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  1. FierceRed

    Mozilla Looks to Supercharge the Browsing Experience With Firefox Quantum

    Don't forget bug, only those who use NoScript experience browser performance in the purest software way possible. Nowadays whenever I use the Internet on a browser without NoScript, I have geocities-like reactions of disgust and always ask the device owner how they can possibly live that way.
  2. FierceRed

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.4

    "https://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2889/NVIDIA_ForceWare_375.95_Beta_Win_10_64-bit.html" Oh you!~
  3. FierceRed

    Intel Unveils Strategy for State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence

    "Congratulations Mrs. Connor, it's a girl. What will you name her?" "Sarah. Welcome to life my little Sarah..."
  4. FierceRed

    AMD GPUs See Lesser Performance Drop on "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" DirectX 12

    While of course a possibility, I wouldn't put any money/stock/holding of breath in that happening. Call me cynical if you must but Nvidia won't lose significant market share in the next 2 gens even if they deserve to for the same reason Apple doesn't lose market share even though they deserve...
  5. FierceRed

    AMD Rolls Out the Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.1

    Nice. Obligatory: I definitely asked for this.
  6. FierceRed

    AMD Catalyst "Frame Pacing" Driver Results Thread

    6th paragraph under the "Gameplay Experience" section. http://www.hardocp.com/article/2013/08/01/amd_catalyst_138_beta_frame_pacing_crossfire_driver/5 They (AMD) probably know about it, certainly now if they didn't before, and presumably will fix it in Round 2. Presumably. :cool:
  7. FierceRed

    Catalyst OpenGL 4.3 BETA

    Wait a minute FManiac, do you not feel like maybe this is the calm before the storm? Aren't AMD set to release their GCN optimizing/CrossFire fixing drivers in 8 days? Pretty sure that driver is supposed to be all about gaming-wide improvements... Even if you don't feel like that, you're...
  8. FierceRed

    About to buy 7970s, Need some quick advice

    Uhhh, thanks(?) guys, but please read the OP. I'm fully aware of the issues and thanks for informing me in case I hadn't, but I'm getting the AMD cards for two indisputable reasons. The first is that $1000 to AMD gets me 2 GPUs and 6 games. Hopefully. $1000 to nVidia gets me 2 GPUs and 0...
  9. FierceRed

    About to buy 7970s, Need some quick advice

    Awesome, looks like I've found a winner: Non-GE 7970s from Gigabyte, flashed to a GHz Edition using their failsafe BIOS switch and their own flashing utility. Should be able to reach GHz Edition speeds at bare minimum, but also more likely to have an "old" PCB and therefore OC higher than a GHz...
  10. FierceRed

    About to buy 7970s, Need some quick advice

    Thanks cadaveca. So you mentioned that it was unlikely I would be able to get an "old" from newegg. Did you have a retailer/e-tailer where this model might be more likely to be found? Is the average mhz headroom difference noticeable in game performance? At the end of the day, it seems on the...
  11. FierceRed

    About to buy 7970s, Need some quick advice

    Thanks to all for their replies and advice. A few clarifications: I intended to get this Silverstone PSU as I'd read good things about it in the past and it has the necessary 8pin x 2 and 6pin x 2 connections that a pair of 7970s would need, but a quick bit of research shows my Antec Signature...
  12. FierceRed

    About to buy 7970s, Need some quick advice

    Greetings all, it's been a while since I last posted (think it was before Christmas, excluding BF3 platoon question) and I hope everyone is well. I have a quick two questions regarding 7970 purchasing as I intend to buy a pair in the next ~3 weeks and could use some guidance. One: What is...
  13. FierceRed

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Hey, it said I was kicked out of the BF3 platoon. Why? D:
  14. FierceRed

    AMD CAP, how to?

    If you haven't already tried this, considering the context of the above quote, go here: PC Gaming Wiki: Metro 2033, specifically here. Also, just as an additional FYI snippit for all experimental PC gamers, a relevant quote from Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "For more guides like this, check...
  15. FierceRed

    AMD Releases the Catalyst Application Profiles 12.10 CAP 1

    Very interesting tidbits! Omnomnomnum...
  16. FierceRed

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Hey guys, the days have arrived. Any suggestions how to get it cheaply? See above. Cheers!
  17. FierceRed

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Hey guys? I'm trying to pick up the Borderlands 2 Season Pass at a discount from wherever this Friday 19th/Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st as that's when I've budgeted for it. Does anyone know any codes or coupons active during that time where I can get the best value?
  18. FierceRed

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Alright, so here's what I did. I'm in Canada and I used the code successfully on the same Origin account. I got Dragon Age 2 and Medal of Honor. Now I get that this code is spreading around the Internet and the more people who do it, the less likely EA is going to blow their stack and ban a...
  19. FierceRed

    AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta's available

    Whoa, okay so I thought that was just me and my dumb 5850s. I too have had massive problems with Flash player and Firefox off my cards. Frequent tab loading freezes, unresponsiveness that looks like an I/O or IRQ error, and Firefox eventually crashing within 5-10 minutes. Are you saying 12.9...
  20. FierceRed

    AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta's available

    erocker, seeing any problems in BF3 with these drivers? Need a bit of guinea pig assessment before I try them. :)
  21. FierceRed

    AMD/ATI Catalyst Application Profiles

    Wooooo, just in time for midnight! Look at AMD go, being all on time with things. Like they're actually trying to be good at it! What a concept!
  22. FierceRed

    NEW! Wii-U Will Feature ATI GPU

  23. FierceRed

    Crossfire not enabling, BF3 only

    Wow, why is everyone hating on his choice in screen resolution and how he prefers to play his games?? Who cares if he is adamant about using Eyefinity to play his titles, at "substandard fps and detail settings" for you? You're not him. He can like whatever he wants to like and doesn't deserve...
  24. FierceRed

    Crossfire not enabling, BF3 only

    Disable Eyefinity. Run the game on one monitor only, fullscreen. If necessary, run a desktop icon position saving and restoring program to make this as stress-free as possible. Take a screenshot of your 3 monitor desktop as an added precaution in case the saving/restore fails. I've been there...
  25. FierceRed

    Crossfire not enabling, BF3 only

    Do either/both of your GPU-z instances show "ATI Crossfire" as 'Enabled (2 GPUs)' near the bottom?