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  1. Hellfire

    Free mining capability, (is it worth trying it)

    Hi guys, So I have never mined, never attempted mining and not really looked into it. I understand a lot of the rigs are optimised, you have power usage to consider and hardware costs. However that said.... I have a solar system being fitted next week, the system is spec'd for 4KW in British...
  2. VSG

    NVIDIA Faces New Class Action Lawsuit Over Cryptocurrency-related GPU Demand Drop

    The new year does not seem to bring good tidings alone for NVIDIA, with yet another class action lawsuit promising to keep their legal team busy. When we first posted about NVIDIA stock prices falling 2.1% following the launch of their Turing microarchitecture cards, there was no warning that...
  3. VSG

    Razer Wants to Mine Crypto on Your PC in Return for Loyalty Rewards

    In a move that made us go "WTF" internally, Razer has decided to test their fanbase's loyalty more so than ever before. Today, the company introduced Razer Softminer, a mining software program that is intended to be installed on computers and run to mine cryptocurrency. But instead of the users...
  4. damian246

    The real cost of mining

    Hi guys How about some fact finding, we all have seen numbers: To mine a BTC in the US the price is around 5000 US$ and I find that hard to believe. It becomes a bit more tricky due to the reward schemes. There are rigs that cost you 1500, 2000, even 3000 US$ and there are self armed...
  5. R

    Help asus rx 470 mining elpida

    I have trouble with my graphics BIOS. Please download BIOS asus rx 470 mining elpida for download Thanks
  6. Raevenlord

    Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Manipulating Bitcoin, Altcoins' Pricing

    The Wall Street Journal has come forward with a story confirming what we all knew, but could have been left out of the cryptocurrency narrative for various reasons: that bots are used on a daily basis to manipulate pricing of these digital assets. The practice includes various tricks, such as...
  7. T

    Crypto Mining woes..

    nanopool eth wont work any more on two machines.. it keeps saying connection lost.. been this way for nearly two weeks.. ???? nicehash runs on my two card desktop machine but on my eight card mining machine is now giving me out of memory messages.. ???? the returns are so low its probably...
  8. lexluthermiester

    Newegg crypto-mining?

    Was going to look for something on Newegg and was greeted with this crap; What the actual eff? Newegg is a retail site that makes money from sales. Why do they suddenly feel the need to cryptomine in the sly? Shady Newegg, very shady. PS to mods; Couldn't decide were to put this thread, this...
  9. Raevenlord

    GPU Market: Miner Interest Waning, Gamer Interest Increasing - Jon Peddie Research

    Jon Peddie Research, the industry's market research firm for the graphics industry, has updated it's quarterly Market Watch report. Overall, the report finds the crypto-currency market is continuing to influence the PC graphics market, though its influence is waning. Market watch found that...
  10. btarunr

    BIOSTAR Announces iMiner Series Turnkey Mining Solutions

    BIOSTAR, a top provider of mining motherboards and graphics cards, introduces a turnkey solution for mining at home with iMiner A578X8D/iMiner A564X12P/iMiner A578X6. The iMiner series comes as a single unit black box machine that supports ethOS and is fully equipped with BIOSTAR TB250-BTC...
  11. S

    GPU Mining | Multi-GPU Issues

    Question: Any fix for this plummet in hashrate for cards? New to this mining stuff. Help appreciated! P.S Can't get BIOS or POST because it displays only windows on the monitor when it boots. Skips the POST. I have to wait 15 seconds for it to boot to windows and it just has a black screen until...
  12. quirky

    Do you think cryptocurrencies are the future?

    I am wondering whether I should invest or not. Everyone is talking about it but I am a bit scared. If I can't feel the money I will stress out. My question is do you think that this trend will last long and is it a good idea to invest or not? PS I don't know much about it, I have yet to get the...
  13. R-T-B

    Editorial Confessions of a Crypto Miner: Green(er) Mining

    Welcome back to "Confessions of a Crypto Miner," my column about a crypto miner from 2013 trying to get caught up with the latest standards. I'm presently mining and reporting to you from a dual-GTX 1080 based rig mining zCash. Today, I'm going to talk about saving energy and reducing a miner's...
  14. C

    Alphacool Launches the Mining Rig 12 Open Air Frame Case

    The world-famous manufacturer Alphacool introduces the first case of its Mining Rig series. The Alphacool Mining Rig 12 can accommodate two motherboards, four power supplies and of up to 12 graphics cards. There are also extensive mounting options for water cooling. For example, up to six 360 mm...
  15. cdawall

    51% attacks.

