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Intel Processors

  1. btarunr

    Intel 9th Gen Core "F" iGPU-Devoid Processor Family Launched, Confirmed to Lack iGPU

    Intel finally disclosed specifications of its entire 9th generation Core "F" extension desktop processor SKUs. The ARK pages confirm the lack of integrated graphics solutions, although they won't mention if the iGPU is merely disabled or physically absent. Among these SKUs are the Core...
  2. btarunr

    Intel Expands its 9th Gen. Core Desktop Processor Lineup with Core i5-9400 and i5-9400F

    Intel today expanded its 9th generation Core "Coffee Lake Refresh" socket LGA1151 desktop processor lineup with six new SKUs. The first of these will begin rolling out in stores toward the end of January 2019. These include the Core i5-9400 6-core/6-thread processor clocked at 2.90 GHz with 4.10...
  3. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    Thanks to @Xx Tek Tip xX a few months ago for pointing me in the right direction. (I was originally going to do bare die but was advised instead to just to an IHS delid. Its been a bit but finally got around to it. Ambient Temp: 22ºC CPU Clock: 4.5ghz all cores Test: Intel XTU 15min stress...
  4. Winudertas

    Is Core i5-7300HQ just a turd of a chip?

    Hello, boys and girls, Maybe someone can confirm with similar setup (1060 or 1050 Ti). Is Core i5-7300HQ just a turd of a chip? Yeah, I have this laptop with GTX 1060 almost a year, paid about 1.1k EURO at Crypto Craze (with 16GB RAM too) and I'm not satisfied. People speculate, some...
  5. DuxCro

    Upgrade for i7 3930K?

    I decided to upgrade from my i7 3930K CPU. Which requires a new MBO and RAM. Which CPU do you think would be a good upgrade? I am fine with either intel or AMD. I do a lot of Twitch streaming so video encoding capabilities are important. Thank you.
  6. Raevenlord

    A Christmas Gift: Intel Accuses Qualcomm of Stifling Competition

    An Intel Newsroom post penned by the company's Steven Rodgers takes a stab at Qualcomm over their patent litigation cases. Titled "Qualcomm's Patent Litigation Campaign isn't Really about Vindicating Intellectual Property Rights", Rodgers cites the number of times Qualcomm has been fined by...
  7. btarunr

    Four 9th Gen Core "KF" Processor Models Get Listed

    We've tracked the possibility of GPU-disabled 9th generation Core "Coffee Lake Refresh" processors since early December with a Q1-2019 launch target. Some of these chips are already surfacing on retailers, with Norwegian and Finnish online stores listing four chips: the Core i9-9900KF, the...
  8. btarunr

    Intel Looks Beyond CMOS to the Future of Logic Devices

    Today, "Nature" published a research paper on the next generation of logic devices authored by researchers from Intel, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The paper describes a magneto-electric spin-orbit (MESO) logic device, invented by Intel...
  9. Raevenlord

    German Retailer Mindfactory.de Shows AMD Outselling Intel 2 to 1 in November

    AMD seems to be picking up steam over Intel's previous sky-high dominance of the desktop CPU market (Intel still dominates aplenty, really; but AMD has been clawing back market percentage monthly). The latest figures from the German retailer show shoppers taking advantage of AMD's newfound...
  10. btarunr

    Intel "Glacier Falls" Platform Likely Gets a Computex Unveil, Also B365 Chipset

    Intel's 9th generation re-branding of its "Skylake-X Refresh" HEDT processors could have a rather short lifespan in the company's product-stack of just three quarters. Intel is planning to launch its next HEDT platform, codenamed "Glacier Falls," which succeeds the current "Basin Falls Refresh."...
  11. btarunr

    Intel Readies "KF" Variants of Key 9th Gen Core Desktop SKUs

    Intel is readying a curious-looking "KF" brand extension for key SKUs of its 9th generation Core "Coffee Lake Refresh" family. These SKUs include the Core i9-9900KF, the Core i7-9700KF, Core i5-9600KF, and the Core i3-9350KF. The source revealing slides from a GIGABYTE internal presentation...
  12. btarunr

    Core i9-9900K Achieves 5.50 GHz Overclock on a Z170 Chipset Motherboard

    It is already established that the incompatibility between Intel's 8th and 9th generation Core socket LGA1151 processors and Intel's 100-series and 200-series chipset motherboards is artificial, and that with the right BIOS modding, you can get the newer processors to work on the older...
  13. CustomRigs

    My I9 9900K ITX Watercooled Gaming rig :)

