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  1. xkm1948

    What Product Would AMD pull for their 50s Anniversary?

    A special edition RyZen 3xxx CPU? A special edition Threadripper 2990WX? What do you think? Honestly I wouldn't mind what Linus suggested during Intel's 8086K time: A golden IHS RyZen with the name AMX5086, reflects both AMD's first in house X86 design CPU AM386. Internally just a super well...
  2. xkm1948

    Oculus Announces the Rift S Headset for $399, Developed in Partnership With Lenovo

    Good direction. Still the most important thing to sort out now is locomotion. Pimax 8k is already pushing the limits of a full fat RTX Titan so resolution of HMD is not that important IMO.
  3. xkm1948

    Kyle leaving hardocp! going to intel

    Oh damn what's gonna happen next? W1zzard joining Nvidia or Intel? Grow up kiddo and get a life.
  4. xkm1948

    RTX2080 and CUDA Accelerated Nanopore DNA Sequencing

    I gotta say in terms of supporting scientific research, Nvidia is second to none. Waayyy better than ALL the other hardware tech giant COMBINED! So we had this amazing Nanopore based DNA sequencing machine mentioned previously in this thread...
  5. xkm1948

    Nvidia are bringing DirectX ray tracing to GTX graphics cards

    Can or cannot was a never a question. When you render at 30 second per frame you will understand why specific acceleration asic is needed.
  6. xkm1948

    New card incoming!

    EVGA 2070. Let me know if you need that 5% discount code
  7. xkm1948

    EVGA GTX 1660 XC Ultra 6 GB

    It is useless trying to convince someone who is dead set on hating NVIDIA and praising AMD, no matter what amount of fact you put in front of them they can always twist around for their narrative. In short: do not fit the trolls
  8. xkm1948

    EVGA GTX 1660 XC Ultra 6 GB

    Welp the entire Polaris line just become obsolete at their current price. RX590/580 should be priced no more than $170 and $150.
  9. xkm1948

    New card incoming!

    Sorry yours is having problem my 2080Ti is overclocked balls-to-the-wall out of the box and hit with all sorts of workload and still going strong. Also EVGA’s execellent warranty gives me extra peace of mind.
  10. xkm1948

    New card incoming!

    No, FuryX. Yeah it was not fun at all.
  11. xkm1948

    AMD Brings Back the "XT" Moniker with China-specific Radeon RX 560 XT

    Bullshit. 9500 can be unlocked to 9700/pro because they used the same R300 die. 9600 used die that physically only had 4 pixel pipelines and cannot be enabled at all
  12. xkm1948

    So It Finally Happened---> First Genetic Engineered Human Born in China

    Amount of base-pairs is one thing, complexity of genome structure is another. If we are going by shear genome size then wheat and corn would have won easily
  13. xkm1948

    So It Finally Happened---> First Genetic Engineered Human Born in China

    My speculations? Probably devolved into livestocks. Just as how dinosaurs decedents become the now widely consumed chicken.
  14. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    So I turned off AVX offset and got better scores at lower speed. 4.2GHz and D15 air cooling. Hmmmm
  15. xkm1948

    So It Finally Happened---> First Genetic Engineered Human Born in China

    Dude PM me your source. If we can do some quick sequencing and analysis experiments to show that we can get Noblel prizes! /s Most amazing genome regulation I have seen so far are octopus and squid genomes. The complexity and bizarre gene coding/expression breaks all norms comparing to...
  16. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    8700K 4.9GHz overclock at 1.248V Corsair H115i AIO Corsair RGB Pro DDR4-3200 32GB Strix z370-ITX
  17. xkm1948

    ASRock RX 590 Phantom Gaming X 8 GB

    Nah this card aint worth over $200 That horrible efficiency comparing to 1660Ti.
  18. xkm1948

    Jon Peddie Research releases its Q4 report,Nvidia gained market share.

    AMD in 2018 only refreshed Polaris, and at a stupid MSRP. Nvidia at least put out a new line of GPU. I am really not that surprised. TBH i am more surprised AMD’s discrete PC GPU business is still around. Things might fare better for them if they just focus on consoles. And yeah this thread is...
  19. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    New submission using TPU repackaged version, a slight higher OC at 4.3GHz, and with CPU-Z
  20. xkm1948

    DigiTimes: GPU Price-Cut Campaigns to Increase in Duration, Discounts, as Manufacturers Digest Unsold Inventory

    what price cut? Im still seeing RX590 around $250. 590 at current market should not be sold more than $200.
  21. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    Office potato PC
  22. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench R20 Score

    R20 score! Daily usage 4.2GHz overclock
  23. xkm1948

    AMD Patents Variable Rate Shading Technique for Console, VR Performance Domination

    I am skeptical after all the fuss made before Vega’s launch saying Vega is NCU, way better than GcN blah blah blah. TPU even did a feature overview for that. Turns out more or less a dud. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Radeon_Vega_GPU_Architecture/ GCN is too old to be relevent these...
  24. xkm1948

    The Turing Club--RTX 20xx and 16xx Owners Lounge

    Afterburner 4.6.0 beta15 and latest nvidia driver. Using custom fan curve I can OC with +180 and pass the scanner stability test. Been running VR ~4hrs straight in this settings without issue.