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    AMD Radeon RX Vega Put Through 3DMark

    I know it's disappointing but how did you deduce that it slower than GTX 1080? Most reference 1080 got around 20000 and since this one is reference it should be the other way around.
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    AMD CEO Talks Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen 3 Series in Latest Company Video

    How is this one not "PR Bullshit" and Intel's one "clearly" was?
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    Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck

    Epyc damage control right there Intel, huehuehue.
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    AMD Announces the Radeon Instinct MI25 Deep Learning Accelerator

    300W? AMD might hit big on the professional market but in gaming Vega seems to be an utter failure.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz

    Almost Identical performance for much less, just as I expected. Still tanks in certain titles, but not as bad as it was on the launch day. But I must say RottR is very very surprising here. Correction for the power consumption figures though, you clearly stated it consumes more power than its...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    This thread is plagued with red herring debates. Glad I can simply ignore them.
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    Sapphire, MSI AIB RX 500 Series Cards Listed Online; Polaris 20 on Special, "GHz" Edition Cards

    I guess I'm just far too high for your level of stupidity.
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    Samsung Investing in DFHD (Double Full HD) 32:9, 29:9 Ultra-wide Panels

    5760x1080 Eyefinity redefined?
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    AMD Ryzen Memory Analysis: 20 Apps & 17 Games, up to 4K

    I know it's not that big of a deal, but I can note that the FPS gains from the memory speeds are most seen in games where the biggest gap of Ryzen vs. the 7700K are. Some of them are Fallout 4, Hitman and Total War Warhammer. No wonder these games usually give weird and inconsistent GPU results...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    Rubbish, and if it really if some is true, relating those to gamers and content creators' perspective (which AMD clearly marketed Ryzen 7 to) is still dumb. Not at all. 6 cores are still too weak for me. The R7 still wins on almost all multithreaded benches out there.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    "We believe that a CPU purchase should last for years, so rather than test processors with a particular GPU at standard gaming conditions, we opt instead to take the graphics hardware out of the test results as best we can and to attempt to concentrate more closely on a processor's gaming...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    What's the difference between that and assuming the otherwise for a (let's assume) GTX 1080 Ti and this CPU? Anecdotal evidence. Wrong. AMD categorized Ryzen as content creator processor as well. This part of your post has nothing right in it. It isn't. What now, cherry pick Hitman, Total...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    Not sure if it's just me, but this one is a pretty disappointing review. Let me point out why. First, leaving out Broadwell-E CPUs is one hell of a big blunder. Why? You clearly noted that this CPUs is designed to tackle Intel's HEDT platform, and not even showing a single one of the...
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    NVIDIA to Steal AMD's Ryzen Limelight on Feb 28

    Sure, we would not care. But, nevertheless the population of nvidiots are overwhelming. But I'm waiting for leather jackets too.
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    AMD Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against LG, Vizio, Others

    They will not gain anything, that's almost certain. Just like with Nvidia. And if you think a patent infringement is a sign that a company is desperate, you are stupid.
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    Tom Clancy's "The Division" Gets DirectX 12 Update, RX 480 Beats GTX 1060 by 16%

    You know, you might be quite clueless about how things have progressed in the AMD vs Nvidia world. I've been following since back in the days when AMD (still called ATi) cards were wrecking similar Nvidia cards. 4870 vs 280, 5870 vs 470, 6970 vs 570, etc. But sadly, AMD never made a decisive...
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    AMD "Polaris 12" Surfaces in Linux Drivers

    None of those shittier GPUs are 14nm, and Nvidia is doing those shitty GPUs as well. Why not?
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    Tom Clancy's "The Division" Gets DirectX 12 Update, RX 480 Beats GTX 1060 by 16%

    I keep DX12/Vulkan after benchmarking as I'm using AMD cards, unlucky Nvidia guys don't have to do the same (hehe, jk). No DX11 renderer are significantly faster, though. Since DX12/Vulkan has made the RX 480 faster, they've been relevant since the day it made RX 480s faster in average.
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    Tom Clancy's "The Division" Gets DirectX 12 Update, RX 480 Beats GTX 1060 by 16%

    It seems that it is clear right now that the RX 480 is (slightly) the better card among the two. It was far from that at launch. Not good Nvidia.
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    AMD "Vega" Demoed in Sonoma, California

    The PC is taped (covering air holes) and thus has a very bad airflow. This is what I call "Koduri Cube". Anyway, this preliminary result is as expected. There's no small or big Vega yet. The only thing ever spotted was a 4096 shader Vega, which is likely to be this very card. Wow, you must...
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    AMD "New Horizon" Event to Preview ZEN Processor Mid-December

    How likely will Zen become successful? No one knows. But since we know everything let's just say this. "Zen just be Another Major Disappoinment or for the fun of it Another Misguided Discussion, ANYTHING MORE DISGUSTING or maybe Zen ends up being an Anal Molesting Devices" Shook my head on that.
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    Watch Dogs 2: Performance Analysis

    Where on earth is BF1? Gears of War?
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    AMD and NVIDIA Add-in-Board GPU Market Share from 2002 to Q3/2016

    I hope it's going to go back to 50:50
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    Corsair Launches Three New Crystal and Carbide Series Cases

    Why do I keep thinking that Corsair is somehow using Radeon's brand name scheme in these cases?
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    nVidia is cutting down performance on GTX970 cards in new drivers?

    Like every driver update, there's no point of updating it unless AMD or Nvidia specifies that there's a fix for your issues. But it has been pretty sad for Nvidia, the popular belief that AMD drivers are bad a couple of years ago seems to have turned around.