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  1. Sebastian-san

    Headphone wire got HARD

    My headphone wire got hard where it touches my arm. Have them a year now. What should I do now? Please help its hard like plastic... almost.
  2. btarunr

    Turtle Beach Announces Elite Pro 2 + SuperAMP Pro Gaming Audio System

    Get ready to propel yourself to higher levels of competitive play and more podium wins as leading gaming audio brand Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HEAR), today announced its flagship Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio Systems for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have started hitting retail...
  3. W1zzard

    Creative Announces Sound BlasterX H6 50mm USB Gaming Headset

    Creative Technology Ltd announced today the release of the Sound BlasterX H6 gaming headset, which elevates both gaming and audio experiences to the next level. Featuring an all-new design, the Sound BlasterX H6 packs massive performance with a plethora of enhanced features - including...
  4. Raevenlord

    HyperX Unveils the Wireless CLOUD MIX Headset

    HyperX today introduced its first Bluetooth-enabled headset, in the form of the CLOUD MIX. The new HyperX CLOUD MIX mixes the best of both HyperX's wired performance with the convenience of Bluetooth 4.2. The new headset features the same 40 mm drivers, which achieve frequency response of 10 Hz...
  5. VSG

    Microsoft Announces Surface Headphones- Wireless, Noise-Cancelling, and.. Cortana

    Alongside refreshes galore to their Surface hardware lineup of laptops, all-in-one devices and convertible PCs, Microsoft did have a surprise announcement as part of their media event earlier today. This included a whole new product genre under the Surface brand in the form of headphones...
  6. Decat46

    MIDI out won't play MIDI files in Windows 10 Pro64bit version 1803

    Post thread Hi all. I've been battling with a problem I've been having in Windows 10 Pro 64bit ver 1803. I currently can't play any MIDI files with windows media player, classic media player {From K-lite Codec}, vlc, or my bluray player software called Leawo's Bluray player. Now I can play MP3s...
  7. B

    Movie sound normalization

    Hello, I have a problem with the sound playback of movies and I think a lot of other people also. In the current HD-action movies the sound is extremely different between spoken text and action scenes. When the spoken text is silent, I have to increase the volume. If after that, an action scene...
  8. Laurijan

    Soundblaster Z crackling sound

    Hi! I recently bought a Soundblaster Z (PCI-e) soundcard and get occational stuttering with it and crackling noise. I use spdif optical cable and DTS sound. The problem got worse when i suspected my old logitech z-5450 speaker system to be the cause and updated it to a logitech z-906 system...
  9. C

    3D Headphone Startup Shut Its Doors After Raising $3.2 Million in Crowdfunding

    In the business world, companies fail all the time, and startups are no exception either. Ossic is the latest startup to make the headlines after announcing over the weekend that the company is shutting its door. The audio startup had successfully raised $3.2 million through Indiegogo and...
  10. A

    Making Audio Enhancers Work on Windows

    Old thread: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/the-ultimate-realtek-hd-audio-driver-mod-for-windows-10.232921/ Introduction: To make audio enhancers working, such as SRS Premium Sound. Dolby Home Theater v4. Follow the APO Driver installation instructions: tinyurl.com/ycemaxx9 Get the...
  11. G

    Audio sounds like an old computer voice

    I changed my mb to aorus X470 gaming 7 wifi and my Focusrite iTrack lightning starts up sounding like an old computer voice, thin and metallic with some reverb until i unplug my soundcard and plug it in again. I use it with a usb 2 port and have installed the usb 2 driver. Do you know any...
  12. C

    beyerdynamic Launches the Amiron Wireless Bluetooth headphones

    Vibrant melodies, pulsating rhythms, driving basses: music and movement go together marvelously. That is why the new Amiron wireless combines the flawless sound experience of the legendary Tesla technology by beyerdynamic with the complete freedom of movement that only wireless...
  13. DarkStalker

