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    ORIGIN PC Deploys A New 13-inch High-Performance Gaming Laptop

    It's way cheaper on XoticPC. I'm thinking of selling my macbook air for this.
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    Samsung HD204UI Potential Issue - Please Help

    1. I don't know. Today was the first day I ran this test. When I got the drive everything was okay. 2. My desk is kind of wobbly so maybe it's due to that. I'll try putting it on the floor.
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    Samsung HD204UI Potential Issue - Please Help

    Is this cause for concern? The drive is about 2 years old...
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    Overclocking in VM using Linux

    If I run Arch, and then use a VM to use windows to run tests. If I use software overclocks rather than going into the BIOS, will the overclocks go away once the VM is turned off and I'm back to my normal Arch desktop? Thanks
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    Best Cooler for 2500k

    Would these cause any problems with the stack effect cooling?
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    Best Cooler for 2500k

    I hope to get at least 4.6-5.0ghz on the Max V Gene. These are all great suggestions, and I wish I could go with the phanteks, but my cooler limitation is 167mm :banghead:
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    Best Cooler for 2500k

    After looking at reviews for the Be Quiet Dark Rock Advanced, Zalman CNPS9900MAX, and the Corsair H60/H80, I'm at a loss for what cooler would be most effective for a 2500k. I'm looking for quietest, yet most thermally effective (I know that's a catch, but I'm looking for middle ground)...