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Hardware Shopping

  1. AlwaysHope

    Ryzen 5 - 2500X or 2400G ?

    A search of the net reveals speculation... speculation, and more of it, about this supposed 2500X to be released into retail channels.. but when?? Scored a good deal on some DDR4 ram for my next build & I only need 4 core / 8 thread cpu for my purposes atm. Motherboards are another issue...
  2. Dovah88

    Best Buy between these two used cards!

    Hi there, I'm looking at a temporary card to buy between these two as my other one has just failed. Being a 6670. The options are a Gtx 950 Msi 2gb and a Gtx 770 Direct CUII 2Gb 950 priced at $60 770 Priced at $60 Both used but not for prolonged period. Looking to buy a temporary card to last...
  3. Black Panther

    Worth upgrading my i7 930 to an X5680?

    My cpu is currently oc'd at 4Ghz and I use this pc primarily for gaming. Will an X5680 show any difference in performance, and will I be able to oc it to over 4Ghz on air cooling?
  4. Papahyooie

    CPU for 144hz Overwatch

    I want to get some opinions... I play Overwatch pretty religiously. I've got a i5 4690 (non-k) and a gtx980Ti. My monitor is 144hz. At full quality in overwatch, I can get around 120 fps solid. Bump the settings down a bit, and I get a decently solid 144 fps, but get occasional dips down to...
  5. Saidrex

    Need help choosing Motherboard.

    Hi all. I'm getting i7-8700k and i can't choose motherboard. I want to get something good but not overkill. I'm going with Gigabyte brand because i have been using it all my life and don't want to give myself a headache by expanding my search with different brands. lol. I need at least...
  6. B

    My New pc

    Hello tech,I need to ask one questions,I have in plan to buy new pc,I have something in my head, but I want to ask what to buy ,PC 1-or PC 2 Pc-1 Intel core i5 8400 B360,gigabyte h310m Gtx 1060 3gb 2x4 2666 ram memory dual channel Or Pc™2 Ryzen 5 1600x Gtx 1060 3gb 2x4 2666 And cheapest...
  7. aiVANHO

    Cooler Master H500M or Phanteks Evolv X

    Hello Good People, Hope you guys doing well. Before Computex 2018 I pre-ordered Cooler Master H500M. It is a great case with High Air Flow with Eye Catching outlook. But! but! but! What Phanteks have shown in their Evolv X is beyond imagination. No doubt it is innovative in design as well as...
  8. M

    is it worth to update my cpu to 8700K??

    hi i have the 4770K in overclocking to 4,5 my question is is it worth to update my 4770K to 8700K?? for games?>?> for how long do you believe that 4770K will serve me for to ,play games?>? will i see any difference if i will update my 4770K to 8700K for games?? will 4770k last for the next...
  9. V

    Upgrading a Current Build To Handle Streaming Better

    Current Build was pretty budget, so much so that upgrading it just seems to be a way better cost/benefit proposition than starting over again. Current Mobo - MSI H81-E33, micro ATX Processor - i5-4430 @ 3.00ghz with stock cooler, constantly seems to hit full load these days and easily over 90...
  10. NotMyRealName

    1st PC Build for Video editing and Gaming around $1K

    Hello all this is my first PC build and therefore I would like some feedback before I make purchases. I will be using this PC for editing 4k videos in Adobe Premier Pro and for the occasional video game playing/Netflix/Youtube. I want this PC to be fast, and great at multi tasking. Here are...
  11. Caring1

    X399 Vs X370 help me decide

    Is there any benefit getting a Threadripper system over an AM4 based Ryzen system if they both run 8C/16T CPU's of the same clock speed? Obviously the Ryzen Processors are much cheaper here but Tr can have a greater core count. Also will Tr 2 be compatible with first Gen boards?
  12. H

    New PSU

    Hello again everybody I recently upgraded most of my build which I updated in my specs. I did not update my power supply though and I am concerned about how long I should wait to upgrade it. I have had the Corsair RM 850 80+Gold since the fall of 2013 and it has never given me a problem. My...
  13. F

    Upgrade to SDD or upgrade ram to 8gb????