    Problems with AE-5, driver from 30. April 2018 and Windows 10 64-bit 1803

    So i've got sound in windows 10 and it is working ok 5.1 setup with my roccat kave xtd 5.1 analog headset but it lacks depth...bass is to low and treble is to high... and no matter what i set in sound blaster connect2 regarding bass and treble it wont apply, only if i uninstall driver package...
  14. C

    beyerdynamic Announces the Aventho Wired Heaphones

    Once more beyerdynamic redefines mobile listening delight. The closed mid-size Aventho wired headphones combine stylish looks, maximum comfort, selected materials and the legendary Tesla technology by the audio specialists from Heilbronn, Germany. These headphones amaze listeners with sound...
  15. C

    Audio-Technica Adds ATH-M60x On-Ear Professional Monitor Headphones to M-Series Line

    Audio-Technica, a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 50 years, announces the new ATH-M60x On-Ear Professional Monitor Headphones, the latest addition to A-T's critically acclaimed M-Series line. Designed for studio, broadcast and mobile applications, the ATH-M60x is a...
  16. T

    Adding a tube amp to my solid state system.

    Hello Members. I am thinking of buying a mono price tube amp 27222. It has tubes on both the pre amp and the power amp side. It has pre outs on it. With a phono stage, aux and bluetooth. I would mainly use it as a phono pre amp and connecting it to my yamaha reciever. It has pre outs on it as...
  17. F

    A770DE+ no sound after reinstal win 10

    A few days ago there was sound, but today I can not install drivers,tried all version but there is no sound. sorry for bad language google translator please help
  18. R

    Headphone for gym

    I love listening to songs and music when I am working out at the gym. My current headphones cannot prevent me from hearing all the music played at the gym. Here are the features that the headphone must have: - Compatible with iPhone (and with Spotify) - Won't fall off my head when I am working...
  19. cucker tarlson

    Looking for gaming headphones

    Hi. I wanna ask for some advice in choosing headphones. Basically, those are the features I want, from most important to least important: -comfortable and wireless -detachable mic -open back The cheaper the better, if there's something in the $100 range that's decent, that'd be sweet.
  20. C

    Sennheiser Launches New 300 PRO Series Headphones and Headsets

    Whether it's monitoring, camera operation or backstage communications - a comfortable pair of headphones are essential whenever you need to perform at your best while maintaining your focus for long hours. With the 300 PRO series, Sennheiser launches new headphones and headsets designed with...
  21. M

    NO on board sound

    Recently i installed a new GPU (HD 5770) after the previous (GTX 460 SE V2) died. After starting up the pc i noticed that the Optical SPDIF light is off.There was no sound coming and windows only showed digital output.I should mention that I don't use digital output. Despite everything I did I...
  22. A

    Use bi amplifying on an amplifier that does not support it?? help?

    So well i have my Akai am-69 and its a very lovely 4 stereo channel amp that dose NOT support bi amplifying and i was thinking... if i connect to my second terminals of my speakers to the second channel of the amp and use it in a (A+B) mode wouldn't this be ok??? why do i want to bi amp my...
  23. C

    Creative Unleashes the Sound Blaster K3+ Portable Mixing Board for Online Streamers

    Creative Technology Ltd announced the Sound Blaster K3+ today. The compact and portable mixer is targeted at today's generation of online influencers and content creators, such as musicians, podcasters, live streamers, vloggers, and more. The K3+ captures the goodness of its predecessor, the...
  24. lZKoce

    Suddenly MPHC audio is too low

    Hi everyone, I have this thing with my audio in movies that appeared recently. Here are the details: Audio setup: Sound card: Creative Recon 3D Headphones: JVC HA-RX700 MB Audio: dissabled from BIOS Other audio devices: - GTX970 ( my monitor has built-in speakers/ Displayport is the...
  25. ArbitraryAffection

    Recommendations on Low Cost, Bluetooth Headphones

    Hey. I've just thrown away my Asus headphones i had since 2014, can't remember which ones they were but they fell apart, lol. And even the mic stopped working. Never really used them much more than 2-3 times a week :/ I am basically shopping now for a set of Low Cost (but not cheapy) Blue...