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CPU Overclocking

  1. VSG

    GIGABYTE Z390 OC Guide Suggests Intel 9000 Series Processors Will Run Hot Even With Custom Watercooling

    It seems that by the time NDA drops on Intel's latest and greatest mainstream processor platform, we will have known more about it than ever before with similar launches. GIGABYTE joined the club with the release of their Z390 overclocking (OC) guide specific to their AORUS-branded motherboards...
  2. John Naylor

    More Cores ... Justifications getting Ridiculous

    The media's fascination with more cores despite the lack of any evidence it's doing anything for 98% of PC users is getting just crazy. https://www.techradar.com/news/intel-core-i9-9900k-hands-on-intels-beastly-mainstream-octa-core-processor "At another demo station, we were shown how users...
  3. Knoxx29

    OCCT not working

    Sup People. I have been using OCCT for a while but a few months ago i tried to run it but it didn't work, i tried different Versions but all of them failed giving me always the same error: I have thought that maybe it could be something wrong with the Overclock so i set the Machine at...
  4. D

    Throttlestop Big PROBLEM !!!

    Hello guys, I've running throttlestop 8.50 8.60 8.70 but it didn't work on my acer swift 3, with i5 8250U + mx 150 when playing games dota 2 my cpu speed will slow down after 10-20 min, to 1000mhz speed. I've tried to undervolt my cpu to -0,075v , it didn't help improve performance so much, I...
  5. btarunr

    DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.4.0 by 1usmus Released: Memory Settings Made Easy

    Ukrainian PC enthusiast and software developer 1usmus today released DRAM Calculator for Ryzen version 1.4.0. This utility was formerly known as "Ryzen DRAM Calculator," which has since been voluntarily renamed by the author in the interest of avoiding any future trademark conflict with AMD, or...
  6. Live OR Die

    i5 3570 High Temps

    I can't remember what these chips use to run like but this seems a bit to hot? this is my itx lan rig it was just a cheap build, I changed from using the stock Intel cooler to a coolermaster i70C but the temps are pretty much the same lol, the paste was already on both coolers I'm thinking maybe...
  7. skellattarr

    the settings that ryzen dram calculator shows does not work in new bios

    I have a crosshair vi hero and I updated the bios to 6301 from 6201 before all my bios settings worked from ryzen dram calculator but in the new bios the settings won't even post so I used docp and that is working
  8. B

    Undervolt working with XTU but not Throttlestop, what am I doing wrong?

    Hi everyone, Im new to these forums and I came across your very active community when looking for a solution to my problem. Last week I bought the XPS 15 9570, i5 variant with GTX 1050. I decided to go this route after realising I dont play games as much as i used to and needed something...
  9. Raevenlord

    Intel Core i9-9900K Overclocked to 6.9 GHz On All Cores - With LN2

    Intel took their opportunity to add a golden sheen to their new 9th Gen CPUs by going as far as showcasing their extreme overclocking capabilities right from the launch event. partering with world-renowned overclocker Splave, Intel showcased how a Core i9-9900K can withstand up to 1.7V Vcore...
  10. R

    Ryzen 2700X + Mobo??

    Hi everybody. I'm getting a new ryzen 2700x and i was wondering what mobo to pick. There's a lot of motherboards in the market and I'm aiming for something good but not the top shelve. There's absolutely no OC involved in my new rig (pointless with Ryzen). What motherboard would you recommend to...
  11. storm-chaser

    Losing 10x multi on e8600 with FSB above ~ 470 mhz

    Any advice? When I reboot at anything above 470Mhz FSB the CPU defaults to the lowest multiplier. I can then go into the BIOS and adjust the multi to 9.5 or below. If I set it back on the 10x multi it simply defaults back to the lowest multiple (on reboot) instead. In testing I can see the...
  12. I

    I need more SC perf. out of my 1600X

    Hey guys. As the title says, I need to get more single core performance out of my Ryzen 1600X The expensive, and atm impossible option would be to get an Intel mobo plus a CPU like 8086k which can SC boost to 5GHz. But I'm very short on $$ right now so best I can do is overclock my 1600X...
  13. 27MaD

    Can bad CPU OC cause worse performance ?

