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  1. peach1971

    GOOGLE CHROME REVIEW from the perspective of a Firefox "fanboy"

    My GOOGLE CHROME REVIEW from the perspetive of a Firefox "fanboy" :D 1.) Google Chrome installs itself into a directory that´s hidden by default in Windows XP. That´s ..\documents and settings\USER\local settings\application data\Google\ 2.) The first noticable thing it does during...
  2. peach1971

    <100W idle System Power Club

    Since the world / Earth already faces some serious energy consumption/supply and pollution problems, the purpose of The <100W idle System Power Club is about to Make a Difference in Energy Efficiency. ** Preamble ** Honestly, I´m tired of PC forum posts like "Turn off SpeedStep /...
  3. peach1971

    Today´s Reviews & Today´s Files > on vacation?

    Are they coming back?
  4. peach1971

    Quad CF PCI adapter - 74.6 MB/s Raid0

    I just read an article in Germany´s top geek mag "c´t". It´s about this device: http://www.addonics.com/products/flash_memory_reader/ad4cfprj.asp Having this PCI card run with two Kingston Ultimate CF cards in Raid0, the results were: 74.6 MB/s read speed 53.6 MB/s write speed 0.4 ms read...
  5. peach1971

    Silent HSF Mod

    Scythe Samurai Original fan > 92mm 2100rpm @12V Replaced with > 2x Enermax Warp 80mm 1600rpm @12V Result: 2 °C cooler & incredibly silent!
  6. peach1971

    Phenom TLB patch benchmarked... OH NO!

    A look at how AMD's BIOS workaround impacts Phenom performance Full article >http://techreport.com/articles.x/13741 I repeat myself: I want a Brisbane 7000+ Black Edition.
  7. peach1971

    Flaw leaves Microsoft looking like a turkey

    http://www.smh.com.au/news/technology/microsoft-flaw-a-massive-shock/2007/11/23/1195975914416.html What the... :mad:
  8. peach1971

    Lavalys Everest 4.X bonus tools!

    Just discovered them. Have they been there before in earlier versions? (Save saves *.png images)
  9. peach1971

    F.E.A.R. Combat [@T|P|U]

    Anybody still playing F.E.A.R. Combat frequently ? :D For Gamespy, I´m johndoof@T|P|U. Add this @T|P|U to your nickname and see you on following servers: Capture Hold / Capture All WolfPack Control GER ( ghOst FEAR Control ( Fire In Style Troop...
  10. peach1971

    AM2 mainboard reviews / recommendations

    As my personal small contribution to AMD I´ve decided that my next hardware update (DDR2/ PCIe) will still be AMD based, ´cause I don´t want INTEL to possibly become "the one and only" in the year 20XX. ;) So this decision is more political, absolutely being aware that it will give me less...
  11. peach1971

    ATT Benchmark Results

    Just another "post your screenshot" thread. :D Get ATI Tray Tools here: http://www.radeon.ru/downloads/att/b/attsetup.exe Hardware > Overclock Settings > Bench! > Compare > Export jpg
  12. peach1971

    Post a Real Time HDR Screenshot

    using http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/archives/rthdribl_1_2.zip (630KB) > rthdribl.exe from http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl/ with default settings @ default 640x480 window.
  13. peach1971

    X1950 GT Super - Impressions here

    Hi, my friend and I just updrageded his PC with an XpertVision / Palit X1950 Gt Super (AGP): Features: GPU RV570 @500MHz 512MB DDR3 256bit @600MHz ROPs: 12 This is what Aquamark3 spits out in combination with 1GB DDR, Socket 939, AMD Athlon64 3700+ SanDiego @2200MHz...
  14. peach1971

    5V short-circuit = dead board?

    Hey, I built a testing setup to check some old SD-RAM bars: - mobo ECS K7S5A - CPU XP 1800+ - VGA Nvidia TNT2 - PSU: some OEM - loose PC speaker connected to mobo to evtl. getting any error beeps Worked fine so far for several RAM tests. But today it didn´t boot nor show any screen, no...
  15. peach1971

    Post your Belarc Advisor results :)

  16. peach1971

    Mobo for testing 1GB SD-RAM Rigs

    Mobo for testing 1GB SD-RAM modules Hi, I just got a big bunch of used SD-RAM modules for low (nothing). After identifying them by SPD and sorting out the bad ones there are still some 1024MB modulesto be tested, but obviousley the mainboard I have here to check the modules (OEM Intel i815)...
  17. peach1971

    Any better DDR1/AGP based cheap solution?

    Hey, I want to update my system by a small step, meaning that I need a CPU & a Mainboard which allow me to stick to my DDR1 modules (2x512MB MDT) and my AGP VGA (X800 GTO). I thought of an Athlon64 4000+ SanDiego (2.4GHz/1MB 2ndLC) and an ECS nForce3 939. That´s 85.00 + 35.00 = 120 Euros plus...
  18. peach1971

    Why 99% of Power Supply Reviews Are Wrong

    Just found this article at http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/410/2 Quite interesting! :cool: They want reviewers to buy this machine for accurate reviews: :eek: Chroma 8000 50.000 $ Any idea where to get the program "IDF System Power Program v0.3"? or "PSUCheck.exe"?
  19. peach1971

    Xpert Vision X800 GTO [AGP] - memory issue

    I did a last favo(u)r to my good old system :pimp: and bought an Xpert Vision X800 GTO [AGP]. System is an AMD AthlonXP 3200+ / MSI K7N2 Delta Platinum / 2x512MB MDT DDR. I was aware that XpertVision is not comparable to i.e. Sapphire, but wasn´t in the mood to spend much bugs for a...
  20. peach1971

    Samsung Techwin Defense Products

    Lately I found this: http://www.samsungtechwin.com/product/pro_view_eng.asp?pro_uid=1635&cat_uid=73&cat_biz=DEP&cat_lev=D I really didn´t know that Samsung also has it´s business in the so called "military industrial complex" ... Here´s a commercial video showing it´s performance...