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    Intel to Cannibalize Core i7 920 / 940

    Here's where I got mine for $229 http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0302727
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    AMD Adds Twelve New Opteron Processors

    those prices are high.
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    Bombs Away for Intel Core i7

    Micro Center is awesome. Here's a link to there i7 sale prices
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    Sony Releases New Blu-ray Equipped Laptops

    ummm a difference of $350 means it is really dropping??
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    Google Plans a Web-browser, To be called Google Chrome

    Google Launches Cloud Operating System, Calls It a Browser Google Launches Cloud Operating System, Calls It a Browser
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    Google Plans a Web-browser, To be called Google Chrome

    Well said. You know Google is tired of only knowing what people are doing on the Internet after they use their search engine. They want to know and profit from what people are always doing on the Internet. Guess what they do with people's gmail and desktop indexing. Anybody who still...
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    Google Plans a Web-browser, To be called Google Chrome

    What Google inspired features? because it defaults to Google search???
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    Material Used in LCD 17,000-times More Warming-Effective Than CO2

    I guess you haven't heard but ethanol is less efficient than gasoline meaning you have to burn more of it to get the same power. It is a farce. Like the efficient toilets you have to flush 3 times to get all your crap down the hole. Why do you think BIG government is the key? Have they...
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    Material Used in LCD 17,000-times More Warming-Effective Than CO2

    Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud
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    Material Used in LCD 17,000-times More Warming-Effective Than CO2

    I just saw what your politicians did about it...they decided to increase taxes! great! let's not solve the problem, if there is one, instead let's make money off it. Yeah your great country has the solution all right. How does a 20% hike in your food prices sound due to your taxes...
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    Material Used in LCD 17,000-times More Warming-Effective Than CO2

    Al Gore is not trying to save the world, he is trying to sell books and movies. What was his electric bill last year for his carbon footprint? This is just his Nashville estate
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    Intel Skips Windows Vista

    The reason you don't think it's news is because you have read this news regarding other companies, meaning if someone hadn't thought of it as news before, it would be news to you. BTW, don't you see the irony of the company that made Microsoft great, and vice versa, not use their latest product.
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    Computex 2008: Girls

    OMG XFX is now my fav video card vendor!
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    NVIDIA and AMD Vie with Intel Over USB 3.0

    Why are you dragging Microsoft into this? Just because they have to work with the new spec to make sure drivers will work on their OS? Why not blame TI as well? This is all Intel. Don't forget Apple uses Intel boards and CPUs so you can't count on them for Firewire support anymore...
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    NVIDIA Tegra: Tiny Computer Packs Massive Punch

    I would much rather have an Atom processor. I have a blackjack II with a crappy risc arm and it's just slow and the last phone I had was a Samsung blade and it too couldn't keep up. If intel and via make an x86 with low enough power consumption, it will shred these arms we've been seeing and...
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    Microsoft Bashes British Gamer from Xbox Live for Registering with his Real Name

    XBOX live is for homos anyway. I still don't understand why people pay to play. If I want to play online, I play on my PC. I just wish we could have a cross platform game so the PCs could whoop consoles and their slow controls. Anyone who argues that consolers are better than a mouse kb...
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    Xbox 360 First Gaming System to Reach 10M in U.S. Console Sales This Generation

    Uh... how about every company in the world cares about sales figures. no sales = no company. What would you have them do? pack up and move to a country that uses the Euro? Then you could complain about how Microsoft stole a bunch of jobs from the US working class? Should every business...
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    Blu-ray Sales Up 351%

    Are you kidding??? Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs As Competition Dwindles Why would production cost decrease? They have to retool the Fabs...that was one of the good things about HD-DVD...same process as DVD.
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    Bill Gates: Windows 7 May Ship Next Year

    Codename for Vista should have been ME. I have a dual boot and I like Aero and the new folder browsing and a few other features. I used to like certain aspects of ME like no drivers for USB jump drives and ummm well you get the point. Definitely a stop-gap if you ask me. I see a big...
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    Futuremark Introduces VirtualMark

    300 too high off my score. probably because I don't oc my video card
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    Sony Top Rated Games Publisher of 2007

    How can this be true? How did they beat out Halo3 (MSFT and Bungee)? there is no way. ahh the ratings come from Game Rankings...I didn't even know there was such a site. I wonder how big their sample size is. edit* Found this in their footer Titles: 24,345 P/Reviews: 449,023...
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    Google releases Google Sites

    I see this as another way for Google to pry on other people's business.
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    Intel Planning Six-Core Processor, Will Call it 'Dunnington'

    Unreal Tournament 3 takes advantage of quad core and triple core so it should be able to keep scaling. They still don't fully utilize though. Read a little about it here
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    Microsoft Stops Selling HD-DVD Add-on for Xbox 360

    Sony paid off the studios to go exclusive Blu-Ray. Here is a link BTW What game would be good to stuff on a 50GB blu-ray disk? I really don't want a single game to take up that much space on my hard drive and I really don't like the idea of playing a game from a disk that can be damaged.
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    Paramount Moves to Blu-ray

    Here is an example of what you get from competition. Here is an example of what you get from no competition. Time will tell. I'd love to see $18 BR movies as well but I don't think it is going to happen anytime soon.