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    Hard Drive Failure Rates

    I was big Seagate fanboi until I had to replace 7(seven) in 1 year- all different ages and sizes. One of the replacements came dead. 1 died a year later. Long turn around and poor refurbishing from Seagate's Tennessee plant. Costly returns- whether 1 or 4 HDDs. Not even factoring their poor...
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    AMD Amends Wafer Supply Agreement With GLOBALFOUNDRIES

    Double LOL:slap:
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    Plextor to Enter the Enterprise SSD Market

    Plextor and enterprise market- LOL. Since when rebadging and hiding the real manufacturer behind marketing mumbo jumbo is considered reliable. Plextor died long time ago and so did its reputation. "Validate" - another LOL.
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    Synology Releases the DiskStation DS2413+, Optimized for Photographers

    They forgot to mention the sexy price:roll:
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    Seasonic G Series 550 W

    Great review- all we need now is a "hot box" for testing. Either way- TPU is gonna make johnyguru jealous.
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    Monster Digital Daytona Series SSDs Offer Ultimate Performance Upgrade for Laptops

    I bet those SSDs only work with Monster's very own patetnted platinum plated SATA cables with harmonic multi-dimensional transducer.
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    Heat Key To Faster HDDs...Hundreds of Times Faster

    Can't wait for the sharks with the frickin laser beams.
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    Seagate Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend Increase by 39%, Share Repurchase of $1B

    I am absolutely done with Seagate. Greedy bastards. Last year alone I returned 6 hard drives to them, and 2 were their replacements. Slow shipping, slow processing, decreasing quality, decreasing warranty, more shipping than WD... the list goes on. I'm not saying other manufacturers were not...
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    Intel and Micron develop first-ever 128 Gb NAND Flash memory chip

    It will be less than 10 years. The problem is 10 years from now your storage demands will likely be much higher.
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    Sandy Bridge-E and X79 Motherboards Listed on Chinese Stores

    Intel has stuck for long time with 3 brackets for their top processors - $280+,$500+, and $990+, with majority of their sales being in the first. Intel is not going to price their new 6 core below their $500 bracket. The quads (3820) will be in the $280+ bracket. Nothing new. Move along.
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    Intel Releases SSD Toolbox 3.0 Software

    I bought my X25-m G2 for my laptop in Nov 2009 and it is still on 2% wear. SSDlife reports 5.2 TB written- it comes down to around 7GB/day. Meanwhile I replaced 7 rotational drives- 6 desktop and 1 laptop.
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    AMD Appoints Mark Papermaster as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    First they fired Dirk, then they started selling RAM when the market hit record lows, now they hire Mark "Antennagate" Papermaster. Good job AMD.
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    Intel Leaks i7-2700K

    Two pages of comments and finally a voice of reason.:slap:
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    AMD FX Series Processors Up For Pre-Order

    He's making a valid point and you are insulting him. Insults don't belong on this site either.:nutkick:
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    HighPoint Ships RocketRAID 2711 Cost-Effective 4-port SAS 6 Gbps HBA

    They only do press releases for SEO. One of the 8-port is $136, so it is pretty cheap.
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    Creative Rolls Out Sound Blaster SoundCore 3D 'Quad-Core' PCIe Sound Cards

    Creative is as evil as Bank of America and Enron.
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    AMD Starts Selling Radeon-branded DDR3 Memory Modules

    I'm not even referring to the latest events- DDR3 prices were at their lowest for the last month.
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    AMD Starts Selling Radeon-branded DDR3 Memory Modules

    Typical of AMD- just when DDR3 prices hit record low, they decide to get in the market. Sure, fire Dirk and then think how the f@#! are we gonna make profit. Morons.
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    Intel Aims at 10 nm Processors by 2018

    I think intel will elongate the transistors vertically and pack them much like the hard drives perpendicular recording.
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    AMD Fusion A8-3850 GPU Performance Analysis

    Great review as usual. Most people that buy assembled systems wouldn't care about synthetic bechmarks, crossfire or add-on cards all together. They will never open the case in its entire lifetime to clean it, let alone upgrade it. Those same people play Sims and WoW and for them the only...
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    Intel Ivy Bridge Dual-Core Put Through Clock-to-Clock Benches Against Sandy Bridge

    The true 3D stacked chips from IBM will be more cube-like. The problem is the cooling, since the density will go up tremendously. The current intel's "3D" is more like a flat fabric with wrinkles.
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    Core i7-980 Released at US $583

    No, it's not. That's why I said they had different reasons.
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    Core i7-980 Released at US $583

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    Core i7-980 Released at US $583

    Just like intel, but probably for different reasons.
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    Intel AHCI drivers

    And post about what? Our mutual waste of time? Your failure to use google? What you choose to ignore from a few people? The official latest drivers are The latest driver out is It's not official. It is WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) which means the driver was...