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  1. Nokiron

    Asus-boards and PWM-fans - Pulsing issue?

    Hi guys! I have a weird problem regarding PWM-fans and Asus boards. I can never have a constant fan speed setting applied, either through AI Suite or UEFI. The fans stay a while at a set RPM and then gives a slight pulse (increased speed for a second). Lets say I set it at 700 RPM, the fans...
  2. Nokiron

    Irregular frequency with Windows 10 (bus speed?)

    Hey guys. I have noticed this for a while now but since i upgraded to Windows 10 at its release my overclocked frequencies has not been steady. This is exactly the same settings I had in Windows 8.1 which didn't have this "problem". I have also measured the same results with both HWINFO64 and...
  3. Nokiron

    New watercooled build - GPU-temperatures seems really high

    Hi guys, I have some issues with my watercooled build. I just finished it a couple of days ago. I hope you have some feedback or input on the build. I have scratched my head with this for too long so that I may have tunnelvision. NZXT H630 4960X 4.5Ghz - 1.25V EKWB Evo Supremacy X99 Asus...