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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    If I view my own profile in battlelog, by "Playername's profile" I see the emblems "BF4" and an odd green symbol of a jet it looks like, for china rising, and only bought the basic BF4. Anyone else showing up this way? Would be a nice bonus for the crap we've had to put up with!
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    I got sick of listening a minute or so in. Hes exceited then mumbles. Looks pretty fun, mix of Doom and Borderlands it seems!
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    I've never experienced a server crash until this last fix, I haven't been able to finish but one round today, joined maybe 4 games. Every one eventually crashing!
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    I like BF4 too! Maybe a bit much. Also it seems like disabling the ingame VOIP stopped my crashing for the most part, now I get between map crashes.
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    [US] MC Intel i5 2500k $99

    I lucked out, a family member two hours away got one for me Nov. 2nd at $160 and I seen this, called MC and they will refund the difference this Sunday while I pick mine up!:rockout:
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    TPU blacklisted

    As a long time AMD fan I can relate, but AMD has their place, and need it. I will also say I am going to Intel for my desktop needs for this round.
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    TPU blacklisted

    yup I agree, I've lurked for a while, built a bunch of systems, lurked other places, but this irked me and want to post. This is the only tech site that I frequent. My reasons are the community, I chose between HF? I think it is, TH, AT...Just like this community. Thumbs up TPU.