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  1. btarunr

    FSP Announces Liquid-Cooled Hydro PTM+ 850W Power Supply

    FSP, one of the leading manufacturers of power supplies in the world is pleased to announce its second liquid-cooled power supply, the Hydro PTM+ 850W. With the success of the Hydro PTM+ 1200W, the Hydro PTM+ 850W gives enthusiast gamers the ability to unleash the complete performance of their...
  2. dirtyferret

    jonnyguru down?

    I tried going to the web site on two different PCs and my cell phone, they all say the "account (hosted account) has been suspended"...
  3. S

    PSU with switch between single and multi rail

    Recently i spotted that psu to be on nice deal and most probably will buy it: https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Power/Plug-Type/hxi-series-2017-config/p/CP-9020138-EU But one thing makes me curious: it has a switch to set operational mode between single and multi rail. If i understand correctly this...
  4. rk3066

    Issue with the PSU! [Fixed!]

    Hi guys, You know my 775 Build? The Dang PSU "A Rosewill 610W Modular" is acting up. We have to set the Case on it's side or completely upside down to make where it completely shutsdown/restarts. Just today it restarted when I awoke. What's the deal?
  5. btarunr

    HDPLEX Unveils the 800-Watt DC-ATX Power Brick: Convert Idle PCIe Connectors to Power a Second PC

    HTPC case maker HDPLEX unveiled the DC-ATX 800W, a nano-ATX form-factor power-converter. This accessory, roughly as big as a power brick, takes in 6-pin PCIe, 8-pin PCIe, and 8-pin EPS connectors from your main rig, and depending on how many connectors you plug-in, puts out up to 800 Watts of...
  6. Durvelle27

    Is 650-750W enough

    Hey guys I’m urgently in need of a new power supply as they one I had suddenly died on me today while I was working. It’s for the rig listed under my specs. Do you think 650-750W would be enough. I won’t be running dual GPUs but I do plan to upgrade to Navi when it drops.
  7. btarunr

    Silverstone Unveils 1550W Strider Titanium and 2000W Strider Platinum PSUs

    At CES 2019, Silverstone updated its portfolio of unique short-length high-Wattage PSUs with the new Strider Titanium 1550W (ST1550-Ti) and Strider Platinum 2000W (ST2000-Pt). Their biggest USP is their high power density and short lengths, in the 18-19 cm range. The ST1550-Ti, as its name...
  8. RothFTP

    Dual PSU setup for a Galax GTX1080ti HOF LAB Edition

    Hello, I own a GTX 1080ti HOF Lab Edition, with which I want to use a second PSU to support the graphics card since my HIPER 680W MKII turns off when I overvolt both my cpu (8700K) and this card. Overvolting just the card or the cpu works - but not both. I have a spare Corsair 650W that I'd...
  9. btarunr

    Cooler Master Unclutters the PSU PCB with XG Series

    Cooler Master this CES unveiled the XG-series Gold Advanced power-supply series. The company has re-imagined the various components that go into building a standards-compliant modern PC power-supply that's also feature rich in efficiency and protections. The XG series PCB gets rid of many of the...
  10. th44

    PSU power? VOSTRO 460/ i7-2600/ GTX 750ti/ 400W RS-400-PCAP-A3

    Hi, I have business line DELL VOSTRO 460 with the following specification: - CPU: i7-2600 + BOX - MOBO: DELL 0Y2MRG H67 LGA1155 - RAM: 20GB DDR3 (2x8, 2x2) - GPU: ASUS GTX 750ti 2GB GDDR5 with 1 fan (GTX750TI-PH-2GD5) - PC-E: ASUS AC1200 PCE-AC55BT Wifi & Bluetooth adapter - PC-E: DELOCK USB 3.0...
  11. C

    PSU for I5 and RX590

    My current PSU, Thermaltake 630 watts seems to be failing on my GPU under heavy load. I need a new PSU but there are not many options in my country. I would spend up to 120$ but keep in mind stuff in my country might be 10-30$ more than prices on Amazon/Newegg. Also are these any good: FSP...
  12. minstreless

    [SOLVED] How to remove the psu cable from motherboard??

