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  1. DirtbagDave

    A game for history buffs!

    Hey all, Just thought I'd make it aware to all you history buffs out there; a game by the name "War of Rights" comes out today on steam. It is in early access but has been in development for around 5 years. The devs have always been very passionate and active and I can't wait to get my hands on...
  2. btarunr

    DICE Prepares "Battlefield V" RTX/DXR Performance Patch: Up to 50% FPS Gains

    EA-DICE and NVIDIA earned a lot of bad press last month, when performance numbers for "Battlefield V" with DirectX Raytracing (DXR) were finally out. Gamers were disappointed to see that DXR inflicts heavy performance penalties, with 4K UHD gameplay becoming out of bounds even for the $1,200...
  3. Raevenlord

    Valeroa, Denuvo Competitor, Overcome Two Days After City Patrol: Police is Released

    We recently covered Valeroa, a tentative new entry into the anti-tamper-tech industry. Valeroa tries to skirt the line of being called a full DRM solution with some non-intrusive choices in its design(which still remains much of a mystery). According to the company, "only a handful of functions...
  4. btarunr

    NVIDIA PhysX Now Open-Source

    NVIDIA PhysX, the most popular physics simulation engine on the planet, is going open source. We're doing this because physics simulation - long key to immersive games and entertainment - turns out to be more important than we ever thought. Physics simulation dovetails with AI, robotics and...
  5. R

    This video is for those who claim that there is NO cheating in Rainbow Six Siege

    This video is for those who claim that there is NO cheating in Rainbow Six Siege. As soon as I realized headshot6912111 was a cheater, I started the recording. The game took place in one of the West EU servers.
  6. purecain

    Battlefield V aim bots and wall hacks since beta

    I'm pretty dissapointed. I can remember long nights playing bf2, a hacker would come online and quickly get kicked from the server. then bf3 and 4 and the star wars crap... and now 5 have all been owned by the people using aim bots and wall hacks. Every good player I know uses them only I...
  7. D

    Valeroa Anti-Tamper Tech Tries To Protect Initial Sales, "Cannot Be Cracked Within Reasonable Time"

    The launch period of a game is the most important from the sales perspective, and piracy can seriously damage those initial earnings. Several anti-tamper systems have been launched to avoid this, but none seems to be really effective. Denuvo is well know on this front, but its protection has...
  8. Black Panther

    Fallout 76 PC players - share your Gamertag/PSN/Bethesda.net account

    Perhaps it's just me but I'm finding this game awesome. I play sometimes solo, sometimes with friends. But well it's a multi-player game and everybody'd love to increase their friends list. Please post platform, and name. Note that the game is not cross-platform. I'll start: PC - BlackPanther
  9. crazyeyesreaper

    Bethesda Continues to Struggle With Fallout 76, Refunds Now a Possibility

    With the release of Fallout 76 a week ago, Bethesda continues the tradition of releasing buggy games that are full of glitches and issues. These problems are always expected to come from Bethesda; typically the game is still fun however unlike previous titles, Fallout 76 is has been universally...
  10. Raevenlord

    Star Citizen is Now Available for Free Until November 30th - If You Can Download It

    The free, one week-long trial for Star Citizen is now live, but something is amiss: users trying to connect to Roberts Space Industries' website in hopes of registering and downloading the game so as to see what all the funding (and fuss) is all about in a more hands-on approach are being met...
  11. Raevenlord

    MMO Justice The Second Game to Get NVIDIA RTX, DLSS Support

    The only one game where we can get our eyes on NVIDIA's RTX tech, for now, is DICE's Battlefield V - and that game's RTX implementation comes with some astounding performance hits that compromise the whole experience's fluidity and resolution, even on NVIDIA's top of the line RTX 2080 Ti. The...
  12. Raevenlord

    Companies Know Their User Base - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the Best Selling Game of 2018

    For all the talk regarding money-grabbing feature cutbacks and additions to games, it seems that companies such as Activision know exactly what their customers are looking after in their videogame worlds. Proof of this is that the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 4, is...
  13. crazyeyesreaper

