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Intel Processors

  1. btarunr

    Intel Announces Cascade Lake Advanced Performance and Xeon E-2100

    Intel today announced two new members of its Intel Xeon processor portfolio: Cascade Lake advanced performance (expected to be released the first half of 2019) and the Intel Xeon E-2100 processor for entry-level servers (general availability today). These two new product families build upon...
  2. qubit

    Intel gets nailed with more side channel attacks

    Here we go again. https://wccftech.com/side-channel-portsmash-hits-intel-cpus
  3. T

    Cooling system for i7-8086k (i7-8700k) @ 5.1-5.3 GHZ

    So I'm not new to overclocking but have been out of the game for about a decade and a lot has changed..namely cooling. I jumped back in trying to squeeze more performance out of my T5500/T7500s as I'm bottlenecking my GPU and Ive been bitten by the OC bug again. Have: EVGA 1080ti SC Hybrid...
  4. btarunr

    Intel to Outsource Entry-level CPU and Chipset Fabrication to TSMC

    Intel is facing a manufacturing crisis, in which demand has far outstripped supply, and the company is firing up all its silicon fabrication facilities to manufacture 14 nm products, mainly processors under the Core and Xeon brands. We've been hearing reports since early-September of Intel...
  5. A

    What is the most performance I can get out of an i7-7700hq and a gtx 1070 mobile? How about ram too?

    I know most people here use throttle stop to undervolt, and overclock, but to my understanding, this is a locked CPU, so what are my options? Looking at passmark scores for this cpu, they range from 8000 to 10000, and userbenchmark ratings and scores are equally spread out. So how then do I get...
  6. M

    Sujet : Température Core i7 3770 - 80° - 94° ( Help )

    Hi Guys i want to ask some questions __ i have a intel core 3770 during installation Température bypass 90°C in 100% load of the CPU and during gaming the Température bypass 80° C on the CPU and some games can go to 94°C 1 - is that normal ??? 2- is there anyrisk for the cpu?. 3-is there a...
  7. F

    8700k strange behavior

    Yesterday I noticed a strange behavior, I don't know exactly from. when, maybe after the October uptade. Looking at cpuz my cpu stay alway at max frequencies, no matter if I set power saving, balanced or max perf profile in windows. Also I noticed slightly lower score in cinebench. My 8700k used...
  8. Raevenlord

    Shuttle Introduces Flexible 3-litre PCs for 8th Gen Intel Processors

    Two new Mini-PCs close one of the last small gaps in Shuttle's XPC slim series, which especially in the 3-litre format did not offer support for socketed 8th generation Intel Core processors. The popular range is now being expanded by the XH310 and XH310V models. The models with a 3-litre...
  9. crazyeyesreaper

    Intel Reports Third-Quarter 2018 Financial Results

    Intel Corporation today reported third-quarter 2018 financial results. Third-quarter revenue of $19.2 billion was an all-time record, up 19 percent YoY driven by broad business strength and customer preference for performance-leading products. The Client Computing Group (CCG), the Data Center...
  10. Black Panther

    i7 930 @ 4Ghz vs i7 4790 3.6Ghz

    Asking in relation to gaming, specifically Fallout 76 which I have already pre-ordered. I have the 930 (see my system specs), which runs Fallout 4 fine. But I know it's old and I'm worrying. Especially since I'm a bit out of touch regarding the performance of newer processors. The rest of my...
  11. vonKoga

    Which motherboard for 8700K ?

    Which motherboard would you recommend for Intel i7 - 8700k, i can stretch up to 250 $ ?
  12. G

    Is this RAM compatible with the i9-9900K?

    Hi, I'm building a higher end pc for Video editting (mostly AE) doing heavy animation work and will be needing all the RAM I can get. Recently, there's been news that the i9-9900K will be able to support 128GB ram which is great news for me. I was wondering if this RAM was compatible with my...
  13. Patanal

    Can't get my cpu core clock to stay at 3.4 ghz in ThrottleStop anymore

    Some days ago I updated throttlestop from 8.60 to 8.70 and for some reason i can't get my cpu to stay at ~3.4 ghz. I tried to downgrade back to 8.60 but got no good results. Am I doing something wrong? I need some help here :) Ps: Power Mode in windows is in best performance.
  14. Artas1984

    Processors with 512-bit AVX instruction sets: finaly a break through?

