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  1. btarunr

    NZXT Releases H500 Vault Boy from its Shelter

    NZXT and Bethesda Softworks , a ZeniMax Media company, team up again to bring you the fourth entry into NZXT's CRFT series of limited edition licensed gaming gear. Introducing the H500 Vault Boy PC gaming case and optional all-metal cover for the NZXT N7 Z390 motherboard based on the Fallout...
  2. CustomRigs

    [Finished Build ]Level 20 XT Heavy Purple Beast !

    Here it is ladys and gentlemen ! Im proud to show you these heavy beast ! Ive done this build for a friend. He has three kids and no time to made his dreambuild come true ... so it was my job to bring it alive ;) also thanks to Bitspower International Co., Ltd. for supporting this heavy...
  3. E-Bear

    Rosewill Line-M Black

    I was thinking to buy this micro-atx case for 50$ new. Knowing it's an older model is there any of you who owned it in the past? I already have 2 X 120mm fans for the caase thats what make me think of buying it and of course the space limitation in my apartment. What's your opinion on it ...
  4. S

    Temperatures worse on new pc case than on previous no-name with opened side

    Recently i have purchased new pc case, to be specific silentium pc Armis AR7 TG RGB which comes with 3 fans already installed. Also added on top of it set of three, also silentium pc, Sigma HP Corona RGB fans. Setup: two front fans are intake, back one is outake and same goes for 3 top fans...
  5. VSG

    Cooler Master Releases the new MasterBox Q500L

    Cooler Master, an award-winning PC components company, today, announces the launch of the new MasterBox Q500L. Featuring the same external dimensions of the previously launched Q300L, the Q500L is capable of supporting a full ATX motherboard. High-Density Builds The latest addition to the Q...
  6. B

    Noisy silent case - Be Quiet Dark Base 700

    I need some help here. System is build using Be Quiet components. Dark Base 700 case with 2 extra 140mm 1000rpm Be Quiet case fans in the front Be Quiet silentloop 360 cpu cooler Be Quiet Dark power 850 psu Asus 2080ti strix OC graphics. And only SSD drives. When just browsing the pc is...
  7. Octopuss

    Case LEDs

    Does anyone know what the hell happened to green/red power/HDD case LEDs? I can't even rememeber what was the last time I saw non-blue LEDs - probably late 90's. #firstworldproblems
  8. V

    trying the near impossible... most powerful GOD BOX in a miniITX case

    I wasn't even sure where to post it as I have some questions that don't fall into any particular category. I decided to ask the question: what is the most powerful build I can do and keep it tiny, and run of a normal household socket. This was my first list, and I stuck to it: Asus c621e...
  9. crazyeyesreaper

    Lian Li PC-O11 WGX ROG V2 Case, Prototype Liquid Cooler, and More at CES 2019

    At CES 2019 we had the opportunity to look at Lian Li's revised PC-O11 Dynamic ROG V2 case which sees numerous improvements compared to previous iterations. It offers a tool-less quick release for all side panels along with improved radiator installation thanks to changed made to the bottom fan...
  10. Raevenlord

    Metallicgear Announces New Neo Series Cases, Skiron Fans

    Metallicgear, a division of Phanteks, took to CES in expanding their case and fan offerings with a number of different designs. The new NEO series provides uncompromised value and function in three different styles. The new Neo Series includes the Neo Silent, Neo Air, and Neo-G mid-ATX cases...
  11. Raevenlord

    Phanteks Presents New Cases and Waterblocks at CES 2019

    Phanteks will unveil the new Eclipse P600s, the successor to the original Enthoo Luxe, and water cooling solutions at CES 2019. ECLIPSE P600s - Bringing you the best of two worlds The Eclipse P600s mid-tower gaming case is Phanteks' newest hybrid design forged between a silent and...
  12. crazyeyesreaper

    Silverstone Cases on Display at CES 2019 Including an All New Raven Prototype

    During our visit with Silverstone, we had the opportunity to check out their new case lineup which consists of numerous new designs including an all-new Raven prototype. Keeping the unique internal layout established by the previous generations alive, the new Raven has the motherboard I/O...
  13. Raevenlord

