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    Two 16GB 4266 MHz memory kits in quad channel?

    I was looking to buy two G.Skill 16GB 4266 MHz RGB kits and I was wondering if there were any issues with putting two of them together in quad channel? More specifically, I'll be using them with the new x299 boards coming out soon. I was just curious because I see that they don't have any 32GB...
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    Will ASUS reject my RMA?

    Hi guys. Long time no see, haven't posted in a long while. Been real busy with work and I finally have some time off. Thought I would game out a bit but I've run into a bit of a dilemma. One of my ASUS 670s crapped out late last year and I sent it in for an RMA and got it replaced without any...
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    Which IPS monitor should I get?

    Hi all! I've been looking at getting an IPS monitor and I've come down between two monitors; the ASUS PA248Q and the Dell U2412M. The Dell monitor is on sale right now but I'm willing to pay for the ASUS monitor if it's the better choice between the two. Any advice or suggestions would...
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    Sound card placement?

    So I think I'm going to throw down some cash for a ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card. One thing worries me though, I'm looking at my motherboard and GPUs and it's definitely going to be a tight squeeze with two 670s. I'm not entirely sure where the sound card should be placed, above or below...
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    GTX 680 Overclocking Question

    Hey guys, new guy here. :) I recently got my hands on a EVGA GTX 680 - lovely card, quite happy with it :) I was trying my hand at some overclocking with EVGA Precision X, and it's definitely quite different from what I'm used to with my 560, haha. I got a stable OC with +130 GPU offset...