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  1. Reefer86

    [FS][EU] 990fx Motherboard, 8350 and DDR3 Bundle - Asus 390 Strix

    Hi All, Upgraded my brother PC, hence this is for sale. All working perfect, pulled from a running machine. Asrock fatality gaming Motherboard Am3 + Amd 8350 + Gskill Ripjaws 1600mhz ddr3 + thermeltake cooler - £150 Asus Strix 390 Graphics card - £120 Any questions, please give me a shout.
  2. Reefer86

    New 3440 x 1440 monitor upgrade from 1080 to 1080TI - Backplate advice

    Hey guys, bought a 3440 x 1440p ultrawide (hp omen x 35) and my 1080 simply wasn't cutting it in heavy action scenes in BFV, so grabbed at 1080TI G1 OC gaming with waterblock for £450. The card doesnt come with backplate, EK doesnt make them at all, so went with a Bykski block. I have found a...
  3. Reefer86

    REAPER - Red And Black - Watercooled - Phanteks P400

    HI Guys, Building a new PC for Gaming and occasionally embarrassing myself streaming. I've been building PC's for around 15 years now and i've water cooled many different PC's over the years, but for the last 4 years i have just stuck to a very small CPU loop only. The GPU died on me the a...
  4. Reefer86

    New Build - Project log - Red and Black - 'REAPER'

    HI Guys, Building a new PC for Streaming and Gaming. I've been building PC's for around 15 years now and each time i try and push myself a little further. I've water cooled many different PC's, the case will be un-modded so stop reading now if you want to see cutting and butchering of cases...
  5. Reefer86

    [WTB][EU] Water cooling pump and Reservoir Etc

    Hi Guys Looking for a res pump and compression fittings maybe Let me know what ya got
  6. Reefer86


    AMD FX 8350 4.0ghz & Asus Sabertooth 990FX & AMD Air Cooler. HI, Im selling my used Motherboard and CPU due to an upgrade. AMD FX 8350 4.2ghz ASUS Sabertooth 990fx Motherboard (Bios has been reset to factory settings) Motherboard manual. Original AMD CPU cooler/ MX4 cpu paste tube. Looking...
  7. Reefer86

    [WTB][EU] Water Cooling Parts - WTB

    HI Guys looking for some water cooling fittings for a build im planning to do very soon. i would prefer comp fittings. Also any rads people have, looking for a 280 rad. Also NEED a pump and REZ. monies waiting :)
  8. Reefer86

    [WTB][EU] Nvidia 3d Kit

    looking for nvidia 3d kit!!!!! let me know that ya got! thanks reefer
  9. Reefer86

    [WTB] EU/UK soundblaster Z

    As the title says im in the market for a soundblaster z Let me know funds await. Thanks Reefer
  10. Reefer86

    New Mouse Mat Browsing/Gaming

    Hi guys, Currently using a Mionix Alioth and its getting as little tatty. Looking for a gaming grade mouse mat but without the gaming garish colour scheme. Im liking the corsair hard mats, but dont really wanna spend £25 on a mouse mat. Suggestions please helpful forum folk!
  11. Reefer86

    [WTB][EU] Nvidia 3D Vision Kit 1 or 2

    as the title says, let me know if anyone has one
  12. Reefer86

    [FT][EU] WTB AMD 290/x or better

    as the title says let me know what you've got!
  13. Reefer86

    DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 10 NOW - Upgrade and ISO direct from microsoft

    I found a link on the official Microsoft site for direct download, helps those that are still waiting for the invitation to download from the taskbar. Download the tool for 64bit or 32bit. Home and Pro versions, also N versions also. Upgrade or iso version for clean install, although for clean...
  14. Reefer86

    7970 to 7990 worthy upgrade?

    Been offered to swap out my 7970 GHz for a 7990 plus £100 cash. Obviously they are 3gb per core not a 6gb card. Is it really worth it or save cash for a dx12 card as the 7970 is keeping up ATM. Thanks
  15. Reefer86

    Upgrade : is it worth it?

    Hi guys and gals, Im thinking about upgrading to the intel way of things as im sick of waiting for amd to upgrade their processors (coming from an amd fan boy) thinking about the i5 4690k wondering what the overclock potential is under custom water, my AMD 8350 @ 4.8ghz is performing fine and...
  16. Reefer86

    [FS/FT][EU] [UK] Bt dual band wifi dongle 600

    Got one of these from work ( i work for BT ) they retail at £30 reviews are pretty good on em too. this is brand new never been used but i can always test for the buyer before sending if they wish. its sealed and comes withe cd/manual. ask £20 or offer Product Description Product...
  17. Reefer86

    [FS/FT][EU] gigabyte am3 board, phenom II, and intel SSD

    gigabyte 790fx ud5p motherboard AM3 £30 but open to offers amd phenom II 965 £30 but open to offers Intel SSD x25m sata 6gb 80gb (updated the firmware to the latest, supports trim etc) Open to offers!? trades also open after new gfx card
  18. Reefer86

    little upgrade and new water loop.

    hi guys, not shared anything for a while on the forums, as ive been out the loop a little with tech for a while. this is nothing amazing or has the wow factor but thought i would share to get peoples opinions anyways. upgraded from a phenom II 965 to an 8350 and also grabbed the asus...
  19. Reefer86

    [WTB][EU] Watercooling Gear

    hi guys, not been on here in a while been so bloody busy with moving house and stuff. im after ..... 240 rad - 280 rad or 360rad pump and res compression fittings and am3 block Good fans for case and rads. let me know i have money waiting. thanks Reefer
  20. Reefer86

    [FS][EU] AMD Reference 5870

    AMD 5870 this is a reference pcb so it can use voltage control in afterburner. had this for about 2 years so no warranty. comes from a pair i had running in crossfire and have upgraded to a 7970 so this is now surplus. never been over clocked as ive never felt the need with two of them...
  21. Reefer86

    [WTB][EU] watercooling gear

    hi guys looking at a new water build so im looking for compression fittings. 240 rad or 280 rad and a 200\180 single rad.also after a new bay res and cpu block any accesories you have kicking around let me know.
  22. Reefer86

    [FS][EU] full rig and setup part out. high end.

    Hi guys selling off pc as it doesnt get on with the lady in life lol. Right first of all is the accessories and 'stuff' Logitech G35 Headset - used for about a year, best headset ive ever used tbh. - £65 perfect condition Gigabyte 6980 gaming mouse - used for about 5 hours then put back...
  23. Reefer86

    [WTB][EU] 5850,6850,6870,5870,460 etc. am3 motherboard

    looking for either of these cards, 5850, 6850, 6870, 5870, 460 1gb. maybe 470 also. any decent dx11 card tbh. i have money ready to go today also after a decent am3 motherboard let me know what you got guys.
  24. Reefer86

    windows 7 tablet edition?

    hi guys, is there a tablet edition of windows 7, just like XP or is it already in the existing windows editions? im using a Fujitsu Stylistic ST6012, so it uses the pen. also how would i install as this only has usb, just make bootable then add the windows 7 disc files on to it...
  25. Reefer86

    Master boot table corrupt

    hi guys my 500gb downloads drive has a corrupt MBT according to CHKDSK, i have tried to repair it with chkdsk but it said it cannot repair! what is my next option can i repair with another program? or what best program to get some of the data off? Thanks guys