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  1. Scatler

    can I reset Windows 7 password without reset disk?

  2. Scatler

    Has Compaq (HP) removed driver support for XP Machines?

    It appears the notebook itself is removed from the HP webpage altogether, i might be wrong though. Your best bet would be to use something like driver identifier portable (it will ask for registration, just input some random name and throwaway email) Most of the drivers are interchangeble anyway.
  3. Scatler


    http://www.driveridentifier.com/blog/?p=149 When it asks to register to download just input some throwaway mail and download what you need. If that doesnt help. you are out of luck then.
  4. Scatler

    GTX 660 Drivers: HELP PLEASE!

    Try using this tool http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=379506 then try installing some driver that's below 347 as it's been mentioned above me
  5. Scatler

    Upgrade CPU on HP Pavilion dv7 4020

    You do understand that most of the notebooks cpu's are soldered to the motherboard and are non removable, unless you desolder them and solder on a new one. If that's what you want then have fun.
  6. Scatler

    CHDSK fails?

    Get the performance restoration tool from here http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/minisite/SSD/global/html/support/downloads.html This should solve the slow performance and speed deterioration.
  7. Scatler

    I need a headset to replace Razer Kraken Pro

    http://www.kingston.com/en/hyperx/cloud#h3cl I suppose you can work out the difference between the 1st and 2nd iteration of these headphones, although the 1st one requires a sound card with built in amp, otherwise you'd be wasting money.
  8. Scatler

    Windows Experience Index

    Might as well try this if you are not on a fresh install of windows http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/wei-wont-run/2b078190-daf9-4bde-bdb3-38e90be05846.
  9. Scatler

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.8.1 Released

    Added full GeForce GTX 960 support Oh boi, wizzard sure knows how to tease his audience before nda lift. Cant wait for the reviews to pour in.
  10. Scatler

    Low Gaming FPS after SSD AHCI

    I may sound like an asshole on this but tbh you screwed big time. No way in hell would i believe that 5770 and an i7-860 would run World of warcraft at 10 frames or less, that's not possible. I've checked a review of your gpu and it can even run crysis at a decent fps. Here's the thing - WoW...
  11. Scatler

    My PC won't boot, after some advice.

    How about you try the most simple thing before going further - install the stock cooler back and see if it posts. If it does then you screwed up during the installation of the new cooler, if it doesnt post then have fun trying to figure out what's wrong. Could even be bent pins.
  12. Scatler


    Or you can try using a vpn. Something like this one for starters https://www.frootvpn.com/ Oh and just a wild thought about tor - in order for it to work correctly, at least when i used a while ago, you had to set your browsers ip to, this might not be necessary these days.
  13. Scatler

    I need to reset my BIOS but I don't know how

    Read through the entire thread and here's my suggestion. Return that piece of turd psu back to where you bought it and get one from some reputable brand like Seasonic, Corsair, Chieftec or other brand that's been around for years. Or borrow a spare psu from your friends for testing purposes, i'm...
  14. Scatler

    Would you like to see game reviews on TPU?

    I really wonder how's TPU going to deal with the inevitable onslaught from the likes of youtube commenters, blatant trolls, haters just for sake of hating and other imaginable garbage that surround reviewers because most of them don't even bother with moderation or quality of commenters. I vote...
  15. Scatler

    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX 880 in September

    As if Nvidia ever released top end gpu's at reasonable prices. When you have "top" performance you ask top dollar for it /sarcasm.
  16. Scatler

    Horror games with weapons?

    You can try Dead Space, be warned though, 3'rd game is rather bad.
  17. Scatler

    EVGA Allegedly Cuts Out Original Developer of Precision Overclocking App

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  18. Scatler

    SteelSeries Unveils the Rival: Dota 2 Edition Gaming Mouse

    As if triple A games are the pinnacle of pc gaming. Either way nobody if forcing you to buy this mouse just to play one game.
  19. Scatler

    GTX570 Fan Won't Change/Increase

    Darn. Honestly, to me it seems as if the fan itself is hitting the bucket, but i might be wrong. You could try and get a replacement fan if that's even possible or gouge the fan out and ghetto mod some sort of replacement or get a new cooler altogether. Anyways that's just my 5 cents, wait and...
  20. Scatler

    GTX570 Fan Won't Change/Increase

    Soo if i understand this correctly your fan allows for manual control but doesnt want to work in auto? If so then just create a fan profile in afterburner and set it something like - for each 5c the fan spins 5% faster.
  21. Scatler

    Your Combination of Security Software Suites ?

    Common sense 2014 and mse. Haven't seen any viruses in a very long time.
  22. Scatler

    Gaming at 5K : GTX TITAN Z Review

    Jesus Christ, what's the point of having Titan z when two r9 290x's and two 780 ti's offer a better price for performance? Bragging rights?
  23. Scatler

    EK Introduces NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 (Ti) Water Block

    I wonder what kind of temps will this card get under water, it doesn't even heat up while being air cooled.
  24. Scatler

    Anyone want a guest pass to a Blizzard game?

    What games do you have guest passes for?
  25. Scatler

    I need a video editing laptop! MacBook Pro Vs Windows-PC Powerhouse!

    You do understand that notebooks and even the so called "gaming" ones aren't really suited to the type of task you want them to perform. Although, if portability and work on the go is a must for you then i'd say your pick is quite reasonable. Heck i might be wrong, maybe someone will prove me...