    Recently something caught my attention. I was checking Anandtech Core i9 9900K review and was blown away by this: When enabling 512-bit AVX instruction set, which is present in all Skylake-X processors and in all Xeon W processors for LGA2066, the Core i7 7820X manages to smash Core i7 9900K...
  15. Regeneration

    Intel Microcode Boot Loader

    In early 2018, security researchers discovered several security vulnerabilities affecting all processors: Meltdown and Spectre. These vulnerabilities allow speculative execution side-channel attacks (CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5754). While Meltdown was resolved with an OS patch...
  16. btarunr

    Intel Increases L1D and L2 Cache Sizes with "Ice Lake"

    Intel's next major CPU microarchitecture being designed for the 10 nm silicon fabrication process, codenamed "Ice Lake," could introduce the first major core redesign in over three years. Keen observers of Geekbench database submissions of dual-core "Ice Lake" processor engineering samples...
  17. A

    My i7 8700k ASUS ROG Strix Gaming PC Build

    Hi guys i am new here nice to meet you all now i am building a "i7 8700k Asus ROG Strix Gaming PC" this is my first build i am very super hype :roll:so i also need some tips here the parts i am using. (Also please note that there are some parts i don't have yet.) 1: Corsair Carbide Spec-04 Mid...
  18. D

    Intel Could Have Killed 10 nm Process According to SemiAccurate Report [Updated]

    Update: Intel has made an official statement on Twitter denying this and explaining that "Media reports published today that Intel is ending work on the 10nm process are untrue. We are making good progress on 10nm. Yields are improving consistent with the timeline we shared during our last...
  19. HTC

    Intel kills off the 10nm process - For real??????

    https://semiaccurate.com/2018/10/22/intel-kills-off-the-10nm-process/ But what about this just two weeks ago? If this is true and Intel is indeed killing off 10nm, then Intel is in a lot more trouble then even i thought.
  20. btarunr

    Intel Ropes in Vietnam and Ireland to Increase Processor Volumes

    Intel late last week released a PCN (product change notification), which stated that it has assigned its manufacturing facilities in Vietnam as an "additional site for test and finish." This would entail final quality assurance testing of its nearly-ready products and "finishing," which involves...
  21. Devastator0

    Best Air Cooler for an i7 4790K

    All, So, I recently got given a 4790K on a Maximus Hero VII mobo with 16GB of RAM. I've managed to cobble the rest of the parts to make the machine work and, due to the stock cooler on it, temps are hitting ~50-55c on idle. I'm looking at obviously replacing the cooler and will be wanting to...
  22. VSG

    Intel Core i9-9900K De-lidded, Soldered TIM Outperformed by Liquid Metal

    We kept seeing hints regarding Intel's 9000-series processors running hot, including from their own board partners. As it turned out, the actual results are a mixed bag with some running very hot and most others ending up being power-limited more so than temperature-limited. Our own review...
  23. btarunr

    AMD Expresses its Displeasure Over Intel's PT Benchmarks for 9th Gen Core

    AMD gave its first major reaction to the Principled Technologies (PT) controversy, in which it came out strongly against the questionable methods PT employed, in its performance comparison between the Core i9-9900K and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, in addition to certain other Ryzen Threadripper series...
  24. M

    X5675 OC Settings Rundown

    Hey all, So today I over clocked a x5675 to 4.51ghz and so far it's stable under every stress test and game. It took me awhile (as always) to dial in the settings but I finally did it!! Anyways I want to post my settings so any pros can look them over and see if I can potentially lower any...
  25. D

    Intel Plans To Split its Manufacturing Group Into Three Segments

    We are still waiting for 10 nm to happen at Intel, and although we have recently received some good news about those chips, they won't be available until the end of 2019. The problems at Intel could be alleviated thanks to a strategic change that the company is proposing. Sohail Ahmed, who was...