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    Warm Tek Displays a Refreshing New Heatsink Design

    Let's play badminton. Anyone?
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    MSI Radeon HD 7870 HAWK Edition Pictured

    Now that's Tony Stark graphic card. :)
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    Antec Announces Advance Cleaning Solutions for Electronics and Accessories

    Can this run Crysis? Oh wait, do'h!
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    Core i7-3770K Retail Boxes Pictured, TDP 95W, Overclocks Worse Than Sandy Bridge?

    Ivy Bridge sells with 95W TDP, but uses a maximum of 77W. This explains all regarding that 77W, 95W TDP confusion. http://www.nordichardware.com/news/69-cpu-chipset/45738-ivy-bridge-sells-with-95w-tdp-but-uses-a-maximum-of-77w.html Well most SB chips won't use more than 70 watts at stock...