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  1. sno.lcn

    [FS/FT][US] CIsco Gigabit Switches

    Bump added a Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini!
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    How do you keep 1.5TB of important information safe for generations ?

    This. You can get super cheap cloud storage for cold backups, compared to "hot" data that you need 24/7 access to. If you want to DIY though, don't rely on a RAID mirror, since the RAID card adds another point of failure. RAID is great, but it's NOT a backup. For research purposes, at home...
  4. sno.lcn

    [SOLD] i7-920 CPU $20

    I have absolutely no use for this, but I'll take it. PM incoming.
  5. sno.lcn

    DICE cooling

    And portable meth labs :laugh: Seriously though, just stick to the acetone. A good combo DI/LN2 pot was K|NGP|N's Dragon Evo, or anything with a chunky base, steps, and a center pole. It becomes problematic once you need fine temperature control, but I used one for like a year before moving...
  6. sno.lcn

    [FS/FT][US] CIsco Gigabit Switches

    Added some more RAM! I'm also willing to split into smaller kits.
  7. sno.lcn

    DICE cooling

    Very good point. You can get practice video cards for super cheap and will be less painful if you kill it. Just like taking your car to the track: don't do it unless you can afford to leave it in the dumpster on the way out, or something like that. The first thing I went cold I was young...
  8. sno.lcn

    NVIDIA Makes it Tougher to Trade Bundled Games

    So you can now only sell your free game to people running nvidia graphics cards. Is that like me only being able to sell my free Xbox games to people that already own an Xbox? I wish I got free Xbox games. Anyway... Easy to see things from their point of view. It's like offering a gift card...
  9. sno.lcn

    DICE cooling

    But you can access the marketplace at OCN if you log out first, then when you see something you want, log back in and PM the seller ;) I think I've always had access at hwbot, so I don't know what the requirements are there.
  10. sno.lcn

    DICE cooling

    You can find good deals on used DI/LN2 pots. For DI, you'll want something that's easy to fill and holds a lot, like the Tek you posted above. I see some good deals pop up at OCN from time to time, I think a lot of those guys buy a bunch of cooling gear, and then decide they don't like it and...
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    [FS/FT][US] CIsco Gigabit Switches

    M.2 is the form factor, but m.2 drives can connect with different interfaces. The MX300 is SATA3, so it's not going to be any faster than a normal 2.5" MX300. But other drives, like Samsung's 950 Pro, are NVMe instead of SATA, allowing for much higher speeds. Some m.2 slots support both NVMe...
  12. sno.lcn

    [FS/FT][US] CIsco Gigabit Switches

    I can give you a GREAT price for the pair! Yep, all of it is server memory, except for the last 4GB stick, and that's only because Amazon sent me the wrong one when I ordered two of the stick listed above it. I thought so. I've had it listed at [H] and OCF for a week or two, with no...
  13. sno.lcn

    [FS/FT][US] CIsco Gigabit Switches

    2 x Cisco WS-C3750G-24TS-S switches - $200 shipped for the pair Includes rack ears and two stack cables. I bought these used a few months ago, never ended up using them, but they were tested before I put them up for sale. Trades: 10GbE networking stuff, a Xeon-D setup, cool 4P Xeon...
  14. sno.lcn

    [US] Amazon, 512Gb SSD, $115

    The one I had died after a month.
  15. sno.lcn

    [FS] Unlocked iPhone 6 GSM

    Added some sweet SSDs!
  16. sno.lcn

    [FS] Unlocked iPhone 6 GSM

    ALL SOLD!!! 2 x PNY CS1311 960GB SSD Purchased new from Microcenter in July of this year, used for a couple of weeks. Great drives! I'm using a bunch of these in test VM and database servers at work, and they're SOLID. Only selling these because I'm running everything in RAID 10 with 4 or 8...
  17. sno.lcn

    LG Nexus 5X, 32 GB, Mint Color

    Nexus 5X is still here, everything else is gone! And price drop.
  18. sno.lcn

    [FS][US] All sold

    Great price! I'd be all over this if you had 4 of them.
  19. sno.lcn

    LG Nexus 5X, 32 GB, Mint Color

    LG Nexus 5X, 32 GB, Mint flavor Link Purchased new from Amazon on August 5 I bought this for my girlfriend, but she didn't like not having a home button. The phone is in perfect condition, and will come with retail box and all accessories, plus a micro-USB to USB-C adapter. This is the unlocked...
  20. sno.lcn

    SSD vs HDD Failure

    I use SSDs for everything, even in production machines at work: VM servers, SQL servers, all of it. RAID 10 gives me all the performance I can handle, and peace of mind, and everything is backed up to spinning storage. Not having to wait on large database queries make the cost justifiable...
  21. sno.lcn

    [FS] Intel 775 and DDR2 Sale

    All of these are old Dell pulls, and HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED. So, these are sold AS IS. Prices DO NOT include shipping. You can calculate your own shipping from zip 30022, or add $5 for USPS Priority flate rate. All prices are OBO and discounts are available when buying multiple items. I can...
  22. sno.lcn

    [FS] 32GB and 60GB SSDs, Extreme Cooling Gear

    SanDisk ReadyCache 32GB SSD - $25 shipped Used as a benching drive, so very little run time on it. Comes with retail packaging. You'll need to format it. MSI Reflex 60GB SSD - $45 shipped Used as a benching drive, so very little run time on it. I may or may not have the original packaging...