    So today i wanna show you my ITX gaming rig Geeekcase A50 ITX case Asus ROG Strix Z390 ITX Intel I9 9900K @5GHz allcore 16GB TeamGroup T-Force Xcalibur 3600MHz DDR4 EVGA GTX 1080 (Founders PCB @2100/5500 MHz 2x 500 GB CRUCIAL P1 M.2 SSD 1x 240GB TeamGroup T-Force DELTA RGB SSD SEASONIC FOCUS...
  14. D

    New Intel (9th Gen?) Processors Leaked, Core i7-9550U Will Replace Core i7-8565U

    The specsheet of a Lenovo IdeaPad S530-13IWL has allowed us to know the existence of the new Intel 9000 series mobile CPUs. These are the Core i7-9550U, i5-9250U and i3-9130U. The laptop datasheet, spotted on Twitter by @momomo_us, confirms new members of that family , with "IWL" at the end of...
  15. btarunr

    14nm 6th Time Over: Intel Readies 10-core "Comet Lake" Die to Preempt "Zen 2" AM4

    If Intel's now-defunct "tick-tock" product development cadence held its ground, the 14 nm silicon fabrication node should have seen just two micro-architectures, "Broadwell" and "Skylake," with "Broadwell" being an incrementally improved optical shrink of 22 nm "Haswell," and "Skylake" being a...
  16. C

    9600K with Corsair H75 AIO v1

    Hello I have this cooler as part of bundle with my motherboard. Will this cooler do with 9600K most likely some low overclock but not anything spectacular as I intend to pair with 1070Ti The version is the old one but the box says its compatible with s1151. Would you recommend I keep it or...
  17. F

    i7 8086k or i7 9700k for futureproof gaming

    Hi, so the title is pretty straightforward. I will be getting new CPU and cant decide between the mentioned CPUs since there is only 10 euro difference. ( The reason why i dont consider 8700k is because its only 20 euro cheaper than 8086k, also not considering i9 9900k since thats over 140 euro...
  18. btarunr

    Intel Could Upstage EPYC "Rome" Launch with "Cascade Lake" Before Year-end

    Intel is reportedly working tirelessly to launch its "Cascade Lake" Xeon Scalable 48-core enterprise processor before year-end, according to a launch window timeline slide leaked by datacenter hardware provider QCT. The slide suggests a late-Q4 thru Q1-2019 launch timeline for the XCC (extreme...
  19. btarunr

    Intel Announces Cascade Lake Advanced Performance and Xeon E-2100

    Intel today announced two new members of its Intel Xeon processor portfolio: Cascade Lake advanced performance (expected to be released the first half of 2019) and the Intel Xeon E-2100 processor for entry-level servers (general availability today). These two new product families build upon...
  20. qubit

    Intel gets nailed with more side channel attacks

    Here we go again. https://wccftech.com/side-channel-portsmash-hits-intel-cpus
  21. T

    Cooling system for i7-8086k (i7-8700k) @ 5.1-5.3 GHZ

    So I'm not new to overclocking but have been out of the game for about a decade and a lot has changed..namely cooling. I jumped back in trying to squeeze more performance out of my T5500/T7500s as I'm bottlenecking my GPU and Ive been bitten by the OC bug again. Have: EVGA 1080ti SC Hybrid...
  22. btarunr

    Intel to Outsource Entry-level CPU and Chipset Fabrication to TSMC

    Intel is facing a manufacturing crisis, in which demand has far outstripped supply, and the company is firing up all its silicon fabrication facilities to manufacture 14 nm products, mainly processors under the Core and Xeon brands. We've been hearing reports since early-September of Intel...
  23. A

    What is the most performance I can get out of an i7-7700hq and a gtx 1070 mobile? How about ram too?

    I know most people here use throttle stop to undervolt, and overclock, but to my understanding, this is a locked CPU, so what are my options? Looking at passmark scores for this cpu, they range from 8000 to 10000, and userbenchmark ratings and scores are equally spread out. So how then do I get...
  24. M

    Sujet : Température Core i7 3770 - 80° - 94° ( Help )

    Hi Guys i want to ask some questions __ i have a intel core 3770 during installation Température bypass 90°C in 100% load of the CPU and during gaming the Température bypass 80° C on the CPU and some games can go to 94°C 1 - is that normal ??? 2- is there anyrisk for the cpu?. 3-is there a...
  25. F

    8700k strange behavior

    Yesterday I noticed a strange behavior, I don't know exactly from. when, maybe after the October uptade. Looking at cpuz my cpu stay alway at max frequencies, no matter if I set power saving, balanced or max perf profile in windows. Also I noticed slightly lower score in cinebench. My 8700k used...