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  1. Raevenlord

    Sony PlayStation 5 Console Confirmed Powered by 8-core Zen 2 CPU, Navi and Ray Tracing Confirmed

    Sony's own lead system architect Mark Cerny spilled the beans on the company's upcoming "PlayStation 5" games console - the name isn't confirmed, but it's a PlayStation, and it's the fifth, so, following from the previous nomenclature just makes sense, doesn't it? One particular detail, however...
  2. Rahnak

    Next-gen Playstation - Zen 2 based, custom Navi and SSD

    Wired exclusive detailing some of what we can expect for the next Playstation here. Juiciest bits: - Zen 2 based CPU; - Custom Navi GPU; - Specialized SSD (for super fast load times, example given: Spider-man fast travel 15 sec to 0.8 sec); - Backwards compatibility with PS4 games - Custom unit...
  3. VSG

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is EA's New Single-Player Star Wars Game Releasing Nov, 2019

    We knew it was coming, and were patiently waiting for more news on a new IP from Electronic Arts based on the Star Wars license they have.. not made the best use of to date. Handed to developers Respawn Entertainment, who are on a high from Apex Legends and have shown how to create a new IP...
  4. 64K

    How Do You Decide Which Games To Buy And Play?

    I don't put much store in what professional reviewers say anymore. I do read some reviews sometimes though. I never read player reviews on Steam or Metacritic. Metacritic is the worst source of player reviews that I have ever run across. People pass out zeros on games for any reason possible. If...
  5. Raevenlord

    Nepal Bans PUBG on Account of Negative Impact on Children

    Nepal yesterday moved to ban the online game PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, citing negative impact of the game on children and their development. Citing violent content and its effect as the primordial reason for the ban, Sandip Adhikari, deputy director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority...
  6. O

    Gpu usage doesnt reach 99%, and Stuttering in pubg

    it seems my gpu cause the stuttering cpu : i7 3770 gpu : gtx 1050 ti 4gb ram : 16 gb (1600) psu: 650w 80+ bronze ssd : 120 gb hdd : 1tb os : windows 10 64 bit i see stuttering while running in pubg at 720p and 1080p with low graphics setting i used msi afterburner to check it cpu temp : 60 -...
  7. biffzinker

    Rich Person Wants to buy an Island for Real Battle Royale

  8. btarunr

    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Up For Pre-order, Owners of the Original Get a Heavy Discount

    Rebellion Games announced that "Sniper Elite V2 Remastered" is up for pre-order on Steam. The game will release on May 14. Originally priced at USD $38.49, the pre-order comes with a 10 percent discount, at $34.99. Those who own the original "Sniper Elite V2" from 2012 can buy the game as an...
  9. Splinterdog

    Steam causing weird hardware chimes

    You know that ding when a hardware change is detected by Windows? Like when you unplug/plug a pendrive? I'm getting this now, when I start Steam and it affects my new Corsair H100i RGB Platinum, where the LEDs go off and on about six times during a few minutes whilst Steam is running. When I...
  10. Raevenlord

    "Steam Was Killing PC Gaming", Former Valve Dev Says

    The EPIC confrontation with Valve has become a hot topic in recent months, as a veritable Exodus of titles have migrated to the greener, 12%-limited cut that the EPIC Games Store takes from publishers who put their games on the EPIC Games Store digital storefront. Mostly, user reception of...
  11. btarunr

    Monster Hunter: World Gets High-Res Texture Pack Update

    Capcom's "Monster Hunter: World" opened to generally positive reviews on the backs of strong gameplay mechanics, inventory system, and an addictive yet simple RPG quest, although we found it falling slightly short in the eye-candy department, as its visuals and texture-quality felt dated and a...
  12. cucker tarlson

    [rumor/leak] RDR2 coming to PC,announcement to be made on Apr 22nd,Epic exclusive

  13. Splinterdog

    Which classic games are you playing?

    For me, a classic game is one you keep returning to, no matter the age of the game, but they do tend to be from the 90s and early 2000s. I like to dip into numerous old games, once I've managed to get them going on Windows 10, which is entirely possible with most of them. One of my all time...
  14. VSG

    Ubisoft Removes Assassin's Creed III From Uplay and Steam in Favor of AC3 Remaster

    News of Assassin's Creed III getting a remaster was met with lukewarm reception from the get go, primarily because the original game does not rank high in the preference of games in the series for most people. Personally, I thought it was an underrated game but does have a slow start that can...
  15. dirtyferret

    Are digital stores bad for launching games at full price?

    I'm not knocking digital store, I love them. I own way too many games, most of them purchased for only a few bucks. I recently bought Mass Effect Andromeda for $4 and Titan2/Battlefield 1 combo for $11. Three games for $15 total or less then 1/3 the price of Metro Exodus $49, the only new game...
  16. Raevenlord

    Further Optimizations to NVIDIA RTX, DLSS For Battlefield V

    DICE and NVIDIA have been hard at work on their partnership to bring RTX and DLSS to Battlefield V. It seems the tech is a constant work in progress, as this isn't the first time the companies have introduced optimizations to the games' handling of DLSS and RTX since its release. According to...
  17. Raevenlord

    Borderlands 3 Confirmed to be EPIC Games Store Timed Exclusive on PC, Developed in Partnership with AMD

    Well, that tweet that fans of the Borderlands series feared meant platform exclusivity on PC actually manifested itself. Gearbox today announced that Borderlands 3, the hit sequel to one of the first loot-shooters, will indeed be releasing on September 13th for all platforms - but will be...
  18. Splinterdog

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Mankind Divided?

    I dip into the original game from time to time and still have my original CDs. But I never managed to finish it completely, even though I spent months playing it. Both HR and MD have glowing reviews, but from what I can see, Human Revolution seems to be the most popular, especially as the...
  19. btarunr

    Steam AAA Bleed Continues: Anno 1800 to be UPlay and Epic Games Store Exclusive

    Ubisoft has pulled the upcoming entry to its smash-hit RTS franchise, "Anno 1800" from Steam. For the PC platform, the game will be available only through Ubisoft's own UPlay, and the Epic Games Store, which continues to vacuum AAA titles from Steam on the promise of higher revenue share for the...
  20. 64K

    New Wolfenstein game.

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood This time you will be playing as BJ Blazkowicz’s daughter. Not sure how well that's going to go over but here are some screenshots:
  21. natr0n

    Borderlands 3

    Little teaser
  22. dirtyferret

    The Best Single Player PC RPG Games of the Last 10-ish Years

    With the best Single Player FPS games poll doing so well and with clear winners in Doom, Metro, Bioshock, and Wolfenstein I've decided to make my best PC single player RPG poll. You can vote for as many games as you like. A few caveats; * I can only list ten choices (which makes it fun and...
  23. M

    Why Valve isn't making games...

    So it seems our best friends over at Valve haven't had time to actually make games because they have been doing the important work of making loot boxes better! https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/03/valve-software-dreams-of-analyzing-your-brainwaves-to-tailor-in-game-rewards/
  24. VSG

    Google Announces Stadia Cloud Gaming Service at GDC 2019

    We knew this was coming, especially after Google's teaser from earlier this month. Project Stream was a proof-of-concept in collaboration with Ubisoft, to see whether AAA gaming was possible over the internet. Things were smooth most of the time in our own experience, but there remained...
  25. VSG

    Borderlands 3 Possibly Exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC, Fans Worry Based on Old Tweet

    Randy Pitchford is an interesting character even as game company CEOs go, with a.. checkered history in the last few months that go from funny all the way to controversial at minimum. As the head of Gearbox, he holds a lot of power when it comes to the Borderlands franchise, which itself teased...