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  1. J

    Anyone RF ONLINE?

    Yeah RISING FORCE ONLINE. You never heard of it guys? It's really a great game. The story behind of it is brilliant.
  2. J

    Gaming Mouse, Need Help Finding One

    Razer Deathadder 3500
  3. J

    help me choose a high end motherboard. New build.

    ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 and ASRock Z68 PROFESSIONAL GEN3 don't have much difference. They are both good mobo. I prefer to choose ASRock Pro. Also this one is cheaper. I just thought to share this one MOBO TOP PROVIDERS | Techvy
  4. J

    Anyone RF ONLINE?

    Anyone here playing RF online?
  5. J

    Free Games Thread

    Very nice thread. I'll gonna check to some of it and download. :)
  6. J

    Anime Nation

    Cool. I'm actually not really a fan of animes. But I do watch some of them. Here are my list Samurai X Bleach Naruto Slam dunk Dragon Ball (all series) - my all time favorite. I think this was the first anime series I saw when I was a kid. :) I forgot some of those. hehe.