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  1. grunt_408

    My website , made with serif webplus

    I am by no means a web designer but have designed my own websites over the years for various things. Just showing this one and asking for some feedback.. or any advice on how i could make it better So here is my website
  2. grunt_408

    Origin giveaway , Dead Space , Burnout Paradise and Mirrors edge

    All 3 games on origin go to the first person to pm me wanting the keys.:rockout:
  3. grunt_408

    5970 dead. Bake it in the oven?

    So my 5970 started out with an intermittent problem of cutting out and you could grab it where the 8 pin power connector is and wriggle it and it would come good again. Now I get 2b bios error code on my X58 board and it will not post with the card. I chucked in my old 4890 for now but my main...
  4. grunt_408

    Live overclocking

  5. grunt_408

    1 year KIS 2011 Free

    Found this while surfing just before. Link
  6. grunt_408

    Watercooling Leaks

    Whats the worst you have had? I am curious to know I have not had any yet and hopefully will not either. If you have pics of the destruction please show me. I recieved a second hand EK UD5 chipset block in the mail today that had a human hair in between the o-ring seal on the acetal top. I am...
  7. grunt_408

    My Thankyou button has been stolen

    Ok who stole it? No seriously who stole my thankyou button?:laugh:
  8. grunt_408

    Time for watercooling.

    My first Watercooling Expedition I have built many pc's over the years and have decided to do a watercooling loop. As I have never been down that path before and I am in search for better temps. And I want a water cooled PC. I placed an order for the following parts. The missus is gonna kill...
  9. grunt_408

    STEAM 75% off S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

    75% off both these games on STEAM untill the 23rd of August . I only just paid for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat full price :( now the both of them can be had for $8.74 USD . Someone take advantage of this deal:laugh:
  10. grunt_408

    A question about warranty

    It most likely differs from country to country but. I have recently had dealings with a couple of items that needed to be returned under warranty and found myself wondering as I was handing over the spundooli to pay for the postage.. When you send back a product under warranty to the place of...
  11. grunt_408

    Watercooling suggestions needed.

    Thinking about getting this and this . What tubing and fittings should I use with this setup?
  12. grunt_408

    Anyone using a Corsair's H50

    Anyone using the Corsair's H50? What it is like? I am seriously considering one for my i7920. Would I be better off getting a Megahalems? I currently have an IFX-14 but I am looking to get something smaller without compromising cooling performance. Also only looking to spend around the price for...
  13. grunt_408

    Need some help getting my site indexed

    Hi all as the title says. Could someone tell me how to get my site indexed fast without paying. I have submitted URL and sitemap to google. Here is my site http://www.underbully.site50.net
  14. grunt_408

    Best way to deal with a cyber bully.

    I am posting this thread desperation as my little brother has been getting bullied at school. He has just moved here and started at this school and has been getting bullied. Now this Bully has taken it onto facebook. He has created 2 profiles in my brothers name and also a hate club all about my...
  15. grunt_408

    Kaspesky Internet Security 2010

    I am running this on Windows 7 64bit RC. Just recently I have noticed it not doing its job properly. Example it was going to let Personal AV onto my PC wtf normaly it would jump into action like a trooper and do its job but not lately. Is anyone else having these issues? I will try installing it...
  16. grunt_408

    Need advice

    I have been having serious heat issues with my rig (specs in sig). My main problem is ambiant temps. CPU idle is around 45-50. and top VGA is idling in the 70's bottom is idlingin the 50's. I have been playing around with ideas for around 2 weeks now and the more I get into it the more I cant...
  17. grunt_408

    To deskmod or not to deskmod???

    As you can see in the pic I have plenty of room in my desk to intigrate my current setup and do away with the Mid tower that as many of you know has sucky airflow that is only going to get worse once my second 4890 arrives (which should not be long) I was looking around at some threads and...
  18. grunt_408

    OMG I am back after a day of total frustration

    Yesterday around lunchtime my internet went from a 1.5MB connection to a 200KB connection. And stayed this way for the rest of the day. After troubleshooting at my end I decided to call my ISP (internode). The very first thing the tech tried to tell me was that my modem was borked. I then told...
  19. grunt_408

    What do you think of my new build?

    I am a bit of a hardware junkie :D I was looking to upgrade my PC once I got clearance from the department of war and finance (The missus) I was good to go. Here is my latest order. What do you guys think? I do play games and hate it when I cant max out the settings :p. 1. Gigabyte...
  20. grunt_408

    HD 4890 Vrm cooling.

    Since recieving my 4890 the fan has been a little rattly. The rattle dissapears when the fan is running at 50percent. But while I am not gaming and just doing everyday stuff that does not require the fan to be going at 50percent I either have to put up with the rattle or crank the fan up to 50...
  21. grunt_408

    Neo Q-note notebook woes

    A friend of mine went overseas got themselves a cheap notebook, their son closed the lid with a pen inside and voila one dead LCD. I pulled it out Model number B14XG05 14.1" I only build pc's and not had much to do with lappys but I know someone here will help me out :P. I am guessing...
  22. grunt_408

    I want a new motherboard

    As the title explains I want(not need):laugh:. I am looking to get a motherboard that supports memory remapping It has to have DDR2 It has to do Crossfire I dont want to upgrade my ram to DDR3 I want to use crossfire later on. Please help me decide the best one to get.. I was thinking...
  23. grunt_408

    Patriot PC2-8500 2GBX2 VIPER Rev.2

    Does anyone else have this memory and if so how much overclock can they handle? I am curious to find out if this ram can achieve 1200Mhz with minimal voltage increases. Edit: Old mate Google never usually lets me down but I cant seem to find anything in regards to overclocking this ram :(
  24. grunt_408

    3870 512mb overclocking

    I have replaced the old 3870's standard dual slot cooler with a duo orb cooler and it has dramaticly improved the temps. Now it has 36 degree idle instead of the 48 degree idle it had before :P. I have the GPU @ 830 MHz and the memory @1126MHz. How high could I go with these clocks before I...
  25. grunt_408

    Unsure on E8500 eo Temp's

    Specs are all up to date I have the chip O/C FSB 425x9.0 = 3.825 MHz idle= 39 deg celcius Load= 56 deg celcius Motherboard idle 41 deg obtained with everest. Load temps where obtained by running 3d mark 06 durin the cpu test. I dont want to really push this chip hard untill I know the...