. Was there a FF update?
  22. casual swift

    Help me buy a Headset!

    I disagree. Those headsets you mentioned are great quality and offer good sound. I'm sure for audio mixing and other types of applications they are great. But for gaming? What's he supposed to use for a mic? x41's are lighter, wireless, 5.1 Surround Sound, and obviously have a built in mic.
  23. casual swift

    Black ops

    Does anyone know if the hit detection varies from console to PC? I've never played blops on PC but on console I never had any problems with it.
  24. casual swift

    $1500+ wasted...

    How To Diagnose Bad Ram
  25. casual swift

    1 HDMI out, monitor and sound..how?

    This is true, to a degree. Most speakers have a break in period (can vary... sometimes like 80 hours)