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  1. flyin15sec

    AMD Announces Ambidextrous Computing Roadmap

    Most likely "K12" --> K12 of Saltoro Moutains, near Kashmir. Edit: makes sense now why they called the transitional CPU Project Skybridge.
  2. flyin15sec

    asus sabertooth 990fx 2.0 amd won't boot

    Check your SATA settings. I know that switching between IDE mode and AHCI mode will cause the OS to reboot during loading. If you had it on AHCI mode, the BIOS update would have set your SATA settings to IDE mode.
  3. flyin15sec

    asus sabertooth 990fx 2.0 amd won't boot

    Did you BIOS update to the latest revision if your X8 is the new 83x0? Turn off all overclocking or reset to BIOS defaults? *Edit: Awesome 100th post in 4 1/2 year.
  4. flyin15sec

    Dell Can't Take Criticism

    Yes, all the memory slots are full. I'm almost certain it is power related too. The strange thing is, the HP servers doesn't seem to be affected.
  5. flyin15sec

    Dell Can't Take Criticism

    In particular we got the most common failure of E2110 Multibit memory error. The hard thing about this error, it is not always memory that is bad. It could be the cpu, or the memory slot also. Edit: our models are R710 and R610
  6. flyin15sec

    Sony PlayStation 4 "Orbis" Kits Shipping to Developers, Powered by AMD A10 APU

    Nobody failed to read your posts, so stop saying that. I was excited to read what a "Tech" forum had to say about this news regarding an APU, but it's come down to 10 pages of "kindergarten" math. Next time, if you are going to use Kindergarten math as your defense, go troll here instead...
  7. flyin15sec

    Dell Can't Take Criticism

    Last year Dell came in and made a sales pitched that pretty much saved us about $1400 on our server builds. We swapped to all Dell Servers from HP last August 2011. Within this last year, we've had over 30 Dell service calls on their servers, with only 2 HP service calls. The Dells are all...
  8. flyin15sec

    Biostar Unveils Two Hi-Fi Series FM2 Motherboards

    Just nit picking here: "two DDR3-1866 memory slots" What if I have DDR3-1600 memory or DDR3-2133, guess they won't work.:banghead:
  9. flyin15sec

    AMD Launches Open Compute Project Platform Specification for Financial Services

    If I threw billions on making a fishing pole, I'd likely have the best fishing pole in the world. It'd set it's own hook and reel the fish by itself.
  10. flyin15sec

    cpu upgrade problems

    BIOS should be backwards compatible with any previously supported CPU. Just pick the latest BIOS version.
  11. flyin15sec

    Folding Pie and Milestones!!

    Nice Thread Fiendo.
  12. flyin15sec

    i7 running hot? Gimme a break.

    I can see you getting those temps in the middle of winter. NOT in Chicago summer time with a 4.3ghz overclock. It's IMPOSSIBLE for you to have ambient of 67F and and idle cpu core of 19C(66F). Remember the movie "My Cousin Vinny", here's quote from it: So I'll ask you this: ..the laws of...
  13. flyin15sec

    i7 running hot? Gimme a break.

    Your temps are downright impossible, or your using the wrong TJ on your temp reading software.
  14. flyin15sec

    Wotlk Patch 3.2 Call of the Crusade!

    Blizzard learned that there's more casual players than hard core raiders. It's better for them to cater to the casual crowd.
  15. flyin15sec

    i7 920 + Mugen 2 = DEATH?

    It's this kind of post that causes alot of confusion. I'm not doubting your max load at 4ghz of only 71C. But you need to be more specific. HT on/off, Turbo on/off, ambient temps, casing, type of fan used, HSF cooler modifications, Which Prime95 test: Small FTT or Blend(up to 5C difference with...
  16. flyin15sec

    i7 920 + Mugen 2 = DEATH?

    There's so many elements to temps. Believe me when I say your temps are typical for air. What cooler is your friend using? Without knowing your friends setup, his ambient temps, it not a apples to apples comparison with your setup.
  17. flyin15sec

    i7 920 + Mugen 2 = DEATH?

    Those temps are typical for air cooling. You might get a bit better temps with push / pull setup. Best way to decrease temps is to just turn off HT.
  18. flyin15sec

    How does the Athlon II X2 250 overclock?

    It's a decent overclocker. I've managed 3.6ghz stable and 3.7ghz 1 hour stable. Can't get 3.8ghz stable at all, most likely the motherboard paired with the Athlon II is not stable at 3.8ghz. I've ran some testing and it's a direct match against my Intel E7300. A little behind both the E8x00...
  19. flyin15sec

    Kuma 7750 -- L3 bug?

    Unless you got a link to someone who has unlocked a AthlonII 250, It's the PhenomII 550BE people are unlocking.
  20. flyin15sec

    Kuma 7750 -- L3 bug?

    Unless you're really strained by costs, don't consider the old Kuma. I have a AthlonII X2 250 and it is comprable to my E7300, just a smidge behind my E8200. Your motherboard is stated as "AM3" ready so it shouldn't have any problems with AthlonII 250 or PhenomII 550 AthlonII is native dual...
  21. flyin15sec

    What Cooler for Skeleton ?

    Try something like this: Noctua NH-C12P Heatsink & Fan Dim: 113x126x144mm Weight: 550 grams I don't have either, but it should be shorter than a Tuniq.
  22. flyin15sec

    Voltages for E8400

    Download and run Core Temp. The VID section will tell you the default VID. I'll start with that voltage setting. Typically most E0 will have 1.25v
  23. flyin15sec

    Antec Two Hundred Surfaces

    They should've just added the new features (HSF opening, and hot swap capability) to the existing 300 and called it 300 II. That front is just ugly.
  24. flyin15sec

    CPU AGP bottleneck

    I still think buying AGP video card is a waste. If you can stretch your budget to $150, that is enough for a 775 motherboard, video card and memory. You already have a socket 775 processor. Sample: From Newegg GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L $53 HIS Hightech H467QT512P Radeon HD 4670 IceQ Turbo...
  25. flyin15sec

    EVGA 680i SLI P33 BIOS Update

    You can do the *.iso CD way. So easy a caveman can do it! http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.asp?m=546893