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  1. lynx29

    A Theory of Consciousness, Latency and VR

    My thinking is this: As refresh rates go higher, we tend to get lower latency. Is that directly related to consciousness is my question? Think about this for a moment just don't have a knee jerk reaction to me please, they are just thoughts, I am not claiming anything to be true. Now that we...
  2. Devastator0

    Replacement for Canon MG5460 Printer

    Hi all, I’m after a replacement for my old Canon MG5460, which has finally died. Basically my requirements for a replacement printer are as follows: 1) Black & White & Colour printing 2) Only A4 printing is required 3) Must feature a built in scanner 4) Must have USB & Wireless connectivity 5)...
  3. VSG

    ZSA Technology Labs Brings out the Planck EZ 47-key Open Source Keyboard

    ZSA Technology Labs, Inc. is the company behind the Ergodox EZ keyboard that we had taken a look at in great detail, and appreciated a lot. It was a retail take on the open source Ergodox keyboard concept which, until then, was available as a kit or pre-assembled by artisans in low numbers, and...
  4. VSG

    Valve Index VR HMD Details Leak Via Premature Store Page Release, Ships June 2019

    When we first covered Valve's own teaser about their first-party VR hardware ecosystem under the Valve Index moniker, we were not expecting to hear much more until May. Thanks to an error on their part, product pages for the headset, base stands, and controllers were all published prematurely on...
  5. W

    New Mechanical Keyboard - MX Red or MX Brown

    Hello everyone. I own a mechanical keyboard, Ozone Strike Pro MX Red for some years, and I saw a very nice promotion of the keyboard G.SKILL Ripjaws KM570 for 40€ in my country, and now my decision is for wich switch should I chose... So, I mainly play on my PC but usually with Xbox One...
  6. T

    Logitech G102 VS Steelseries Rival 110 VS HyperX Pulsefire Core

    Need help in deciding because they're all basically the same price. I personally am leaning more towards logitech, what do you think?
  7. Valantar

    Travel mouse - G305 vs. MX Anywhere 2s

    I need a travel mouse. It'll mostly be used for light gaming, but also some productivity. This is for an ultrabook, so no twitch gaming or FPS, and I don't play MOBAs or RTSes. Definitely nothing requiring much in terms of speed or performance, but I do want something that's somewhat ergonomic...
  8. theoneandonlymrk

    Anyone using a Roccat iksu force fx?

    Im having a few odd issues with my new keyboard it doesnt know what a ower(wtf) case L is as you can see. i've tried finding a defaut "switch to" option but can't , even an unmessed with profie on SWARM (its software,tsk ,,who comes up with this shit) is the same, wouL'nt be so bad but i have...
  9. G

    Looking for an HDMI to Surround Sound (three 3.5mm jack) adapter

    Hey Folks, I have an interesting situation... I have a Creative Labs surround sound system. It came with three 3.5mm jacks to connect the 5.1 speaker system. My new Windows 10 desktop PC comes with a Realtek audio adapter, but does not include the standard 3.5 mm line out jacks for a 5.1...
  10. Raevenlord

    HTC Announces the Vive Cosmos Stand-Alone(ish) VR Headset at CES 2019

    The pace of innovation can't stand still, and if there's one space that needs cost-cutting and new product injection to increase its install base is the VR ecosystem. HTC took to CES 2019 to reveal their new take on the VR, a semi-portable VR headset that has been designed not only for...
  11. A

    Asus ROG GL502 keyboard unresponsive

    ASUS ROG GL502VM (7th generation) or GL502VMK. Keyboard is unresponsive , backlight , power button and touchpad works fine. I bought a gl502vm (7th gen) on ebay, at the very first start it asked me if i wanted to delete the TPM Trusted Platform Module pressing F12. Then few minutes later while...
  12. Raevenlord

    2018 Was the Year of VR Headsets - Except it Wasn't, According to Steam Hardware Survey

    Steam, being the most widely used games platform for the PC ecosystem, has proven weight on current hardware employed by gamers. While not wholly representative, let's just say it caters to enough of the PC gaming population that we can infer some broad strokes of the current state of the...
  13. hellrazor

    Looking for a 5.25" temperature display over USB

    Does anybody know of a 5.25" temperature display that gets the temperature data from the OS over (preferably) USB instead of using temperature probes? I can't seem to find any.
  14. btarunr

