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  1. trickson

    Need some cooling help.

    I am looking for an Air cooler for my R7 1700 it runs hot hot HOT! Like 90C hot when at ful load. and the H7 aint cutting it. So is there any coolers that can actually keep this CPU from hitting 80c at 4.0GHz and 1.4vCore? or an I dreaming. I have to back down the H7 is going to melt!
  2. HuLkY

    Upgrading my CPU Cooler fans

    Hi All, I do have a Corsair H80i V2, I am using the fans with in a push-pull setup, If I wanted to get the absolute best of performance of it, what fans would you recommend? Thank you all in advance.
  3. P4-630

    High CPU temp GTA V with new cpu cooler?

    I just bought a new cooler, a Noctua NH-U12A (7 heatpipes, 2 fans). With 19 degrees C ambient the CPU temp runs up to 66 degrees C. (I know this temp is completely fine but during summer I can add another 9-10 degrees which would result in +-77 degrees C load...) My i7 6700K is just slightly...
  4. Knoxx29

    The same old Fan setup Question

    Sup Guys like every human being sometimes i have doubts too.:) My Fan setup = Negative pressure My doubts/question are: 1- The fans in the bottom chamber could they affect in any way the Negative pressure? 2 - What could happen if i set the front intake Fans at 1900RPM and the top/rear...
  5. 4

    Best lubrication for fan

    Hi.I have a question about lubricate for pc fan.i'm going to grease the fun and i think that grease to choose.IMHO i think to buy grease silicone in air spray/or oil silicone what will be better? I read many articles and i vote for that option. Help me what choose silicone oil or grease air...
  6. Raevenlord

    Corsair Releases Its First Thermal Paste Solution: The TM30

    Corsair has released their first own-branded thermal paste solution, which joins the already dozens of products on the market. Thermal paste (or any sort of TIM - Thermal Interface Material) essentially serves to increase thermal conductivity between two surfaces, such as your CPU and your...
  7. Darmok N Jalad

    Looking for a good AM4 cooler with size restrictions

    Like the title suggests, I’m looking for a better AM4 cooler than stock. It seems there are many big tower coolers out there, but my case limits me to something under 140mm in z-height. I also have taller heatsinks on my DDR4, which makes side clearance a potential issue—unless I could just...
  8. Raevenlord

    Metallicgear Announces New Neo Series Cases, Skiron Fans

    Metallicgear, a division of Phanteks, took to CES in expanding their case and fan offerings with a number of different designs. The new NEO series provides uncompromised value and function in three different styles. The new Neo Series includes the Neo Silent, Neo Air, and Neo-G mid-ATX cases...
  9. btarunr

    RAIDMAX MX-902F Heatspreaders Add RGB Bling to Your Memory

    RAIDMAX launched the MX-902F, a set of two heatspreaders for full-length DDR4 thru DDR2 memory modules, which add RGB multi-color LED bling. The heatspreaders are made of an aluminium alloy, with silicone diffusers for five addressable RGB LEDs that can put out 16.7 million colors. Each of the...
  10. V

    I should apply thermal paste here?

    Helo guys, i was going to change the thermal paste of my GPU (Zotac GTX 970), but i noticed that the red part on the GPU Chip makes contact with the cooler of the GPU. So my question is simple, i should apply thermal paste there? Also im going to change the thermal pad with a Fujipoly 13w/mK...
  11. N

    CPU air cooler recommendation for NZXT S340 Elite

    Hello, My pertinent system specs are: NZXT S340 Elite Asus Maximus Code IX Intel i7-7700K G-Skill Trident Z RGB (2x8GB) Asus ROG something or other 1070 Had a NZXT Kraken X62 v1 for cooling, up until yesterday when the pump decided to give up. Was the first AIO I had bought..and probably the...
  12. Knoxx29

    Would you Buy RGB Fans?

    Hi people. As the title says, would you buy RGB Fans for your PC? I am Rebuilding my PC RGB fans are nice but for me it's like if i had a second Christmas tree at home, i am undecided whether to buy it or not. I will be very grateful for any advice/suggestion
  13. B

    Delidded 4790k temp drop then spike in temperature? Thermal Grizzly C-series Liquid Metal + MX2

    So I delidded my 4790k and applied a tiny amount of liquid metal (Thermal Grizzly C-series). I also reattached my lapped IHS with black silicone adhesive (with some gaps for air) and applied a layer of clear nail polish to the CPU circuits near the die so the liquid metal won't short it out on...
  14. J

    Best Cooler up to 80£ Air/water for my 2700x?