    I'm using laptop Hp AMD A9 9420 R5 graphic 2c+3g..and cpu temperature easy to rise up and stuck.So what your suggestion for this???
  14. Mindweaver

    I'm due for a gaming/vr pc upgrade maybe Ryzen 2600x.

    I've seen the reviews and it looks good, but there really aren't any good VR benches to gauge it's performance in VR. So can anyone that owns one and uses it with VR tell me your thoughts? I have it down to either Ryzen 2600, 2600x, or 1600, 1700 with probably a B350 or X370 MB. It's either that...
  15. C

    Looking for laptop - great battery life and lightweight

    Looking for a nice lightweight laptop with great battery life and enough power to run 2-3 instances of bluestacks. Hopefully 8gb + ram and a 1920+ resolution as well. I was thinking maybe Samsung or asus ... but haven’t been laptop shopping in like 10 years haha. What should I be looking into...
  16. cameronh779

    Downgrade.. How low?

    I'm considering downgrading the system in my specs. I'm in need of cash and this is one of my options. I mainly just want it to be able to run overwatch and other games of that caliber at medium or so settings around 1080p. I am not too familiar with current hardware, so my question is.. Am I...
  17. R

    PC for playing HEVC

    Hi! Can you tell me is this PC enough for playing 4K H265 movies on 4K TV without droping frames or any other video and audio issues GeForce GT 1030 2GB Intel Core i3-8300 2x4GB DDR4 2133 (2TB SATA3)
  18. B

    Is this a good gaming PC?

    Hi there, I am a total noob at this whole gaming thing. I am wanting to buy a gaming PC for my son. He mostly plays Fortnight. Can you please tell me if this is a good one? Thank you in advance:)
  19. nomdeplume

    Suggestions For Light Gaming W10 Desktop

    Out of the blue a family member casually asked me to find them a cheap desktop to replace their 6 y/o HP Enve M6 laptop with AMD A10-4600m. My response was to drive up to Microcenter and then install W10 and the purchased 850 EVO SSD into their laptop. Don't expect the budget here will allow...
  20. quirky

    I need HELP with finding a new laptop

    Hi guys. I am looking for a new laptop for work. The requirements I have are: Portability & Lightweight since I have to carry it around every single day 13'' with at least 8GB RAM the more the better but that will do at least 8 hours of Battery life I don't want to stress about that 500 GB HD...
  21. terroralpha

    need suggestions for a ITX/microATX test bench/open case. the smaller the better

    hello i am looking for a test bench type of set up that takes up as least amount of space as possible. SFX PSU mounting is a plus. no optical or 2.5/3.5 drive mounting preferred. i need it to only hold a motherboard and a PSU. that's it. i looked at the LIAN LI PC-T60B, but that would require...
  22. Mighty-Lu-Bu

    Input needed on "silent build" upgrade

    So I have a pretty solid gaming PC, but recently I have had some issues with noise. I built a PC for my buddy for school a couple of years ago, but now that he has graduated, he is going to sell the school PC that I built him and he wants me to build him a budget gaming rig using the Ryzen...
  23. W

    Upgrade to 8700K (core components only)

    Hi, I've pretty much decided to upgrade my trusty old Sandy Bridge 2700K to the new Coffee Lake 8700K. I already own some of the components so I'm looking to just upgrade my core system components: CPU, motherboard, RAM and cooler. Already own: Case: Fractal Design Define R5 PSU: Corsair HX750i...
  24. J

    Should I wait for the next generation or keep this order?

    I bought MSI 1070 AERO OC at 553CAD which is 610CAD after tax should I cancel this order and wait for the next gen?
  25. Readlight

    How can motherboard can cost 100€ but memory 16GB 150-400€

    Why did even somebody want to make new build?