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  1. S

    PCem or DOSBox for MS-DOS games?

    I just tried Speed Haste in DOSBox and sound stuttering. Should i use PCem for MS-DOS games? EDIT: If i set cycles to 60000 there is no sound stuttering but game lagging. If i set cycles to max then sound stuttering but game not lagging. Original MS-DOS or Windows 95 for MS-DOS games in PCem?
  2. S

    The Best Fallout game?

    Which one is the best? Fallout 3? Fallout 76 really online only? Is it Fallout 3 hard game?
  3. S

    Sony PS3 in 2018?

    I have Sony PS3 Slim. Worth it or not for PS3 exclusives or should i wait for working games in PS3 emulator?
  4. theonedub

    Giveaway: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (PC)

    I'm back? :D It's been a while. Anywho, quick giveaway for you guys. I've always been a fan of the run and gun over BF so here's a copy of BLOPS4 to enjoy. I got my copy for PS4 but this one is for PC (purchased from the Humble Store). Requirements: -Must have been a member before today...
  5. S

    The Best Multiplayer Games 2017/2018?

    Which Multiplayer games 2017/2018 are the best? Overwatch? COD: Black Ops 4 good or not? I don't like Fortnite.
  6. S

    Good FPS games last 5 years?

    I need names of good FPS games with campaign last 5 years (no multiplayer).
  7. Jelle Mees

    What is your REAL gaming resolution?

    Many websites including steam hardware survey conclude that 1080p is still the norm. Those statistics do not mention on wich resolutionscale the players are playing. Many modern games allow high-res rendering with downscaling to 1080p wich improves the visual quality a lot. This allows 1080p...
  8. Raevenlord

    EA Looking Into Remastering Command & Conquer Series of Videogames

    The RTS genre on PC has been left a little out in the cold in recent years; there are still some releases here and there, but the genre that was once the king of PC gaming has taken a dive in popularity. One series that was held in great regard by fans was Command & Conquer, which spanned a...
  9. Raevenlord

    Just Cause 4 Story, Gameplay Trailer Outed

    Continuing the theatrics and explosions of previous entries, Square Enix has just revealed a story and gameplay trailer for the upcoming Rico-fest, version 4. Just Cause 4 will follow Rico's exploits on Solis, a "huge South American world home of conflict, oppression and extreme weather...
  10. INSTG8R

    The actual part of SC I’ve been waiting for. Squadron 42 trailer.

    It’s quite a who’s who of faces that’s for sure. This is what I bought this game for so this is exciting but equally frustrating as I’m STILL waiting for it....
  11. Raevenlord

    Microsoft's xCloud is a Push Towards Game Streaming Future, Powered by AMD

    Microsoft has announced their xCloud initiative, a game streaming effort that looks to bridge the gap between local and stream-based gaming. xCloud is looking to bring true, platform-agnostic gaming with much lower bandwidth requirements due to a number of technologies being researched and...
  12. Raevenlord

    Microsoft Reportedly On the Verge of Acquiring Obsidian Entertainment

    Reports are circling around the web regarding an imminently/closed deal between Microsoft and Obsidian Entertainment, developers of Fallout: New Vegas and, more recently, the Pillars of Eternity series. Microsoft has been on a roll with its investment in games studios, bringing numerous big...
  13. S

    Mercedes-Benz World Racing Credits

    How to get credits in this game? I complete game 100% and still no credits. Races never end.
  14. S

    Prey (2017) hard game or?

    I finished Prey 1. It was awesome game. What do you think about Prey (2017)? Harder then first game?
  15. D

    Sony PlayStation 5 Confirmed: "It's Necessary To Have A Next-Generation Hardware"

    Some experts say that the console and PC will be irrelevant very soon: cloud gaming services will make dedicated and powerful hardware unnecessary, but Sony doesn't seem to agree. Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony, doesn't, and in an interview with the Financial Times he has made it clear that...
  16. W1zzard

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Map List Revealed

    Treyarch has revealed more details on what multiplayer maps will be included in the upcoming COD: Black Ops 4. Besides the list below, also included are three Zombie Campaign maps and the "Blackout" map that we've seen in Beta. As expected, the list of maps is a mix of new and remade maps. In...
  17. S

    The Sims 1 problem

    I installed The Sims 1 + The Sims: Hot Date expansion before The Sims: Complete Collection and now The Sims: Complete Collection not working. I uninstalled The Sims 1 + expansion and clean from register but still not working. How to fix this?
  18. Raevenlord

    Final Season of The Walking Dead to be Finished by Skybound Games

    It seems we've reached a final chapter (with two parts still missing) from the odyssey of The Walking Dead's final season. Born of a troubled studio with decreasing revenue even as it increased its staff and IPs, Telltale games has given the reins to the final two episodes in the final season to...
  19. S

    The best 18 Wheels of Steel game?

    Which one is the best?
  20. W1zzard

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has an FPS Cap after all

    Players of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta certainly remember the 90 FPS cap the game was running at. Back then Treyarch promised that for release the FPS cap will be increased (or lifted). Now we have final confirmation on what the company's plans are, straight from the developer. For the...
  21. S

    The Sims 3 or The Sims 4

    Which one is better? The Sims 3 or The Sims 4?
  22. Sebastian-san

    Hatsune Miku VR

    Do I really need 5 meters of space to play with my sweet loli? Hatsune Miku VR
  23. VSG

    Shadow Warrior 2 Temporarily Available for Free on GOG.com

    As an update to the GOG.com 10th anniversary celebrations, it turns out that Shadow Warrior 2 won the public vote to decide which game was to be available not only DRM-free but also monetarily-free. Accordingly, you can now head over to this page and avail yourself of a full copy at no charge...
  24. VSG

    GOG.com Celebrates 10th Anniversary with a Makeover, Freebies and a Site-wide Sale!

    It was less than a month ago that we reported on GOG.com's Back to School game sale event, and today we got wind of an even larger one. Indeed, GOG.com (previously Good Old Games) is 10 today, and decided it was as good a time as any to celebrate the anniversary with us. First up, the entire...
  25. Raevenlord

    The Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski Gets Sellers' Remorse, Wants $16 million from CD Projekt Red

    Well, this was bound to happen sometime - but I expected it sooner, rather than as late as now. The Witcher series has become an incredible success in the videogame department, with each successive entry in the series becoming more and more of a masterpiece, culminating in The Witcher 3 -...