    I'm looking for a nice mid-range budget cooler air or closed loop water system cooler. Cos As I'm running on default bios settings CPU is always boosting to 4.0+- instead of 3.7mhz. so temps go up to 70+ when playing heavy games with some streaming even on max fan rpm. So what u suggest?
  15. P

    NZXT H440 EnVyUs vs Thermaltake Suppressor F31

    My system this time: no load, without 60 cm where I sit Sound meter app 30dB I need quit and good cooling case maybe good cable managment! NZXT H440 EnVyUs vs Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Another alternative case: ZALMAN Z9 NEO-SHARKOON AM5 Silent-NZXT Source 340 Elite-BE QUIET! Pure Base 600
  16. P

    NZXT H440 EnVyUs vs Thermaltake Suppressor F31

    My System Asus P8H67-M LX Core I5 3450+ be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2X Corsair Vengeance CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 GeForce GTX 1060 6GB FSP HYPER M 500 félmoduláris tápegység, 500W 3-4xHDD !!!!!!! 2XSSD !!!!!!! Case Raidmax Horus +4 cooler no load, without 60 cm where I sit Sound meter app 30dB ------------...
  17. T

    Cooling system for i7-8086k (i7-8700k) @ 5.1-5.3 GHZ

    So I'm not new to overclocking but have been out of the game for about a decade and a lot has changed..namely cooling. I jumped back in trying to squeeze more performance out of my T5500/T7500s as I'm bottlenecking my GPU and Ive been bitten by the OC bug again. Have: EVGA 1080ti SC Hybrid...
  18. T

    Is Coollaboratory Liquid Pro or Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut better for delidding CPU?

    Hi everyone ! I have a some question about performance of Coollaboratory Liquid Pro vs Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut when placed between die and IHS . I saw the conductivity of Liquid Pro is 80 w/mk and Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is 73 w/mk but it is just a number of manufacturer said not real...
  19. H

    Cougar Evolution lüftersteuerung

    Hallo zusammen. Ich bin neu hier im Forum und habe gleich eine Frage. Leider kann ich kein englisch, deshalb auf deutsch. Ich (Laie) habe mir vor kurzem einen PC zusammen bauen Lassen in einem Cougar Evolution Gehäuse. Bin damit sehr zu frieden, nur verstehe ich nicht, wie man den/die Lüfter...
  20. GorbazTheDragon

    Bearing quality, the deadly flaw of the Gentle Typhoon?

    A few years ago I dropped 60 odd quid on two pairs of 2150rpm GTs as part of a HiFi amplifier project. Long story short the amplifier got put on hold and two of the fans found their way into my personal rig. I've actually been running them for around 2 years now, their aerodynamic performance...
  21. crazyeyesreaper

    Cooler Master Offers New 120 mm & 140 mm Addressable RGB MasterFan

    Cooler Master releases the MasterFan 120 mm, 120 mm 3-pack, and 140 mm Addressable RGB fans. Users can now upgrade their case and liquid coolers with the new Addressable fans. Each fan has eight adjustable LEDs, and, can be customized using our MasterPlus+ software. These fans come with a...
  22. Raevenlord

    ARCTIC releases P-Fan Series High-static Pressure With Six Fan Models

    ARCTIC today expanded its range of case fans with the new P Series. The high-static pressure fan line consists of six models, each available in 120mm and 140mm versions. The P-Fans are engineered to maximize the cooling potential of radiators. Their newly designed fan blades enable a focused...
  23. btarunr

    Alpenföhn Intros Matterhorn Threadripper CPU Cooler

    Alpenföhn today introduced the Matterhorn Threadripper, a variant of its popular Matterhorn series tower-type CPU air coolers, which supports AMD socket TR4 (SP3r2). The cooler comes with an enlarged copper base, which offers full coverage of the Ryzen Threadripper IHS. Six 6 mm-thick copper...
  24. Devastator0

    Best Air Cooler for an i7 4790K

    All, So, I recently got given a 4790K on a Maximus Hero VII mobo with 16GB of RAM. I've managed to cobble the rest of the parts to make the machine work and, due to the stock cooler on it, temps are hitting ~50-55c on idle. I'm looking at obviously replacing the cooler and will be wanting to...
  25. btarunr

    DeepCool Intros the GAMMAXX GT TUF Gaming Alliance Variant

    DeepCool today introduced an ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance co-branded variant of the GAMMAXX GT tower-type CPU air cooler. All that's changed are the TUF yellow foam embellishments along the fan-frame mounts, a TUF Gaming Alliance sticker along the impeller hub, and a new die-cast fin-stack top-plate...