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CPU Overclocking

  1. Harry Palms

    CPU lapping

    I want to improve my cpu cooling but i dont want to use liquid metal either. is lapping a CPU a good idea? I have the same CPU as this guy:
  2. storm-chaser

    List your most fun or favorite overclock

    Started this at overclockers.com but I wanted to see what interests people over here at TPU. Self Explanatory, list your favorite overclock on your favorite CPU. Tell us about some of the interesting quirks or features if you wish. Has to be a CPU that you've owned, not a wish list item. For...
  3. G

    Can't oc my ryzen 5 2600x to + 4.0ghhz

    Tried to oc my ryzen 5 2600x to 4.1 ghz on all cores but sort of failed just by changing multiplier to 41, changing vcore, loadline calibration, setting vddr cpu and soc current capability to 120-130%,changing cpu,soc power phase control to extreme, it failed in ibt (setting vcore and the power...
  4. TheMadDutchDude

    Old School LGA 775 era Overclocking Competition @ TPU!

    Hey fellow TPU enthusiasts! I promised that I'd come up with some kind of competition for the forum over the weekend, but I am struggling to come up with a format that everyone might enjoy. I figured it would therefore be best to ask what benchmarks you'd like to see in the competition. That...
  5. J

    Am new to overclocking, need help with 3570k

    So I've never overclocked anything in my life, I don't even know where to start. Are there any amazing guides to overclocking this 3570k as much as possible? I've got the Asus Maximus V Formula, and I'll be using a Phanteks air cooler similar to Noctua NH-D14 (in fact back then, they were...
  6. Dinnercore

    Core 2 Duo - An OC adventure

    Hello there. I´m starting this thread to document my first half-serious OC voyage. I love hardware from around 2008 and wanted to start with CPUs that are not really relevant anymore and cheap to replace. So I decided to begin with the good old socket 775 dual cores. Things I will try and...
  7. krusha03

    Overclocking RAM with Ryzen

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to overclock the RAM on my new Ryzen system (see spec). I have a DR, Samsung E-die ram which is not the best however I was thinking with relaxed timings I will be able to reach the rated 3000 MHz with 4 sticks. Currently it seems like I am hitting a brick wall at 2866MHz...
  8. H

    Does somebody know how to overclock a CPU on a Foxconn G31MXP motherboard?

    Hi all! I would like to overclock my Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU to 3.0 GHz,which is on a Foxconn G31MXP motherboard. On the website of the Foxconn G31MXP manufacturer stays that the Core 2 Quad Q6600 is supported for that motherboard. Could someone help me to overclock my CPU precisely and...
  9. T

    Can somebody explain the CPU Offset vs Adaptive+Offset voltage implementations?

    Hey there, So, I am undervolting the 8700K. The board is a budget MSI Gaming Plus Z370, and it has a few voltage modes. I used Offset alone for a while at -0.090V, and all worked fine, but I thought I'd give Adaptive+Offset and the same negative offset to try it out. To my surprise, it...
  10. H

    How to safely OC Core 2 Quad Q6600 to 3.0 GHz with ThrottleStop on Foxconn G31MXP mobo?

    Hi to all! I would like to safely OC my Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.40 GHz CPU to 3.00 GHz, on my Foxconn G31MXP mobo with ThrottleStop. Please help me to do the OC safely. Edit: BTW, I don't want to use a benchmarking stressing utility, because Prime95 made my PSU die once! Thanks to all in...
  11. hat

    hat's 2600k clocking thread

    So, I found 4GHz stable a while ago with a little undervolt. Now I want to see how high I can get it. I've left all the voltages on auto, except for the CPU voltage offset. I think I might finally have gotten 4.6GHz stable, but temps are around 90c with... I believe the offset was +.165. This is...
  12. btarunr

    MSI Goofup Unlocks Overclocking on AMD Athlon 200GE

    MSI late November released BIOS updates for its entire range of socket AM4 motherboards, mainly to include AGESA, which improves memory compatibility. The updates also pack various motherboard model-specific fixes. Apparently there has been a goof-up with this update (not in a bad way...
  13. btarunr

    Core i9-9900K Achieves 5.50 GHz Overclock on a Z170 Chipset Motherboard

    It is already established that the incompatibility between Intel's 8th and 9th generation Core socket LGA1151 processors and Intel's 100-series and 200-series chipset motherboards is artificial, and that with the right BIOS modding, you can get the newer processors to work on the older...
  14. Y

