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Mobile Phones

  1. remixedcat

    Nexus 6 weirdness

    Randomly shot down even tho battery was 46%.. Just used a cat making app Ive been using for years and had a browser open that's it Screenshots of battery thing.. Couldn't grab as the issue happened. It acted like the battery was low when it wasn't
  2. E-Bear

    ?? Broken cell phone to external screen ??

    Hi. I have my older cellphone that I dropped and broke the screen but it's still working even if I see nothing and it does not worth it to repair. I would like to know if there is any way to connect my cellphone to an outside screen to keep using my phone as a small android gaming device...
  3. MustSeeMelons

    Choosing an S10

    I'm in a bit of a pickle - I can't choose between an S10e and the regular S10. The main point of conflict is the camera - is the "telephoto" camera worth it? Can't seem to find any good article on the real usage of it. Otherwise I like the "e" better. Or maybe I should keep rocking my S6, the...
  4. lexluthermiester

    Android X86 Club

    Welcome to the club for Android X86! While this thread will primarily focus on distributions from http://www.android-x86.org, discussions about other versions or forks are welcome. Here everyone is welcome to talk about it, seek advice, ask for help and hang out. If you don't know about the...
  5. biffzinker

    The Galaxy Fold: First Folding Smartphone

    "Samsung has finally announced its first-ever foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. The smartphone features a 7.3-inch display on the inside, as well as a smaller 4.6-inch display on the outside that can be used with just one hand. To accommodate the folding design, Samsung has split the...
  6. johnspack

    How many apps are too many?

    Heh just a hypothetical question.... if you have 32gbs internal and 64gb external how many apps could you keep running on a device? I'm already pushing my s7 with 4gb ram. Getting to the point where I need to install a task manager... Device= Samsung Galaxy S7 with Evo+ 64gbSdcard
  7. jboydgolfer

    Looking for Android phone advice

    Hello, I was hoping to find some help finding a decent phone, that isnt too expensive, or fancy, that i can get for my wife to replace her Samsung Galaxy J3. It is slow, and often hangs while switching between apps, or while loading web pages, and I thought id consider my options for getting...
  8. stefanels

    Huawei Mate 10 firmware update...

    Hello all, i just got from a friend a brand new Huawei Mate 10, but the bad side is that the phone was a DEMO unit (C652) and was updated to work with GSM... I am stuck at firmware version 103 (sept 2017) and i would like to upgrade to the latest version 153 (oct 2018) but i must change the...
  9. NTM2003

    iPhone xr worth the upgrade from Google pixel 2xl

    Is the iPhone xr worth the upgrade from a Google pixel 2 xl. I really hate using Google. I know I lose 1440p video watching but 1080p is good enough for a phone. I'm on Verizon. There's alot if good reviews so far. Lack of the 3d touch don't mind that.
  10. C

    Choice between Huawei or htc

    Hi I already have an htc u11 ultra and was looking to upgrade the two phones I am looking at are the Huawei p20 pro and the htc u12 plus has anyone got these phones and what is your opinion. It has to be a big screen phone.
  11. HossHuge

    Half Phone/Half Tablet

    This looks awesome. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46130071
  12. F

    suggest mobile phone

    I used only nexus till now. Used nexus 4,5 & currently 6p. Thinking to buy pixel 3 xl, but compared to nexus and one plus 6T, it is quite costly, so seeking for suggestions, if any major difference and it is worth to spend 900usd? One plus 6T, Samsung galaxy S9, Pixel 3XL , any other? Which...
  13. aliovalio

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Hello ! I'm thinking to buy Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Maybe somebody has this phone. Any opinions? :) Thanks !
  14. lynx29

    one plus 6t

    so after watching several reviews on youtube, and the reveal of the one plus 6t. i love the minimized notch and the black OLED option to make the notch invisible... but I think since its just a small teardrop I will learn to deal with it. that being said... i am finally ready to upgrade my zte...
  15. Tommygunn

    Chopping my sim card to make a nano, it it too old?

    Just wanted to check, with anyone in the know, whether I am safe to go ahead and chop my sim card and make it into a nano sim? My concern is, that since it is more than ten years old then the chip and/or internal connecting wires might be more exposed towards the edges. My sim, below. Tom.
  16. E-Bear

    Help for ZTE K85 pls.

    I have a new ZTE Grand X2 K85 with the cellphone company own firmware and I would like to install the most recent Android in it so I need help to make it. It's a 1.5 octo-core and 2gigs ram.
  17. M

    Xiaomi and their fake advertising , is it true ?

    Hi everyone! I recently bought Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 standard edition (dual rear camera setup) (model number : MEE7s) , I had high expectations for the camera judging by all the fuss on youtube channels about how great the camera is and how it's "the best camera in the mid-range segment" but I was...
  18. FreedomEclipse

    New iPhone woes

    Women complain that new iPhone is too big for the average women to hold What in gods name is this world coming to? Im sure if apple make a smaller 'women' sized phone they'll get shit for it too for being sexist and misogynistic Let me start mansplaining with my big new iPhone that I can...
  19. Petros4

    Blocking ads on phone without root (mainly youtube)?

    Hey guys. I really hate ads, especially on youtube which I watch on daily basis. I know there are some options to block ads but you have to root your device. Since warranty is void when rooting I wouldn't like to risk it since I just got my new phone. Are there any other ways to block ads...
  20. rk3066

    What Android Browser do you use

    I use Ad Block Browser LINK as I'm posting right now. Blocks everything :rockout:
  21. qubit

    Manufacturers embed malware in their smartphones

    Say whut?! This has actually shocked me. There's even a downloadable list of the culprits. Shock yourselves here.
  22. rk3066

    ZTE nubia Red Magic

    Would so want this Phone... just because of the Looks
  23. hat

    Nexus 7 in 2018?

    Been looking at getting a decent tablet. We currently have a Dell Venue 7737, which has been... mostly horrible. Chrome lags horribly on it, even browsing sites without a lot of heavy (flash, videos etc) content. The Nexus 7 was the tablet back to have back in the day, is it still a viable...
  24. lexluthermiester

    Windows X Mobile on iPhone

    So I was reading this; http://news.softpedia.com/news/apple-iphone-prototype-running-windows-10-mobile-leaked-520492.shtml Was thinking "WTF?" the whole time until I looked at the date today...
  25. rk3066

    The Notch. Will you commit to it?

    Most companies now are making a Flagship Smartphone with a Notch All because of Apple! Why? It's not like we asked them to do so. This is becoming something I don't care for within a phone's Display. What's next... RGB?! :roll: Phones with a Notch