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    Any bottleneck in this system?

    It's slightly better specs than the handme down x2 4200+ I gave to my grand daughter she now uses as a Facebook machine, should suffice for low res casual web surfing. I lol'd at the bottleneck question, not sure if that was the intention or you wanted to know if you could possibly improve or...
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    Ghetto Mods

    Love this thread! to me functionality trumps aesthetics everytime when it comes to hardware, wish I still had pics of all my skt 939 mods! at one point I had a donated mini fridge I converted into a convection/push'n pull fan refrigerator cooler for my pc lol that mini fridge is now reincarnated...
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    670 2gb vs 7950 3gb (most future proof card?)

    That's the exact card and deal I had in mind and I was planning to buy Borderlands 2 anyways, so to me thats worth an extra $40 off considering green man gaming has it for preorder around that price. My friend's holding out for the next gen big kepler, he thinks will be released around xmas...
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    670 2gb vs 7950 3gb (most future proof card?)

    exactly lol damn you rich stock holders and penny pinching ceo's putting profit margins over tech advancements :shadedshu
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    What card to buy for X2 3800+ rig

    My current HTPC is a skt939 4200+ with an HD6450, the only gaming I do on it is emulaters. Personally I wouldn't sink money in ancient tech when you can buy a Pentium 1155 4gb for close to $200 and a slightly slower AMD equivalent for even less if you shop around. Add a used HD6850 for $100ish...
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    670 2gb vs 7950 3gb (most future proof card?)

    I tend to squeeze my tech purchases to the last drop and was wondering if the 2gb on the gtx 670 will be enough in the next couple of years? I'm pretty set on Nvidia, free Borderlands 2, physx, superior SLI drivers... My plan was to buy a gtx 670 now and SLI another one when the prices...