    Tweaking laptop clocks/voltage for Overwatch

    tl;dr: What program can I use to monitor/log stuff so you can point where the problem is? been working at this for a month and I need some help. I'm on a lenovo y50-70 with gtx 960m and i7 4720hq. i've tried overclocking, undervolting, but I can't figure out why my framerate in Overwatch is so...
  15. W

    Need help to unlock medion laptop bios

    Hello everyone, I would like to request some help in getting an unlocked bios for my gaming laptop, the reason for it is to be able to control the fan speed and undervolt the cpu and gpu. Here is specs: Medio erazer x7833 i7 4710mq gtx 970m 16gb ram Bios brand: american megatrends inc Bios...
  16. Artas1984

    Overclock timings and underclock frequency of DDR4 ECC

    I have two sticks of Crucial DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz memory - CT16G4WFD8266. It is a Micron chip underneath, rated at 19-19-19-43 timings. My Xeon E3-1245 V5 drops the frequency to 2133 MHz, despite Gigabyte GA-X170-Extreme ECC supporting higher frequency RAM, but the timings remain at CL19. It's...
  17. S

    Ryzen 7 2700x OC vs XFR, is OC worth it?

    Currently i upgraded and have 2700x. Now i am wondering if OC is worth it or does XFR does its job well enough so oc is not needed anymore? Currently i'm using stock cooler delivered with cpu, as backup i keep in its box cooler silentiumpc fera 2 with 1 fan included. I've read and watched some...
  18. A

    What is the most performance I can get out of an i7-7700hq and a gtx 1070 mobile? How about ram too?

    I know most people here use throttle stop to undervolt, and overclock, but to my understanding, this is a locked CPU, so what are my options? Looking at passmark scores for this cpu, they range from 8000 to 10000, and userbenchmark ratings and scores are equally spread out. So how then do I get...
  19. Regeneration

    Prime95 vs. Linpack Xtreme

    The video above demonstrates the superiority of Linpack Xtreme versus the latest version of Prime95. The overclocked PC passed nearly 2 hours of Prime95's small FFTs torture test and yet completely crashed within less than a minute and a half with the bootable version of Linpack Xtreme...
  20. M

    Sujet : Température Core i7 3770 - 80° - 94° ( Help )

    Hi Guys i want to ask some questions __ i have a intel core 3770 during installation Température bypass 90°C in 100% load of the CPU and during gaming the Température bypass 80° C on the CPU and some games can go to 94°C 1 - is that normal ??? 2- is there anyrisk for the cpu?. 3-is there a...
  21. F

    8700k strange behavior

    Yesterday I noticed a strange behavior, I don't know exactly from. when, maybe after the October uptade. Looking at cpuz my cpu stay alway at max frequencies, no matter if I set power saving, balanced or max perf profile in windows. Also I noticed slightly lower score in cinebench. My 8700k used...
  22. Black Panther

    i7 930 @ 4Ghz vs i7 4790 3.6Ghz

    Asking in relation to gaming, specifically Fallout 76 which I have already pre-ordered. I have the 930 (see my system specs), which runs Fallout 4 fine. But I know it's old and I'm worrying. Especially since I'm a bit out of touch regarding the performance of newer processors. The rest of my...
  23. Patanal

    Can't get my cpu core clock to stay at 3.4 ghz in ThrottleStop anymore

    Some days ago I updated throttlestop from 8.60 to 8.70 and for some reason i can't get my cpu to stay at ~3.4 ghz. I tried to downgrade back to 8.60 but got no good results. Am I doing something wrong? I need some help here :) Ps: Power Mode in windows is in best performance.
  24. Verbatim

    Max safe voltage for Ryzen 2 and DDR4 memory

    What is max safe voltage for Ryzen 7 2700 and DDR4 memory ? In long term use to not damage chip or motherboard.
  25. M

    X5675 OC Settings Rundown

    Hey all, So today I over clocked a x5675 to 4.51ghz and so far it's stable under every stress test and game. It took me awhile (as always) to dial in the settings but I finally did it!! Anyways I want to post my settings so any pros can look them over and see if I can potentially lower any...