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Graphics Cards

  1. btarunr

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 417.22 WHQL Drivers

    NVIDIA today released the latest version of GeForce software suite. Version 417.22 refines optimization for "Battlefield V," with specific game-ready tuning for Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update. The drivers also introduce fixes to a number of bugs, including display...
  2. Raevenlord

    ELSA Announces Its Turing-Powered Lineup in Partnership with INNO3D

    ELSA, who've been taking longer and longer to release their own-branded interpretations of NVIDIA's graphics cards, have now decided to partner with INNO3D to deliver their own branded graphics cards under the Turing microarchitecture. Under the "powered by INNO3D" branding, ELSA is announcing...
  3. btarunr

    NVIDIA PhysX Now Open-Source

    NVIDIA PhysX, the most popular physics simulation engine on the planet, is going open source. We're doing this because physics simulation - long key to immersive games and entertainment - turns out to be more important than we ever thought. Physics simulation dovetails with AI, robotics and...
  4. btarunr

    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    NVIDIA today introduced NVIDIA TITAN RTX , the world's most powerful desktop GPU, providing massive performance for AI research, data science and creative applications. Driven by the new NVIDIA Turing architecture, TITAN RTX - dubbed T-Rex - delivers 130 teraflops of deep learning performance...
  5. LFaWolf

    Is a GTX 1060 6GB (or 3GB) enough?

    Currently I have an ASUS GTX 1070 ti Turbo in my work machine, but I am pulling the card out for another machine that has a 4k monitor coming. My current work machine does not and will not (and cannot) have Steam installed. I only play Age of Empires Definitive Edition (AOE DE) Single Player...
  6. btarunr

    NVIDIA TITAN RTX Graphics Card Launching Soon

    NVIDIA is ready with its new flagship halo consumer graphics card, the TITAN RTX. Several video bloggers such as LinusTechTips have apparently already been sampled with this card, and are probably under NDA not to reveal specifications. Given that "Turing" is the only NVIDIA architecture capable...
  7. btarunr

    ZOTAC Intros GeForce GTX 1060 6GB G5X Destroyer Graphics Card

    ZOTAC began rolling out its first refreshed GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB graphics cards that feature the more advanced GDDR5X memory, dubbed GTX 1060 6 GB G5X Destroyer. Since NVIDIA is carving out this RX 590-rivaling SKU from the larger GP104 silicon, ZOTAC appears to be using the same PCB as its GTX...
  8. lexluthermiester

    What are your GPU settings for running games and benchmarks?

    @EarthDog and I were discussing AA settings in another thread and his comment gave me an idea. It would be interesting to see how people run their settings in games and benchmarking suites. He runs with AA enabled. I turn it off. So how do all of you have your GPU settings? Do you have AA on...
  9. dylricho

    Is Unlocking CUs on RX 460 Still a Thing?

    Hey guys. I have just purchased an ASUS ROG STRIX RX 460 OC GAMING (4 GiB) as a cheap upgrade to my current integrated graphics solution (since it was cheaper than getting faster memory). The part number is ROG STRIX-RX460-O4G-GAMING. As I understand it, this model is equipped with 896 USPs...
  10. Devil1950

    Which gpu?

    Hello again , Soo after having some issues with money I had to sell gpu twice (1050ti, rx 480) and now Im stuck with r7 250, I have a lot of options, mostly or all of them are used (under 60€ and yes im willing to take the risk), Here they are 7950 , 750ti, R9 270X, gtx 660ti 2g,1030,gtx 570,gtx...
  11. btarunr

    GIGABYTE Intros GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Aorus WaterForce Xtreme AIO

    GIGABYTE debuted liquid-cooled WaterForce editions of its Aorus Xtreme GeForce RTX 20-series graphics cards early November, with three products, two based on the RTX 2080, and one RTX 2080 Ti. While the RTX 2080 got two variants, one featuring an AIO liquid cooling solution, and another with a...
  12. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Failing RTX 2080 Ti cards caused by Micron GDDR6 memory ?

