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    Icy Dock Introduces MB996SP-6SB Backplane Cage

    From an electrical standpoint the SATA power connector is rated around 1.5 Amps per pin whereas the Molex supports much larger current loads (I think 11A per pin). If someone wanted to use high RPM standard 2.5 HDDs in this unit there would be less of a concern about exceeding the max rating and...
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    Microsoft Hardware Debuts Windows 8 Keyboard With Split Backspace-Spacebar Key

    My thought: It's elevating one's wrist so that the angle that you rest your hands on the keyboard exerts less strain/pressure on/near your median nerve. This could help reduce the likelihood of swelling in the carpal tunnel thus reducing the likelihood of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. I am...
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    Game Longer In Extreme Comfort With The Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headset

    That green would be too distracting, especially with it showing up on the mic, very bad choice of color IMO. I feel like I would have to be playing a game at a rave party to wear those and not look out of place.
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    Team Group Announces UHS-I Xtreem Series Memory Cards

    I am not sure myself, but searching for the keywords SD and 3C brought me to an LLC called SD-3C. SD-3C is apparently a licensing company for SD card manufacturing formed by 3 companies Panasonic Corporation, SanDisk Corporation and Toshiba Corporation. To my understanding all companies who wish...
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    OCZ Technology Group, Inc. Reports Fiscal 2013 First Quarter Results

    That makes two of us. My Vertex 1 and Vertex 2 SSDs have been great but my sandforce Vertex 3 has been a nightmare. I finally got annoyed with it enough to file an RMA, should be getting my replacement by the end of this week. Crosses fingers that the drive doesn't BSOD and can powerup...
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    Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Pits Cheaters Against Cheaters

    Reasonable step forward It's a reasonable step forward but personally I feel they should have to pay a re-activation fee. First off they would be wasting server resources for the rest of the legit population and this would be a way to account for that expense. I think it would be nice to have...
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    Broadcom Unveils World's Highest Density 100GbE Switch Solution

    I believe, as far as physical media is concerned, the current "limit" (used very loosely) is roughly 25.78Gbps on Single Mode Fiber (or 25Gbps at the MAC). What they do in 40G/100G Ethernet is they use multiple fiber links (either 4 full duplex links or 10) and the Ethernet frames are...
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    AMD Lightning Bolt is USB 3.0 Over DisplayPort

    I must be misinterpreting your original post. I was under the impression you were saying 12V is supplied in the video cable. Guess I am guilty of trying to read between the lines. Anyways, it sounds like you're on the same page since what you are saying here is exactly what you quoted me on...
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    AMD Lightning Bolt is USB 3.0 Over DisplayPort

    Not positive on this Maybe 12V for powering but most likely not for actually communication. I am no video communication signaling expert but I am pretty sure no standard video communication uses 12V on the cable due to power/heat issues (for the silicon) and EMI/crosstalk. 5V/3.3V/2.5V/1.2V...
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    Steam Closes 2011 with 100% Sales Growth, 5 Million Simultaneous Users

    I have been a member with them since September 14, 2003. I got steam when I bought my ati radeon 9800xt. It came with a steam voucher that gave me every valve game to date and HL2/CS2 when they released. What a steal that was! Valve certainly knows how to entice its customers to buy stuff...
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    Sharkoon Announces Four Port USB 3.0 Front-Panel Hub

    Not necessarily true This should only be true if the hub is passive. If it is active, then the hub should still support full length usb3.0 cabling.
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    Enermax Releases T.B.Silence Series Fans

    The only Aerocool fan that comes to mind is the Shark; it looks somewhat similar...but definitely different, the T.B. Silence is not a rebadge in my book. As mascotzel correctly said, this adopts most of its feature from the Magma and Cluster series fans (i.e. the "Batwing" fins and "HALO"...
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    Zalman Intros ZM-Fx-FDB Series Case Fans

    I see what you mean now. And I will certainly not disagree with this stuff being confusing! I get confused with this stuff and I'm an EE major...:ohwell: Oh and just so that I am not misleading you ;) I changed my explanation to not say 'Digital' motor since, I don't believe, that is correct. I...
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    Zalman Intros ZM-Fx-FDB Series Case Fans

    Actually, this is not misleading. Your understanding of what PWM is incorrect. PWM, or Pulse Width Modulation, is a digital means to create an analog equivalent. For instance, you can create different levels of illumination on a LED (which is a digital component, meaning it is either ON or OFF...