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    Sapphire X1600 pro overclocking?

    I over clocked my msi x1600pro i bought an x1600pro just for the hell of it, my gf wanted a card to play some games, so i said alright. Anyways its stock 500/400 i slapped a Zalman solid copper cooler in it origionally desighned for the x800xt. drilled some new holes lined it up and...
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    [Case Gallery] Modded Dell dimension 8400

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel p4 3.0, 2Gb of ddr 666Mhz ram, ATI x800xt, with Zalman pure coper GPU cooling kit, voltage modded to X850XT specs. Soundblaster audigy 2 sound card, 74Gb WD Raptor. 520 watt Antec PSU dual 80mm led fan cooled with speed control at rear. Mods...