    Razer Announces Turret Living Room Keyboard+Mouse for Xbox One

    Razer , the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, today introduced a new way to play on console with the Razer Turret for Xbox One, a wireless keyboard and mouse combo designed for Xbox One. "We're extremely proud to team up with Microsoft to bring you this exclusive collaboration," says Razer...
  15. Raevenlord

    ROCCAT Announces Unplugged Initiative, Accessories

    ROCCAT announces the availability of a range of unplugged products. The ROCCAT Tusko, a widescreen monitor bag, the ROCCAT Modulok headset stand and finally the raw version of the ROCCAT Apuri. All three products are available in stores now represent the perfect accessory for gamers on the go...
  16. btarunr

    Spire Intros Ergo, the First Tenkeyless Ergonomic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Spire late Monday introduced Ergo, a wacky new gaming-grade mechanical keyboard that's the world's first TKL (tenkeyless) to feature a custom ergonomic key layout that reduces strain during prolonged typing sessions. The keyboard smartly splits the QWERTY keyset into two halves that are angled...
  17. crazyeyesreaper

    HTC and McLaren Launch Special Edition VR Headset With New Racing Sim

    After forming a partnership back in May of this year, HTC and McLaren are now seeing their cooperation pay off with the launch of a Limited-Edition HTC VIVE Pro headset ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that takes place this weekend. The overall goal for this launch is to give fans a "unique...
  18. Raevenlord

    CHERRY Introduces the MX Board 1.0: MX Switches and HighSpeed Key Recognition

    CHERRY today introduced the MX Board 1.0, a mechanical keyboard at a more interesting price point. The combination of high-precision CHERRY MX switches in different variants and high-performance HighSpeed key recognition creates an uncompromising keyboard for avid writers. Furthermore, The MX...
  19. btarunr

    Cooler Master Announces New Gaming Headsets: MH751 and MH752

    Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, today announces the addition to its audio line with two new gaming headsets, the MH751 and MH752. "We wanted to create a headset with a focus on audio quality, mic quality, and...
  20. VSG

    SeaSonic Adds Wooting Analog Keyboards to its American and European product line-up

    [Editor's Note: Our own review of the Wooting One keyboard can be found here for those interested.] Sea Sonic, a world leader in PC and industrial power supply design and manufacturing, announces exclusive sales and distribution cooperation with Wooting, the company behind the world's first...
  21. Raevenlord

    MSI Releases Clutch GM50 GAMING Mouse and Vigor GK60 GAMING Keyboard

    MSI today announces the Clutch GM50 GAMING mouse and Vigor GK60 GAMING keyboard to provide solid choices for gamers looking for powerful weapons to conquer the battlefield. Both new products offer unique features and use MSI's exclusive new Gaming Center software which allows for more detailed...
  22. D

    HTC Joins VirtualLink Consortium, a Single USB-C Cable is The Future for Premium VR Headsets

    The VirtualLink Consortium was formed in July 2018 with some of the major VR industry players such as Oculus, AMD, NVIDIA, Valve and Microsoft as founders. HTC has joined the group, and will therefore begin to support the implementation of the VirtualLink specification, which makes it possible...
  23. Raevenlord

    Steelseries Expands Best-Selling QcK Family, Offering MOst Diverse Line of Gaming Mousepads

    SteelSeries, the global leader in gaming peripherals, today announced the expansion of the iconic QcK mousepad family, making the line the widest variety available in the gaming industry. The line includes the new QcK Edge, QcK Prism Cloth, QcK Hard and updates to SteelSeries' legacy mouspads...
  24. Raevenlord

    Sharkoon Announces the SGM2 Gaming Mouse: Focusing on Essentials

    Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals which boast performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now presents its latest gaming mouse: the SKILLER SGM2. The mouse concentrates on essential virtues and avoids any unnecessary extras. The result is a...
  25. VSG

    ErgoDox EZ Introduces the Glow: An RGB Backlit, Pre-assembled ErgoDox Keyboard

    The ErgoDox EZ Shine remains one of the most impressive keyboards I have laid my hands on even to this date, and it appears that the company has not been resting either. They introduced new switch options following that review, re-worked their graphical configurator, and then decided to adopt...