    The 2018 Steam Autumn Sale Now Live, Let The Wallet Draining Begin

    As Thanksgiving nears, Steam's Autumn Sale has officially started. Offering multiple deals to be thankful for, such as, Assassin's Creed Odyssey (33% off), NeiR: Automata (50% off), Monster Hunter World (34% off), Shadow of The Tomb Raider (50% off) and Civilization VI Gold Edition (69% off)...
  14. crazyeyesreaper

    Civilization VI Adds Climate Change With Gathering Storm Expansion

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI will get its next expansion dubbed Gathering Storm on February 14th, 2019. This latest expansion will add nine new Civs to play as, along with new buildings, mechanics, and technologies, which are all par the course for a Civilization expansion. What is different here...
  15. D

    Valve Says Goodbye to Steam Link But Will Continue to Offer Support

    Valve seemed to have the ambition to become a hardware company when he launched peripherals like his Steam Link and its Steam Controller. The scope of these products has been limited, and now the company reports that "the supply of physical Steam Link hardware devices is sold out in Europe and...
  16. boise49ers

    Battlefield V Group!

    Would like to get a few folks to game with on BFV. If any of tghe old fella's from BFBC2, BF3, BF4 day are gonna play this game hit me up. My new user name on Origin is 1EyedIdaho60 I still have the other account 1eyedIdaho but had to make a new one for BFV so I could have the other BF games on...
  17. Raevenlord

    Destiny 2 Free to Grab Over Battle.net Client Until November 18th

    For everyone that doesn't already own 'Destiny 2, here's a quick quality-of-life announcement: the base Destiny 2 game is up for grabs, for free, over at Battle.net's client. The game, developed by Bungie and published on the PC in partnership with Activision Blizzard, has recently seen the...
  18. VSG

    Blizzard Remasters Warcraft III, Releases 2019 as Warcraft III: Reforged

    It's not Warcraft 4, but this news is still better than nothing to fans of the beloved RTS series. At Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard was met with backlash at the announcement of Diablo for mobile platforms, but news of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos getting a full remaster on the PC is helping fan down...
  19. Vya Domus

    Destiny 2 is free until 18 November.

    Just letting you all know.
  20. Raevenlord

    Battlefield V System Requirements Outed: Ryzen 7 2700 or i7 8700 as Recommended CPUs

    The official system requirements for the upcoming Battlefield V game have been outed, and there are three categories of such requirements now: Minimum, Recommended, and DXR. The minimum requirements are pretty steep as they are: DICE say at least an AMD FX-8350 or an i5 6600K CPU are required...
  21. S

    Nox App Player FPS Games Controls

    I set W A S D to move. How to set control for mouse drag left and right? I need to click left button on mouse so i can change position left and right. This emulator sucks. BlueStacks is 100x better and not lagging. I don't have movement problems in BlueStacks.
  22. VSG

    Bethesda Extends Fallout 76 Beta After "Spectacular" Bug Causes Download Deletes

    Well, I suppose we were warned about bugs in the Fallout 76 Beta in advance but no one could have predicted it would be this.. freeing. So much so that a not insignificant fraction of participants in the Fallout 76 beta found their storage drives to be free of all 50 GB of downloaded files...
  23. Raevenlord

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Achieves Entertainment's Biggest Opening Weekend of All Time

    (Editor's Note: Now isn't this beautiful. We could likely coin a "single player gaming isn't dead" hashtag right out of this one, for sure. What's more impressive is that this particular Rockstar release has only targeted current-gen consoles, leaving out a huge, booming slice of the market - PC...
  24. R

    PC crashing on R6 Siege / BO4

    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.7 Gigabyte 1050 Ti OC +200 Core clock, +600 Memory clock 16gb DDR4 RAM AB350m mobo 550w Corsair PSU Windows 10 Professional 1803 Games on a HDD 2 screens (144hz and 60hz) Hello, new to the forum. Lately I've been running into annoying crashes while playing R6 Siege and Black...
  25. D

    Steam Halloween Sale 2018 is On, Up to 85% Off in Some Titles

    Halloween is here, and gamers can enjoy these holidays with some new "terrifying" offers on Steam. The dirt-cheap prices affect some new and classic games for Windows, macOS and Linux, but there are also interesting discount on VR titles. The sale will run from October 29th until November 1st...