    Hello , so my CPU has been running at 3.76 GHz for a long time , before about 1 week i pushed it to 3.95 GHz and everything was stable , but i've noticed that my performance became worse , games like battlefield 3 , GTA 4 , PES 17 , started stuttering too much , do u guys think it's because of...
  14. I

    i7 8700k memory xmp temps

    Hi Guys, I'm upgrading soon to a i7 8700k and I'm looking at what memory to get and I've read that it's best for performance to get 2666mhz minimum or have a drop in fps compared to systems running higher memory. So if I went with say 2666mhz to get it to run at that I'd enable xmp and what...
  15. 27MaD

    Overclocking Core 2 Duo E7600 to 3.8-4.0 Ghz ???

    Hello guys, i have a Core 2 Duo E7600 ((stock 3.06Ghz-1.287v core voltage)) and it's overclocked to 3.6 Ghz with 1.300v core voltage and the temps are perfect and the pc is stable , but currently i want to reach 3.8 or 4.0Ghz would be better , how much should i set the core voltage at ??? my...
  16. storm-chaser

    Overclocking T61P with ThrottleStop - Question / problem on multiplier settings

    I have a bit of a retro build I just finished up. Chose a Lenovo T61p because this was the first laptop I purchased with my own money back in 2007 so it has a special place in my heart. That original laptop is long gone, so I had to find another one on eBay (I actually bought two). I chose the...
  17. N

    Help OC'ing my Fx 8350 to 5Ghz

    Where would I start on overclocking my fx 8350 to 5Ghz.
  18. xkm1948

    CPU Not Reaching OC during load??

    So my CPU is overclocked to 4.2GHz which I am 100% sure. Somehow during some of my work load it is only reaching up to 3.9GHz, confirmed by both CPU-Z and Task manager. So I thought about AVX2 offset. Problem is my AVX offset is 2. So my AVX speed should be spot on 4GHz. Could this happen due...
  19. C

    AMD Updates Warranty Policy on AMD Processors and Aftermarket CPU Coolers

    A few days ago, a Reddit user came onto one of AMD's support pages and found some pretty disturbing information regarding the use of aftermarket cooling solutions. According to the FAQ, users are voiding the warranty on their AMD processors if they don't use the included stock heatsink. Given...
  20. E

    Hp dv8000 oc

    Dear forum members I have a dv8000 HP with cy28rs480 pll chip and i cant find any overclock opportunity ,i attach the datasheet...
  21. G

    Ryzen 7 2700x voltage

    msi Gaming M7 AC default settings and my 2700x is at 1.45 v in bios ? Still learning all the settings, does anyone know what’s going on here ? Thanks
  22. lynx29

    8600k avx 0 prime95 hardware fatal error, but avx -2 its fine... ?

    all other benches run fine on either avx -2 or 0, all games run great on either... is this an error with prime95? please advise, spent the last 3 hours tinkering with settings, its getting annoying. specs under name~
  23. btarunr

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X Overclock to 5.88 GHz

    PC enthusiast "TSAIK" with access to AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X chips put them through rigorous overclocking to achieve speeds as high as 5.88 GHz on both, with all cores enabled, demonstrating the improved overclocking headroom AMD achieved by switching to the newer 12 nm process. The...
  24. Januka.OC

    Best RTV Gasket for CPU Relid

    I have this one cam one one please confirm this is good or bad? ADB 1101 LIQUID GASKET GREY Sealant Temperature Range -40c to 150c Help please!!!!
  25. Artas1984

    Core i7 5775C maximum real overclock and self defence

    I've been testing my Core i7 5775C to find it's real maximum performance. My aim was to find out the maximum working frequency at which the CPU would never throttle. That includes fining the optimal bios settings and voltage too. Let's start with the fact, that Core i7 5775C is the only Intel...