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  1. UrbanCamper

    Metro Exodus Developer Discusses Boycott of the PC Platform for Sequels over Steam Review Bombing

    Hmmm I bought the game on Steam. If they actually do this how the heck am I supposed to get my money back. Hope Steam honors there patrons over this.
  2. UrbanCamper

    Metro Exodus Ditches Steam for Epic Games Store as Timed Exclusive

    According to Steam if you buy it on Steam you can download and play on Steam. Did I say Steam enough? As per this article...
  3. UrbanCamper

    Metro Exodus Ditches Steam for Epic Games Store as Timed Exclusive

    As of right now it is still available on Steam. Supposedly, if you buy before the change over(later today) you will still be able to access through Steam. As a side note a company called Tencent Holdings Limited owns 48% of Epic games. It is a Chinese company and is the largest gaming company...
  4. UrbanCamper

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 417.71 WHQL Drivers with FreeSync Support

    Bugged for me. Driver would not install. Could not delete. Every time right or left clicked froze system for a few seconds. Lucky for me I mirror image weekly. M2 3.4 comes in handy at times like this. Really wanted to see if Freesync would work on my 34" Ultrawide 2k LG 144hz freesync monitor...
  5. UrbanCamper

    More Buyers for AMD Due to Intel CPU Shortages, OEMs Unhappy

    Was thinking about waiting for the 9900k. After looking at the rising costs of 8th gen, I wonder what crazy price the 9900k will be. I think I will give the 2700x a try. Today would be a good day to pull the trigger on it. $310. after promo code ending midnight.
  6. UrbanCamper

    Intel 14nm Processors Face Shortages

    Not seeing any increase in prices at the Egg. Actually the 8600k,8700k and the 8086k, are on sale. But ya I agree they are hurting themselves with lack of 7nm ability, and probable overpricing of the upcoming i9 release.
  7. UrbanCamper

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series Prices Up To 71% Higher Than Previous Gen

    Well for these prices I hope it's as good as my old Sapphire Radeon 9800xt. Which adjusting for inflation cost about the same as the 2080. What a beast it was.
  8. UrbanCamper

    Intel Intros 660p Series M.2 NVMe SSDs with QLC NAND Flash

    I understand that this m2 3.0x4 drive is slower then many. I decided to test the speed vs my crucial m2 ssd. Here are results. The one on the left is the m2 3.0x4 and the Crucial on the right. They both cost 99 dollars. Write time is a tad slower then advertised. However read time is almost...
  9. UrbanCamper

    Intel Intros 660p Series M.2 NVMe SSDs with QLC NAND Flash

    Yup looks like a great deal. Already at the egg. Trying to find out if single or double sided. Went to Intel and it does not show the back. Same at the egg. If single probably a good idea to slap a heatsink on it. The 600 is single sided, so the 660p most likely is the same I am guessing...
  10. UrbanCamper

    PC Hardware to Get Pricier Stateside as 25% Import Tariffs Take Effect Late-August

    So.....what country is the i9 9900k finished at? Malaysia? Obviously you know why I am asking this. I think I may have just answered my own question. Dalian, Liaoning, China. Or it could be Ireland hopefully. Wait do we have electronic tariffs on Ireland?
  11. UrbanCamper

    Eluktronics Eluktro Pro-X

    It sure would be nice if someone could come up with a comprehensive review on this. Currently at the Egg for an extreme crazy low price. 25 reviews all 5 stars. Seems to need a heat spreader though. Even so, read and write speed supposedly rival the best out there. Come on TPU review this item...
  12. UrbanCamper

    Top Three Intel 9th Generation Core Parts Detailed

    Who was it that first said the 8 cores would most likely be compatible with the 370 chipset? And who was it that got argued with about it? And who was right? ME. just saying. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/possible-intel-new-generation-support.245967/#post-3870227
  13. UrbanCamper

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    About the same I guess. Runs mid 70's while playing BF1.
  14. UrbanCamper

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    Noticed this thread so I did one this morning. It does run a bit hot in these tests, but I have not delid.
  15. UrbanCamper

    Possible Intel New Generation Support

    If your going to quote me, put the entire quote in. The rest goes as follows "yet Intel chose to not make 8th gen cpu compatible with either the z170 or z270 chipset." I should have added, even though it also uses an 1151 socket. Of course you may not know this with that antique you play on.
  16. UrbanCamper

    Possible Intel New Generation Support

    Not sure you can say of course here. After all, both the 6th and 7th gen use an 1151 socket, yet Intel chose to not make 8th gen cpu compatible with either the z170 or z270 chipset. I am making this conjecture on a simple exclamation point. A slim bit of evidence meant to excite. It does seem...
  17. UrbanCamper

    Possible Intel New Generation Support

    I was busy looking for updates for my system, as I often do when I am a bit bored. I came across an interesting one for the bios. I have no intention on updating my bios at this time. This update however, gave me pause to think. At first I thought it had to do with recent release of the Pentium...
  18. UrbanCamper

    Fallout 76 is Online-only, No Full Single-player Experience

    Some games are just better playing alone. I have the entire Fallout game catalog. It is a shame I won't be getting the next one if it is indeed true I will be forced to do multiplayer. Bad move Bethesda.
  19. UrbanCamper

    Alphacool Presents the Alphacool Powerbutton

    Will it make me coffee in the morning? Does it double as a doughnut hole? Will it flush my toilet if I forget to? I'm old , sometimes I forget.
  20. UrbanCamper

    Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 April 2018 Update (build 1803)

    New update just crashed my pc. Started right back up though. I read that this is periodically happening with this spring update.
  21. UrbanCamper

    Beware of new bios update on MSI z370 sli plus

    I initially made this in post the MSI forums. Several people confirmed they had the same problem on a couple different z370 versions. Here is the thread if your interested. https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=301987.0
  22. UrbanCamper

    Beware of new bios update on MSI z370 sli plus

    Did that too. Posted on their forums and talked to some rep. He seemed somewhat clueless, but did say he would pass it down the line to Tech. I tried telling him how important this is and that it could ruin peoples cpus. Of course I am most worried about my cpu. 1.488v (way flippin too high)...
  23. UrbanCamper

    Beware of new bios update on MSI z370 sli plus

    I did not post this so you could pat yourself on the back. I posted it to help people. As far as updating the bios, it claimed to repair some of those security concerns as of late.
  24. UrbanCamper

    Beware of new bios update on MSI z370 sli plus

    Bios 7B46vA3 is flawed. When you set the voltage it goes way higher then what it is supposed to be. Of course before I installed the new bios, I reset to default. After I installed the new bios I put my awesome overclock of 5.0 on my 8600k back on with the vcore set at 1.320 and the llc set at...
  25. UrbanCamper

    Would you opt-in to allow for CPU mining while visiting the forums for them to remain ad free?

    Now why would I want to allow someone to use my cpu, increase my power input, cost me more money, without getting anything of intrinsic value in return. Information is free. Anything I want to be informed on, can be found in multiple places. It is easy enough to be alerted to websites using...