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    Watch Dogs Ultra System Requirements Released

    Iam playing with r9 270 on ultra and the game is absolutely unplayable, fps is around 20 but the problem is that it freezes for a moment(a second) and fps drops to 2-5 for a moment which makes the games unplayable even on high settings with textures ultra. Cpu is i5 3570k, 6 gb ram.
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    Thin black line on the left side of the screen

    I think this is my case, now I noticed it has black line even on top as well as on the bottom side, except right side. So why is it that its not lit?
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    Thin black line on the left side of the screen

    I bought a new gpu (7870 ghz) and I installed latest drivers and CCC but there remains a thin black line on the left side on my monitor, which is about 1 mm thin. I set overscan in CCC to zero so my picture should be completely full screen. Monitor is new led Samsung 1080p.
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    Dual channel or single channel?

    So if I had 3x4 gb moduls would the third modul run in single channel?
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    Dual channel or single channel?

    Iam running 2x4 gb modules of ddr Kingston hyper x and one 2 gb modul of the same memory in one pc. Does it mean its running in dual or single channel mode?
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    Killzone shadow fall vs Infamous second son graphics

    Iam about to buy ps4 and but I dont know which edition to buy, which of those two games has better graphics? And also what about Mgs ground zeroes, does it look good?
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    What is successor to Haf 922 case?

    I wanna buy this case but I cant find it anywhere in stores, mostly it says sale ended. I was surprised because my friend uses this case and I totally liked it so is there any HAF successor to this model from Coolermaster?
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    Does compatibility view in Explorer 10 slow down loading of pages?

    Iam just curious because I have enabled compatibily view for all websites.
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    Ac black flag low fps

    I have i5 3570k stock with r9 270, 6gb ram and Iam experiences very low fps which is around 20-25 and in demanding scenes like naval rain scenes even drops to 15-17 fps. Is this normal for this game?
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    Far cry 3 save problem

    Iam starting to play Fc3 and the game doesn't save manually whenever I want to. So far there are only checkpoints and that's very annoying because when I die it always puts me back to the safehouse so I have to start the mission over again.
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    How to install outlook express on windows xp with explorer 8?

    Iam trying to install outlook express and i have windows xp and whenever i begin to install it says "There is a newer version of explorer on your pc, setup will not continue. i dont know what to do.
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    How much performance for Cgi level graphics?

    So basically the lightning is the most crucial element in achieving cgi level, but by far the most demanding? So the only way to achieve this is with raytracing?
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    ASUS P8B75-V for OC?

    HI, I would like to know if there is any change to OC my i5 3570K with this motherboard I currently use.
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    How much performance for Cgi level graphics?

    I know this is a silly question, because its theoretical but I would like to know some people opinions about this. So lets assume we should have current movie cgi quality graphics in games one day, how much gpu performance lets say in Tflops will be needed to achieve this in a game.