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  1. 1c3d0g

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Could Launch on July 27

    Why do you keep pestering him about it? Why is this so important to you? Are you a source nazi? Just let the man type. If you don't like it, don't read it. Pretty simple. :shadedshu:
  2. 1c3d0g

    Two 16-core AMD Threadripper Parts Listed Online

    Damn, the price is what I wanted to know the most. I really hope AMD will price this very competitively, as I'm sick of seeing outrageous, eyeball-bursting $1500 prices for Intel's high-end CPU's. The monopoly must end! :banghead:
  3. 1c3d0g

    AMD Ryzen 9 "Threadripper" Lineup Leaked

    :shadedshu: Ever heard of distributed computing? Those of us who do real work on computers instead of playing games LOVE more cores...I say keep 'em coming! And yes, before you ask, I use ALL of those cores, ALL of them are used 24/7 to crunch data. The more the merrier. Now all we need is for...
  4. 1c3d0g

    Samsung Could Become Top Chipmaker in 2Q17, Dethrone Intel

    Top chipmaker in SALES. Big difference! Although word on the street is that Samsung is quite close to 10nm volume manufacturing, which should worry Intel deeply.
  5. 1c3d0g

    ASUS Launches CM-32 AC2600 Cable Modem Router

    For those who don't know what Xzibit is talking about, I'll just leave this link here... :shadedshu: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/12/03/intel_puma_chipset_firmware_fix/
  6. 1c3d0g

    AMD Backpedals on Quake Champions Promo Link with Radeon 17.4.4 Drivers

    First world problems... ;) Nevertheless, good that they listened to their customers feedback.
  7. 1c3d0g

    id Software Readies Quake Champions with Vulkan Support and Ryzen Optimization

    Man oh man.....now THIS is some great news! :cool: For all you young bastards out there, Quake is the granddaddy of all free-for-all, massive carnage FPS games! Those were the good times, when anyone worth their salt was playing Quake. I just hope they bring back the lightning quick speeeed that...
  8. 1c3d0g

    AMD Sues the Mobileverse: Claims LG, Mediatek, Others Infringe on its GPU IP

    - Lisa Su (AMD CEO) has a PhD from MIT in electrical engineering; - Chekib Akrout (Senior Vice President, Global Operations), has a bachelor's degree in physics from the University Pierre & Marie Curie in France and a PhD in electronics and physics; - Jim Anderson (Senior Vice President and...
  9. 1c3d0g

    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    @W1zzard: no distributed computing benchmarks? I'd love to see if AMD's 2x cores beats Intel's higher clocks with SETI@Home (or some other BOINC project) work units. :confused:
  10. 1c3d0g

    NVIDIA Announces Continued Support for Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ansel Support

    Boring? Hahaha...what a joke. IMO this is the best game so far since Far Cry 4! Well, to each his own.;)
  11. 1c3d0g

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PGF Edition Graphics Card Pictured

    You forgot "Q"...:roll: Seriously though, I don't like that DVI connector at all. It's out of place in this modern world and NVIDIA specifically eliminated it to allow better airflow - now these bastards put it back on! :shadedshu:
  12. 1c3d0g

    AMD Names Radeon "Vega" Product Line as Simply Radeon RX Vega

    Yup, I have to agree with Crap Daddy here, I don't think Vega has what it takes to dethrone the 1080 Ti (2080?). Then again, I could be wrong, but the leaks don't look very promising, unless they have something truly groundbreaking in their new design. I'm a die-hard Intel fan, but this round...
  13. 1c3d0g

    AMD Ryzen 7 Initial Inventory Looks Healthy

    Great cooling, my friend. Great cooling will make XFR shine... :cool:
  14. 1c3d0g

    Intel Core i7-7740K and i5-7640K Codenamed "Kaby Lake-X," 112W TDP, No IGP

    :shadedshu: As a die-hard Intel fan, these kinds of announcements disgust me! I really do hope Ryzen has what it takes to bring very competitive performance for a very low price. If AMD manages this, let's say comparable 8-core performance for half the price, even I will convert my system to...
  15. 1c3d0g

    ZADAK511 Updates SSDs with RGB LED Lighting

    Could've at least used Torx screws...other than that, they look very nice.
  16. 1c3d0g

    Colorful Unveils the iGame GTX 1080 KUDAN

    Almost everyone is too quick to jump to conclusions. I want to see temperature & dB benchmarks of this graphics card first before commenting. PLEASE, TPU, make it happen!:toast:
  17. 1c3d0g

    Intel "Coffee Lake" Architecture by Q2-2018, 7 nm Process By 2022?

    Don't be delusional. Everybody is bumping into the same physics problems. Intel, AMD, TSMC, Samsung, GlobalFoundries, IBM, you name it, the physics don't change!!! Could they (Intel) lower prices? Yes, they could. But thinking about doubling performance in the next few years or some other crazy...
  18. 1c3d0g

    NVIDIA to Credit Marty McFly Modding for Leftover Ansel Code

    Storm in a teacup. Let's move along, please...:toast:
  19. 1c3d0g

    Intel to Contract-manufacture ARM Processors at its Fabs

    Why are you scared of Intel "dominating" the ARM market? I don't get what you're trying to say or where you're going with this. Intel opening up its fabs is GOOD for us customers, as we'll have access to faster, cooler chips for all kinds of gadgets. What's not to like, unless you have some ax...
  20. 1c3d0g

    Western Digital Increases WD Gold Hard Drives Capacity by 25 Percent

    Haha, indeed! I remember back then when having a 8GB Quantum Fireball meant you were one of the elite few who owned such a "monster". :D
  21. 1c3d0g

    TechPowerUp Gives Away an ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX Graphics Card

    Thanks for setting up this giveaway!
  22. 1c3d0g

    FRAPS to Make a Comeback with Windows 10 Support

    You should've stayed unregistered. :shadedshu:
  23. 1c3d0g

    Calyos Unveils High-end Fanless Gaming PC

    The ambient temperature is pretty low. Let's see how it stacks up in 35c weather...if it can maintain performance without throttling, they've designed a truly incredible piece of hardware.
  24. 1c3d0g

    GIGABYTE Announces the GeForce GTX 1070 WindForce 2X

    As long as the card performs better than the competition, is whisper quiet and is reliable enough (ball bearings etc.), who gives a shit what the hell a card looks like? Kids these days... :shadedshu:
  25. 1c3d0g

    AMD Radeon RX 470 Could Surprise with Pricing

    Well, this would be good news for us all as it will push down overall GPU prices even further! :D