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  1. EnergyFX

    Colorful Announces GeForce GT 640 Quad-View Graphics Card

    Curious if this will treat each monitor as an individual screen of pair them like the Galaxy solution. I build multi-monitor systems supporting up to 16 screens and have been using the ATI FirePro products. I tried to hit a lower price point with a Galaxy video card but the piece of junk would...
  2. EnergyFX

    Dell Readies the U2913WM 29-inch Monitor

    E Aho Laula
  3. EnergyFX

    Windows 8 Launch Date Finalized

    Barf! I wish I could just avoid this abomination entirely. Unfortunately I will need to be proficient with it due to my work.
  4. EnergyFX

    ASUS ROG MARS III Dual GTX 680 Graphics Card Detailed

    I can hear my wife bolstering defenses on our bank accounts as I type this. YOUUUU SHALLLL NOT PAAAASS!!!!
  5. EnergyFX

    PQI Introduces Mirrored Stainless Steel USB 3.0 Intelligent Drive U821V

    Ima have to order me one of these. I'm such a sucker for when simplicity itself is used as a design element.
  6. EnergyFX

    PROLiNK PRO1301WE LED USB Monitor Pictured

    Likely 2 USB plugs on one cord. That's how my 8" USB monitor is set up. It works... USB black magic it is... but it works. Curious what the resolution is on this unit.
  7. EnergyFX

    Thermalright Leetgion Hellion RTS Mouse Detailed

    Thermalright... not ThermalTake
  8. EnergyFX

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 301.24 Beta Driver

    OMG the surround features!!! FINALLY! I had given up hope on getting any decent desktop features for a surround setup. THANK YOU NVIDIA! Can't wait to hook up my extra display for monitoring features now!
  9. EnergyFX

    First Single-Slot, Air-Cooled GeForce GTX 680 Taking Shape

    Sarif Industries built a graphics card?
  10. EnergyFX

    Reddit post worth your read

    I'm not trying to divert TPU traffic over to reddit by any means, but I saw this question up on the front page there and immediately thought of you guys. As a former member of the TPU folding team I found the confirmation of the thread quite rewarding. Keep up the good work folks! You're...
  11. EnergyFX

    SEGA to Offer Top Games on Origin

    All I can say is...
  12. EnergyFX

    Diablo III: No PvP at Launch

  13. EnergyFX

    EA DICE Rebuilding Battlefield 3 with Huge Patch

    EA/DICE was being very tight lipped about if/what they were working on fixing. The BF3 Blackout wasn't to get them to start working, it was to get them to communicate to their fanbase and devoted community. In that regard, yes I think the BF3BO movement had a significant role in us getting a...
  14. EnergyFX

    EA DICE Rebuilding Battlefield 3 with Huge Patch

    well... you can still kill with it... once. Then you'll need to find yourself a new mav.
  15. EnergyFX

    ASRock Introduces the Fatal1ty X79 Professional Motherboard

    "Fatal1ty Professional" oh come on! 1337 Gamer Corporate... really?
  16. EnergyFX

    ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset

    I was just looking for a TPU review of this headset yesterday... and poof it shows up today! Thank you for an honest review. I only need a headset for gaming and even though your review highlights this set as basiclly only being good for gaming... it looks like I will continue to hold off and...
  17. EnergyFX

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 295.73 WHQL-certified Drivers

    so the answer to your question... you.
  18. EnergyFX

    Next-Gen. Xbox Codenamed "Durango" by Microsoft

    Oh for fck sake!! Don't pander to idiots... just call it 720!
  19. EnergyFX

    ProView Going For The Kill: Seeks Export Ban on Apple iPad Till Row Resolved

    So Apple... how is that bottom line calculation for overseas manufacturing looking now? Start looking for the label "Pwned in China"
  20. EnergyFX

    ORIGIN PC Announces the FROSTBYTE 360 Liquid Cooling System

    yeah, that too :laugh:
  21. EnergyFX

    ORIGIN PC Announces the FROSTBYTE 360 Liquid Cooling System

    Origin... Frostbyte... at first glance of the title I thought this would be something about BF3.
  22. EnergyFX

    PC Motherboard Prices to Rise By 10% By Q2, 2012

    You're so twisted... but kinda right in a wrong sort of way. :D
  23. EnergyFX

    PC Motherboard Prices to Rise By 10% By Q2, 2012

    Do most of us a favor here and don't assume we require "simplification" of tech related discussion. Where do you think you are... Facebook?
  24. EnergyFX

    Ubisoft Server Maintenance To Render Always-Online DRM Games Unplayable

    Agreed, but it is legal. :banghead: Honestly though, as much as I argue against piracy... this is a situation where I wouldn't blame anybody for getting a crack. Me thinks a judge would even see it your way on this one. Cracking something you legally purchased because the provider...