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  1. NeoCrisis

    WD My Passport X Delivers 2 TB of Storage for Xbox One and PC Gamers

    So checking WD site the regular Passport Ultras have a 3yr warranty. avg price of $99.99 USD for 2tb While the Passport X has only a 1yr warranty. looks like a pre order prices of $99.99 but a MSRP of $149.99
  2. NeoCrisis

    WD My Passport X Delivers 2 TB of Storage for Xbox One and PC Gamers

    No different than a standard Western Digital My Passport Ultra You can use it on a PS4 but you can also upgrade the internal storage on the PS4 without voiding the warranty. Sony designed it that way but you can't do such a thing to the XBone.
  3. NeoCrisis

    EVGA Announces its GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 with ACX 2.0

    Yes a report site that uses Reddit as its source
  4. NeoCrisis

    EVGA Bundles Watch Dogs with GeForce GTX Graphics Cards

    just want to add/clarify. Afaik the game isn't not included (bundled) with the card. Its actually provided by the place of purchase in the US (Europe not to sure). Or if you buy it directly from EVGA's online store you'll need to request it on the site
  5. NeoCrisis

    EVGA Launches the SuperNOVA 850/750 G2 Power Supplies

    Get your head out of the ground and know your facts before you start regurgitating what you find on the internet. Both of EVGA's 850/750 G2, 1kw G2/P2 and 1.3kw P2 are based off of Super Flower's Leadex PSU. Both OEM vers are highly rated by JonnyGuru Gold 750w...
  6. NeoCrisis

    Razer Synapse 2.0 Brings Paperless Warranty to the Cloud

    so how is this any different from other companies that have had online registration through their website?
  7. NeoCrisis

    EVGA Unveils the TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse

    There's 2 models one is normal plastic the other is actual molded carbon fiber.
  8. NeoCrisis

    EVGA Recalls Bad Batches of SuperNova PSUs

    Actually its Superflower that made the 1000g2/p2 and 1300g2
  9. NeoCrisis

    EVGA GTX 780 SuperClocked w/ ACX Cooler 3072 MB

    Im not sure if any one realizes and I dont think it should have gotten a thumbs down for. But not one GTX 780 regardless of manufacturer comes with Metro Last Light promo.
  10. NeoCrisis

    GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H Owners Thread

    what are you settings? So far it seems that 4.6 is the max for mine. Also has anyone running windows 8 while using the msata for caching? It was easy setting it up on win7 and stable but on 8 i was having issues getting it to enable.
  11. NeoCrisis

    EVGA Announces GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition

    You need special certification from Apple in order to make components for their Mac Pros (which is also one of the reason for premium price). Also the GTX 680 Mac has 2 bios chips on it where the standard as 1
  12. NeoCrisis

    Spilled Coffee on my Graphics Card - Need help please!

    First off DO NOT put the video card in the dish washer or submerge the entire card in any kind of liquid. If the warranty sticker on the back of the video card gets damage and is not legible it WILL void your warranty. Get some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton cloth and clean off the sticky...
  13. NeoCrisis

    GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H Owners Thread

    I'm loving my motherboard havent taken advantage of the mstata yet but soon
  14. NeoCrisis

    Shoddy Asus RMA

    Good luck to you. I have hear so many horror stories with ASUS Customer Support that your whole ordeal doesn't surprise me. Which also has kept me away from buying any more ASUS products. I now stay with EVGA, Gigabyte, and MSI which are all local to Southern Cali. and pretty simple to speak...
  15. NeoCrisis

    k|ngp|n and EVGA Eclipse the Competition in a Storming LN2 World Record Session

    Vince works over at EVGA Taiwan office last I recall. I do know hes not at the Brea HQ
  16. NeoCrisis

    EVGA Announces the SuperNOVA NEX750 and NEX650 Power Supplies

    There may be a possibility that the cables for the Super Nova will be available to purchase separately. But nothing has been confirmed yet
  17. NeoCrisis

    Colorful Unveils GeForce GTX 650 iGame AresX Graphics Card

    Guess I was the only one that though of this when I saw the card
  18. NeoCrisis

    Which Manufacturer Makes the most SKUs

    XFX hasnt made a high end or even mid range Nvidia card since the 9 series. as vrdublu stated EVGA has close to 50% of the market share.
  19. NeoCrisis

    XFX Warranty

    Ive RMA 3 cards from XFX and it has taken less than a week. Granted I do live about 30 miles away from their HQ. Depending on where you live. If you are in the US then it generally takes around 1.5-2 weeks from start to finish. XFX is decent on their CS its better to actually phone and speak...
  20. NeoCrisis

    MSI Introduces Power Efficient N250GTS Green Series

    No one is. They made so many of the g92 they need some way to get rid of them all.
  21. NeoCrisis

    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Detailed

    WOW top mounted SATA HDD dock who'da thunk
  22. NeoCrisis

    Razer Announces Abyssus Gaming Mouse, Focuses On The Fundamentals

    First thing I noticed was no side buttons! back in the day my mouse never had them once I got a mouse with side buttons and started using them makes things more efficient. My logitch G9 serves me well. Everything I need/want in a mouse it has. TRUE on the fly dpi settings, custom profile...
  23. NeoCrisis

    Anime Nation

    Theres suppose to be an OVA that either continues on or ties up the series cuz the ending was so mehhhh....:wtf: still a good series and a lil under rated. another under rated show is Phantom : Requiem for the Phantom originally an OVA and DVD visual novel. Anywho 2 more days till...
  24. NeoCrisis

    Alternative to Handbrake?

    o_O what about Handbreak windows ver?