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  1. J

    Random red screens

    Hi guys, why does my com suddenly freeze and my screen show a red screen when I'm just randomly watching a movie on my com or browsing the Internet??
  2. J

    Do I Need A Sound Card

    hi guys,im using the t40 gigaworks series ii 2.0 speakers and i was wondering if i got a sound card(creative recon 3d), would it make a difference for gaming,music,movie etc
  3. J

    SSD and Hard Drive Difference

    hi guys, is the difference between hard drives and SSD that much??pls share your experience cause im wondering is it worth to get one
  4. J

    GK110 teaser??

    http://www.hardwareheaven.com/news.php?newsid=4063 found this link, looks like a teaser for the GK110 geforce products
  5. J

    Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega Wireless or Steelseries H7

    hi guys which headsets should i buy for gaming??
  6. J

    Fan Controller or fan plugs on MB

    hi guys,i was wondering,should i get a six fan controller with 30W output for each fan or should i just stick to the fan plug on the motherboard cause im using an asus board and plug the fans into them because i heard from one of my friends that the fan plugs on motherboards dont give the full...
  7. J

    Diablo 3 subscription fee???

    hi guys, i was thinking of buying diablo 3 when it comes out but is it like WOW in the sense that we have to pay a fee every month or do we just pay once??
  8. J

    ASUS motherboards stop selling?

    ASUS To Completely End Manufacturing of its Motherboards, Notebooks by Pegatron ASUS and Pegatron are headed for a complete split as far as motherboards and notebooks are concerned. Following reports of ASUSTek divesting in its former part and partner after split, Pegatron, ASUS plans to end...
  9. J

    difference between 1600 and 1866MHz memory

    hey guys,iv recently thought of buying a set of 8GB Kingston HyperX memory and im not sure if ishould choose the 1866MHz kit or the 1600 MHz kit,advice pls!!
  10. J

    HAF X watercooling

    hi guys,iv recently thought of buying a haf x for watercooling a gaming rig and i wanna know what is the maximum thickness for a 360mm radiator i can fit in it
  11. J

    Asus auto tuning

    Hi guys iv recently thought about buying an asus z77 V pro for the new ivy bridge CPUs and iv heard about the auto tuning software on asus boards so does this software work as well as asus claims?
  12. J

    Thermal Compound in GPU

    hi guys,im just wondering, should i change the thermal compound in my gtx580 to IC Diamond thermal compound?
  13. J

    3rd fan on Noctua NH-D14

    hi guys, i recently thought of buying a noctua nh-d14 and was wondering if it was possible to add a third fan to it and if so,how do i do it?
  14. J

    Sound pads

    Hey guys.i was just wondering,I'm getting a HAFX for my gaming rig and does anyone know which parts of it should I stick sound dampening pads like below the power supply?pls help
  15. J

    Safe temperatures

    Hey Guys,I was just wondering,what temperatures are considered "safe" for my CPU AND GPU when I'm doing overclocking cause i don't wanna damage my hardware...
  16. J

    thoughts on Zotac GTX 680

    so zotac has announced their extreme edition gtx680 so what are u guy's thoughts??
  17. J

    Best case for watercooling

    GUYS!!! i need advice on what is the best case for a watercooled gaming pc!!!
  18. J

    Recommendation on gaming speakers

    hi,im buying some new speakers and iv been interested in the creative gigawork T40 so what other speakers do u guys recommend and i need a set without subwoofers so im only looking for the speakers as im limited on space...
  19. J

    Do memory speed and timings matter

    hi,im building a new rig and was not sure what the MHz and timing of ram are about so are they very important?
  20. J

    First Gaming rig

    hello,im planning to build my first gaming rig and these are the parts CPU: Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3570k GPU:Nvidia GTX 680(not sure which brand yet but waiting on msi lightning) CPU Cooler:Corsair H80 Storage:Intel 520 Series 240GB and WD 1TB Caviar Black Memory:Kingston HyperX 1600MHz 16GB...