    In Win Showcases 928, 905 and A1 Plus PC Cases at CES 2019

    InWin packed up some of their new products for this year's CES, and showcased a number of cases - though none as extravagant as their Z Tower (though that one did make her cameo appearance, if you look, and not even that closely). The 928, for example, packs a "luxury, modern, masculine design"...
  14. crazyeyesreaper

    MonsterLabo "The First" Passive Cooling Case Appears at CES With Multiple System Configurations

    While we have covered the MonsterLabo "The First" case earlier this year with it appearing at Computex 2018 and again with further details later, it was also on the showroom floor at CES, meaning we were able to get a closer look. While the design promises passive cooling, the system that was...
  15. Knoxx29

    How to clean Brushed Aluminum Case

    Sup Guys. I have a Case which it's very sensitive to fingerprints i am even afraid to touch it because everytime i do it my fingerprints are everywhere. Any idea/suggestion/advice how to clean it? Thanks
  16. btarunr

    SilentiumPC Rolls Out Gladius GD8 TG ARGB Pure Black Case

    SilentiumPC today rolled out the Gladius GD8 TG ARGB Pure Black case. This ATX mid-tower is characterized by an asymmetric band that runs from the center of the front, through the top, with its gaps with the rest of the panels being embellished with RGB LED diffusers. The left side panel...
  17. H

    [work log] Diy itx case, aka ikea case

    Greetings from Finland! :-) My first post to TPU and this forum... So, i'm building a new itx case from a scratch. It's gona be a long project and my first, but at least i've started building it. :-) I have a lot of other money holes atm, so i think this project could take additional 3-9 months...
  18. HuLkY

    ITX Case upgrade opinion

    Hello All, I have a Silverstone SG13 and the only catch I found about it is the GPU limitations I am having with it, wish it was 3cms longer and 1.5cm wider, anyways I was hoping to find a good alternative and I found the Cougar QBX to be a good one! the thing is that I have a Corsair H80i V2...
  19. Raevenlord

    Sharkoon Launches TG4 and SKILLER SGC1 RGB Midi Tower Cases

    Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals which boast performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now presents the TG4, a more compact case version of the TG5. In addition, the manufacturer has added an RGB lit midi tower with addressable fans to its...
  20. btarunr

    DeepCool Intros New Ark 90SE Case with Addressable RGB LEDs

    DeepCool today introduced a "Second Edition" variant of the New Ark 90 case it debuted this January. The New Ark 90SE as it's called, is almost identical to the original, with the only difference being that its RGB LED elements are modernized to the new addressable-RGB standard, which lets you...
  21. cdawall

    Smallest MITX case

    What is the smallest MITX case you have seen that supports a GPU? I have several spare cards in anything from a low pro 460 to 1080Ti left over from mining and want to upgrade my bedroom PC. I cannot make any headway searching for tiny little guys. It is currently in an Antec ISK 110 so when I...
  22. VSG

    Lian Li Partners with Bitspower on Custom Reservoir/Pump for PC-O11 Dynamic Case

    The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic is proving to be a success for the company, with praise from reviews and customers alike. The platform has since brought out a few variations as well, but for those wanting to build in the case this holiday season and make use of the watercooling support it allows, the...
  23. crazyeyesreaper

    Deepcool Expands Matrexx 55 Case Series With Two New RGB Equipped Models

    Deepcool is expanding their Matrexx 55 series of cases with the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F and Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB. Both cases will offer addressable RGB LEDs and come pre-programmed with five lighting functions including; static, comet, breathing, dynamic color, and fashion collision. They even...
  24. Raevenlord

    X2 Intros the PROTONIC ATX PC Chassis

    Introducing the PROTONIC gamer chassis with smoked tempered glass left, right side panels and smoked mirror front panel. The brand new PROTONIC chassis is great for any PC enthusiast or gamer. It makes an ideal chassis for modding with multiple ways and space to upgrade. This PC enclosure is not...
  25. btarunr

    Lian Li Intros LANCOOL One White Case

    Lian Li today introduced the LANCOOL One White chassis, a new variant of the LANCOOL One band-comeback chassis from August. Unlike the Gold Edition, this variant isn't limited-edition, and should be generally available alongside the original. Its design consists of all-white interiors with small...