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    Cpu cooler under 155mm

    hi guys! I'am trying to find cooler that can fit into my case almost 15 days, but no success :/ Pls help me to find some good cooler for oc under 155mm...
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    Cpu Fx 6100

    hello guys! can anyone tell me what is this ? In idle my cpu goes from 4 to 16, 30 % of usage, it is never @ 1%
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    Seidon 120V

    hi guys! I'am looking to buy new cooler and found this http://www.coolermaster.com/product/Detail/cooling/seidon/seidon-120v.html. its 40e! Can anyone tell me why is this cooler soo cheap? And should i buy it or go for good air cooler... peace :toast:
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    AM3+ MB

    Hey guys i need help to chose my new MB I found 3 mb that are on sale; http://www.msi.com/product/mb/990XA-GD55.html#?div=Detail http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A97_EVO_R20/#overview http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3907#ov Which one should i get? And if u have another...
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    New psu

    first my rig: AMD fx 6100, gigabyte ga 970a-ds3, Sapphire 7850, 2x4gb hyperx, 1tb hdd. and i need help , will this psu be good choice http://raidmax.com/psu/rx_535ap.html
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    OC vs stock speed in games

    hi guys i just wont to share my OC result... Because when i was searching for this kind test i could not find any :/ FX-6100; Sapphire 7850 1gb oc; kingston hyper x 2x4gb 1600 @ 4.1ghz 2013-09-30 00:55:12 - bf3 Frames: 8310 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 69.250 - Min: 57 - Max: 80 2013-09-30...
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    AMD fx-6100

    Hi guys Does anyone have the fx 6100 overclocked to 4.00 4.10ghz? i have mine clocked at 4ghz , and everything was ok for 10days , but now my pc restarted because overclocking can anyone post ghz and voltage that is stable :/ Amd fx 6100 Ga 970a-ds3 kingston hyperx 2x4 cpu cooler...
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    AMD fx-6100 AMD msi 7950

    my rig spec; Fx-6100 @ 3.9ghz, 2x4 kingston hyperx, mb ga970a-ds3,,, and i wanted to buy AMD Radeon 7950 MSI TF III OC 3GB i play on single 1080 lcd tv. soo, will my cpu be ok to run 7950 without bottleneck ? sorry on my english :cool:
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    Metro ll

    Hi guys , i have a problem with a graphic card. Sapphire 7850oc , when i play metro last light evrything is ok i have 50-55 fps but sudenly fps goes down to 5-10 fps ,,i updated driver , but still the same result. 8gb ram 1600mhz, amd fx @ 3.8mhz... at the benchmark at ultra i have 25 fps but in...
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    crossfire or single gpu

    rig spec; AMD fx-6100@4ghz. mothe.gigabyte 970a ds3. hyper x 8gb memory. 1tb hdd. And i need a help, i have Sapphire 7850 1gb , should i buy another 7850 and run it in crossfire or sell my 7850 and buy something like gtx 660ti 2gb ....?
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    prime starts to work whenever i turn on the comp. And i can not find prime to delete it. any sugestion?
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    AMD fx-6100

    hi, i just put my fx6100 @ 4ghz with stock coling, without increasing voltage , and it is stable ... did anyone try that, or maybe i did something wrong :confused:
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    dual monitor

    hi evryone...Can I use 2 monitors, but when I play games on one, another to be excluded??? gpu. sapphire 7850 oc@ 950mhz
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    amd vision engine control center vs msi afterburner

    which is beter to use for overclocking graphic card ???
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    sli ???

    hello, can anyone help me to make a decision , i have sapphire 7850 1gb oc and i want to upgrade my graphic and i wont to use sli , do i need to buy exactly the same graphic card or i can use some another graphic card? my motherbord gigabyte ga 970a-ds3 .... Sorry for my knowledge of English, I...