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    Intel to Deploy Management Engine Lock to Prevent Disabling, Rollback

    But if your modded bios code never checks the fuses ...
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    Forum upgrade complete

    My screen is rotated, I feel like it's a 21" tablet on this site, hah. The good news is that it fits actually -- a lot of sites don't fit so well with 1200x1600. This is just a random comment.
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    Giveaway any game up to 50$(from gog.com)

    A smart move. Sadly my steam backlog is too large to morally participate!
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    I formatted an HDD with my Bitcoin Wallet, anyway to recover it?

    My bitcoins are part of a disk platter wind chime now. Technically I still have them, hah. Would you like to buy my wind chime for $17K? lol
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    was this intended?

    Btw, not complaining about you at all! Was just curious that users had such power.
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    Intel Announces New Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors

    There are "classic netbook Atom" Atoms, and Core-based Atoms. See the confusion? That's why I'm asking which it is. So I'm guessing it's the old slow classic Atom. (Or was it that they stuffed a netbook Atom into the Pentium namespace? Now I'm really confused.)
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    Intel Announces New Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors

    That totally side-stepped the actual question though.
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    was this intended?

    When I try to view this profile, I am 100% blocked, cannot peruse posts or threads started. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/members/someone99h.160342/ My angle is that total block is a spammer's dream for delaying getting reported (I handle spam on another forum).
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    Intel Announces New Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors

    Are these classic Atoms, or based on Core family? My 3-minute google-fu was not successful.
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    Fake 750 Ti?

    That's probably a GTS 450 relabeled as 750Ti. https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gts-450/specifications
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    I formatted an HDD with my Bitcoin Wallet, anyway to recover it?

    I lost my bitcoin from years gone by also. =(
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    NVIDIA Announces TITAN V "Volta" Graphics Card

    Hah, that's what I get from trying to simplifying from Tensor to fp64, swing and a miss! Thanks.
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    NVIDIA Announces TITAN V "Volta" Graphics Card

    Wait for the consumer gaming version without the Tensor matrix compute cores. I'm still curious to see benchmarks though of course, like everyone else. I can't imagine too many takers for gaming.
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    Steam Removes Bitcoin Support as Payment Option

    It makes no sense to me to design a monetary system in such a way. Btw, who collects the fee?
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    HP ENVY x2 Pushes the Boundaries of Mobile Computing

    What does "Always Connected" imply here? So it's basically an always on cell phone, but without telephony service? Just super low power usage when not in use, but not turned off?
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    ClockStone Software & Valve Come Together to Make Bridge Constructor Portal

    Savages, the actual portals are all blue per screenshots 2 and 4. Hello, mobile game.
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    So NCIX Is Bankrupt.

    Didn't we hear this exact story from TigerDirect ...
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    Web Cryptocurrency Mining Evolves: Now Keeps Running After Closing Browser

    No, we don't need more laws, they won't help anyway. There are easy technical solutions including rate limiting and resource limits. ie, after a page uses its 15 seconds max, you'll get a browser dialog that you can grant X more time, X% usage, or unlimited, etc. I assume this is a pending...
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    How many people still use sound cards?

    toslink to external dac, to avoid video card hum on the audio output
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    Logitech z906 5.1 Problem

    The surround speakers in a 5.1 system aren't supposed to be localized, more of an ambiance addition to the main speakers. I remember mine sounding odd too some years ago. (I just run 2.1 now, with a very very large .1, lol).
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    No upgrades till Volta & 8th gen HEDT build...

    This poster has to be binning and reselling directly from ingram.
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    G.SKILL Releases Ultra Low Latency CL17 Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266MHz Kits

    Wow that's like 3200 CL12.75 latency.
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    ASUS BIOS Change-log Reveals New Ryzen Processors Incoming

    ??? Weeks ago it was already said that was for the incoming apus. It re-orgs the bios a bit, bigger changes than normal apparently.