    repeated reports of RTX 2080 Ti failures and how those failures were piling up and making waves on Reddit and Nvidia’s own forums that nvidia had to put a public statement confirming the issue at question and promising to solve it. The statement however was pretty vague about what was the cause...
  13. Mighty-Lu-Bu

    Video issues when connecting PC to TV

    So I use to play Skyrim on PC using my GTX 1070- I would connect it using an HDMI 2.0 cable to my 4K TV and it worked fine. However, I just got a new 1440p monitor and I just recently got a Vega 64- when I connect directly to my 4K TV (duplicate display) sometimes it works and sometimes it...
  14. btarunr

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 417.01 WHQL Drivers

    NVIDIA today released the latest version of its GeForce software suite. Version 417.01 WHQL drivers come game-ready optimization for "Darksiders III." The drivers also add SLI profiles for "Artifact." The drivers also address a number of bugs, including refresh-rates above 30 Hz not being...
  15. W

    1.6v on gpu core?

    Hello, I'm trying to understand the voltage table in maxwell bios tweaker 2, as far I know the card runs at 1.2v right? Then why is there 3 columns with 1.6v max??
  16. G

    Artifacts r7 260x

    Hello friends, good day. Im having some trouble with my gpu r7 260x 2gb Powercolor (Core 1130/ Memory 1625) in the game RUST, and I came here to ask for help before It only happen with this game, sometimes its just a black rectangle box in a random location of the screen, and sometimes is...
  17. A

    Best Monitor for RTX 2080

    I am thinking of building a New pc with intel 8700k , 2080ti , 16GB RAM... But Cant decide on a monitor thinking about a 1440p 144Hz display.. But cant decide which is the best!!
  18. capulak

    High refresh 2560*1440 - spec request + video card 2080 ti rtx which?

    I'm looking for a high refresh (144hz+) monitor, 27" 1440p. I would like variable refresh and I assume freesync won't work work a 2080ti? So, would need to be Gsync. Any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in recommendations based on personal experiences..Also I want to buy one 2080 ti...
  19. B

    GPU bricked?

    Hi, I'm having a major issue with my GPU right now and it's coming to a point where I have no idea what to do. I'm also scared to mess even more with my GPU and make it worst. Here is the timeline of my stupid mistakes of the pass few days: - Very bad performances in a game which used to run...
  20. johnspack

    Need help with 980 Ti bios mod

    Need some experts in here. Have flashed many video cards, but never played with modded bios before. I have a used evga ftw 980ti, that already has both bioses modded. I'm currently on the 2nd bios, which has a power limit of 330w and increased clocks. The max stable boost I can get is...
  21. Matu1272

    Broken GTX 980

    Hello Im new here but i have big problem:(. I get GTX 980 4G Gaming but thats not working. Fans spins normal speed but no signal. GPU-Z recogniz gpu but no clocks and bios and so on. Any help? Lets bring this baby back to life:respect:EDIT: GPU works only bottom slot and i try top slot and now...
  22. D

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Shows Up in Final Fantasy XV Benchmarks

    The RTX family debuted with top of the line graphics cards, but the Turing era is just started and there will be new members joining those first products. One of the most expected is the RTX 2060, and now this new graphics card has been seen in Final Fantasy XV benchmarking database. This...
  23. qu4k3r

    rx570: 4gb vs 8gb?

    Hi there. I have been looking for a very nice and cheap deal for a gfx card beacuase my old gtx570 died time ago and since then I've been using a hd5830 that I had in the closed as spare part. This morning I saw at amazon the msi rx570 armor oc 8gb at 150$, but there were nothing left in the...
  24. petar

    How to see operating hours on nVidia cards

    It's often the case that SSD or HD keep operating hours in the SMART table. This is very interesting info to know or ask when buying or selling graphic cards. Does such thing exist for the graphic cards ? Anyone seen any utils that show this ?
  25. M

    bios 980 gtx ti flash

    Hello, I go through a translator so sorry if certain sentences are hard to understand. I recovered a graphics card 980gtx ti amp zodiac (small error in the title 680) with only information that following a flash the user could no longer make it work. I see on the various forums several things...