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  1. infrared

    What's wrong with my PC ? is my Hard Disk dying ?

    This is why its a good idea to use something like memtest86+ (bootable usb) to verify its at least relatively stable before booting into windows, I'd bet its just corrupted something important. Would be worth running check disk and sfc /scannow as mrk and athlonite suggested, might sort it...
  2. infrared

    JPMorgan Chase tests neuroscience-based video games to recruit interns

    Interesting. I guess the attention and memory retention aspect is pretty straightforward but I wonder about the morals/altruism aspect, surely if you know it's a test you can simply choose the action that'll make you look super good, I wonder if they'll be able to tell apart a natural 'i'll do...
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    Ah, thought you were on about Jupiter itself, I need to read more carefully. Still not sure how you decided it's a star, you're good at thinking outside the box that's for sure.
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    Where did you read it orbits in 4 days?? More like 12 years!
  5. infrared

    Which is the best motherboard manufacturer to buy?

    Opinions have been stated, lets move on now, no point in carrying on. ;) Edit - another vote for Asus while I'm here, I've always had a good experience with asus boards. Z170 pro gaming, prime B350 plus and Crosshair vi hero, all served he really well. And many older boards, but I do see...
  6. infrared

    Core 2 Duo - An OC adventure

    Is it socketed or BGA? If it's socketed maybe you could do the FSB mod. It's been a long long time but I remember you could jump a couple of pins (BSEL mod I think it was called) to trick it into running at 333mhz, but that would mean 3.8ghz which will prob be too far, and the board might not...
  7. infrared

    Can I take a PSU I buy in USA to U.K, just switch the wire?

    This one? http://www2.seasonic.com/product/prime-850-w-titanium/ Yep, spec says Voltage: 100 V - 240 V Frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz I believe most PSUs are capable of running on both these days, I haven't seen the 110/230v switch for a while now.
  8. infrared

    Seems I have pci-e slot problem

    Good call Onemoar & Aiman, feel a bit disappointed in myself for not suggesting a re-seat :slap:
  9. infrared

    Seems I have pci-e slot problem

    That sucks, it's probably borked but might be worth cleaning the slot with some isopropyl alcohol just on the off chance there's some crud on some of the pins, but it probably won't work. On the plus side the 8x 3.0 slot should be ample bandwidth for those cards :) My 6700k rig has a pair of...
  10. infrared

    Black Holes

    You're the one that's going to end up with an infraction in a moment, I think it's time you take a break from the computer for a bit and clear your head.
  11. infrared

    X400 vs X500 AM4

    Lets wait and see, atm we have no idea how 3rd gen ryzen will behave when the volts are cranked. I'm hoping my C6H will be up to the job, VRM only gets lukewarm when pushing 200W so hopefully it'll have enough headroom to push a 12c chip hard.
  12. infrared

    Core 2 Duo - An OC adventure

    Ahhh this thread brings back some great memories!! I lost the screenshots ages ago but luckily most of it is still on the forum :D All this was done with a Freezer 7 pro, both cooler and cpu were lapped. IIRC this was on a P5Q Deluxe (P45) 4.4GHz entry for 'ultra stable clubhouse' 4.6GHz...
  13. infrared

    Fluctuating frame rate and not sure what to do

    Just adding an observation if I may.. In the perfcap graph, green = power limit, which I agree it looks like it shouldn't be hitting. I also noticed occasional blue lines on the graph, which is voltage limit. Looks like it might be hitting the voltage limit and the throttling back for a while...
  14. infrared

    nearly had me going there :S

    Good to see you tigger!!! :D
  15. infrared

    Evga Gtx 1080 ftw hybrid mem clock stuck at 405MHZ

    Hi Joe, I'm not sure if the problem I had was related, but might be worth having a look. The issue I had was a background process that for some reason locked my gpu to a different power state with 5000mhz on the memory. Are you in Windows 10? If so open the task manager, in the processes tab...
  16. infrared

    Best lubrication for fan

    I used to use a drop of 10W40 synthetic, just because i had some on hand lol. I haven't had any fans go bad lately but the Antec 120mm fans I re-lubed lasted for years, ended up getting thrown away with the case but they were still kinda okay, just not worth keeping.
  17. infrared

    Help w/ HP Pavilion Case

    Good tip, it's also a good idea to start off with a smaller pilot hole and work up rather than going straight for the large bit. Or those stepped drill bits are ideal for this kind of thing.
  18. infrared

    Goa´uld Al´Kesh [scratch build]

    Congrats!! Wish I'd been there to check out all the awesome systems :)
  19. infrared

    So i want to get into WCG. May I have some advice please?

    This is pretty much my justification to buy higher end stuff than I actually need :laugh: I can't freakin wait to get a 12c ryzen 3000! :D
  20. infrared

    AMD GPU advice (keep Xfire Vegas or sell and move to VII)

    I'd have a tough time making that decision too tbh. How well does crossfire scale in the games you play? I'd love to see how you get on with a wc'd radeon VII :D
  21. infrared

    Furmark+IntelBurnTest (simultaneously) fail (always furmark crash)

    It's either a CPU/RAM/Mem controller issue (unless he can also run IBT indefinitely on it's own), or it's PSU related, which is probably unlikely given he has a HX850. It might be a good idea for BenchandGames to save his oc profile and go back to stock settings for a moment to see if it stops...
  22. infrared

    Furmark+IntelBurnTest (simultaneously) fail (always furmark crash)

    This conversation looks like it will go round in circles forever. Look, furmark is great for testing thermals, but as has been explained clearly by many members, many times, with examples and screenshots given... it is not good as a stability test due to running at lower clocks and voltages...
  23. infrared

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Wow, very cool of them! :D
  24. infrared

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I had a similar bit of fun, seems like the b350 board I'm using at the moment doesn't play well with ryzen master, tried setting 1.5V hit apply.. checked hwinfo and it was showing 1.65v! :twitch: lol. Glad I checked the voltage straight away and didn't open any benchmarks! Your chip is probably...