    So I do not know what all people know about these, but as we speak bitmain appears to be behind a large number of 51% attacks using their own ASIC miners. First we had a vulnerability exposed on etn using the new cryptonight ASICs. Actively there is one going on with verge and I fear some of...
  16. btarunr

    Bitmain Intros Antminer E3 for Ethereum, GPU Prices Could Finally Cool Down

    It was only a matter of time before ASICs turned the tide on GPU-accelerated crypto-currency mining. Bitmain announced the Antminer E3, an ASIC miner purpose-built for Ethereum mining. Priced at $800 (or less than the price of an AMD Radeon RX 580 in January), this ASIC draws about 800W of...
  17. yotano211

    First Ethash ASIC mining machine is ready for pre order today, 4/3/18

    I just got an email some hours ago that the 1st batch of the ASIC machine for Ethash or ETH mining will be ready for pre order now and delivery start after 16 July 2018 but before 31 July 2018. Hashing algorithm: Ethash Power consumption: 800W Hashrate: 180MH/s $800...
  18. Raevenlord

    Intel's "Bitcoin Mining Hardware Accelerator" Patent Filling Published

    A filed patent by Intel has shed some light on the company's idea to somewhere, along the fuzzy lines of the future, introduce a Bitcoin mining hardware "accelerator" to the market. The application itself, for a "Bitcoin Mining Hardware Accelerator With Optimized Message Digest and Message...
  19. Raevenlord

    AMD Corrects Analyst's Cryptomining Revenue Estimate in Defense of Its Share Value

    AMD has gone on to publicly call attention to what it considers to be erroneous information put forward by Susquehanna analyst Christopher Roland. The analyst's report, which prompted the reclassification of AMD and NVIDIA's share targets - and investment ratings. Looking to stem what could...
  20. btarunr

    Mining, and not Gaming, Compelled ASRock to Enter the Graphics Market

    When we first reported news of ASRock entering the graphics market with a focus on AMD Radeon GPUs, the story included a theory that crypto-currency mining was the primary driver behind the company's move. ASRock in its press-deck announcing its new Phantom Gaming series graphics cards late...
  21. Raevenlord

    NVIDIA, AMD to Face Worsening Investment Outlook as Bitmain Preps to Launch Ethereum ASIC

    Analyst firm Susquehanna has cut AMD and NVIDIA's share price targets on the wake of confirmed reports on Bitmain's upcoming Ethereum ASIC. There's been talks about such a product for months - and some actual silicon steering as well that might support it. Susquehanna, through analyst...
  22. Raevenlord

    Some Blockchain in My Voting, Please: Sierra Leone Implements Innovative System

    Putting aside discussion of cryptocurrencies, bubbles, and the debated absence of intrinsic value, blockchain itself has a myriad of uses that are still in their exploration infancy. One such usage - one that was arguably first thought of by Philip K. Dick, albeit unknowingly - was the usage of...
  23. G

    Mining BIOS Flash for Diamond RX 580 8GB Model No: RX580D58G

    Hi Guys, I bought a couple of Diamond RX580 video graphics cards for my mining rig. It's working pretty good and giving me a good hash rate 29.8 maximum. Anyway I wrote a step by step instructions on how I flash a Diamond RX 580. Check the link...
  24. lynx29

    [MIT] March 1 Article - Ethereum's smart contracts are full of holes

    https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610392/ethereums-smart-contracts-are-full-of-holes/ The blockchain's only argument to power is its security... so... :/
  25. lynx29

    If you can't beat'em, join'em.

    So since I can't find a GPU for the life of me for gaming, I was wondering what is the best CPU's to buy to mine Monero coin, I have about 8k in savings, I am willing to risk up to 2k investing in hardware. I only want to mine Monero coin, it is the only future for crypto imo. Please advise. My...