    Crazy how difficult it was.... :% HOW do i remove the psu cable from the motherboard?? I try squeezing the knob on it, but i cannot get it off whatsoever.... How do i do this? I'll ask instead of hurting the cables...
  13. stoggs1

    Are EVGA refurbished power supplies trustworthy?

    Hey guys so I was looking at EVGA's b stock to see if they had any good deals and I saw quite of few refurbished power supplies for pretty cheap. Now I know to never skimp on your psu but I know EVGA is a reputable brand so I was wondering if anyone has used their refurbished psu's. Thanks in...
  14. btarunr

    Seasonic Prime AirTouch to Finally Launch Mid-January

    Seasonic is finally getting around to launch its Prime AirTouch power-supply series sometime mid-January 2019. Just to give you an idea of how far along this product has been delayed, Seasonic developed it way back in 2016, and first exhibited it in CES 2017. The series will debut with an 850W...
  15. Jose Jeswin

    PSU for Fx 8350 + Gigabyte RX 570 Aorus 4 gb..

    please suggest a good psu for fx 8350 (non OC) and a Rx 570 Aorus 4 gb..already running a corsair VS 550 on the system with an ASUS R7 260X 2gb.now upgrading to RX 570... Old PSU is nearly 7 years old.. other specs.. Asus M5A99fx PRO R 2.0 motherboard 8 gb DDR3 (4 x 2 gb sticks) 1 x120 gb ssd...
  16. V

    This PSU is fine?

    Hello guys, im currently having troubles with my actual PSU, every time that i use a heavy application the PC just turn off and when it turn on the bios give me a mesage "POWER SUPPLY SURGE DURING THE PREVIOUS POWER ON". Im having this problem since 1 month ago, i already tried new updating...
  17. btarunr

    SilverStone Strider Platinum PTS World's Smallest Kilowatt-class PSUs

    SilverStone today released what it calls the world's smallest Kilowatt-class PSUs. The new Strider Platinum series ST1200-PTS and ST1000-PTS are fully-modular PSUs with a physical depth of only 14 cm. You typically find 650~750W PSUs this small. As their model names suggest, these units pack a...
  18. btarunr

    SilverStone Starts Shipping the SX700-G SFX Power Supply

    SilverStone began shipping the SX700-G, the most powerful power supply in the SFX form-factor, with a nameplate capacity of 700W. This unit is designed for compact builds with bleeding-edge hardware, including up to two high-end graphics cards. Its fully modular cabling includes four 6+2 pin...

    How long can the "right" PSU last?

    I recently rebuilt my system and this makes the 5th system I've built around the same Corsair TX750w PSU. This is probably the first generation of TX750. It predates the Gold, Silver, and Bronze rating system that would come in to play years later. I originally bough this PSU sometime in...
  20. btarunr

    SeaSonic Announces US Market Pricing Changes

    SeaSonic announced price increases for its entire product lineup in the US market, effective December 1st. The price increases are in response to increased import tariffs for electronics goods from China. The increases appear to be in the range of 5 to 10 percent over current MSRPs for the...
  21. lyra

    dual PSUs? possible? stupid?

    so I'm building a system for my friend and I am having PSU sourcing issues mainly to do with price and a dead motherboard eating a chunk of budget. i have been scouring ebay and can find a few low wattage seasonic ATX PSUs from old servers and such. i can get two 250w power supplies for much...
  22. VSG

    CORSAIR's Upcoming SF750 PSU Leaked by Manual Revision Error

    We might need more than the fingers on our hands to count the number of times upcoming products have been inadvertently been leaked by a reseller, and CORSAIR is the latest to have joined this list when not one, but two separate Reddit users shared details of the upcoming SF750 80 Plus Platinum...
  23. R

    PSU makes a strange noise while in fanless/silent mode.

    Hello first time post, I recently installed a new PSU into my computer and noticed a strange noise that happens while I'm playing a game (layers of fear) in fanless/silent mode. The noise quickly goes a way when I press the switch on the back of the PSU and turn the fan on. I've recorded the...
  24. btarunr

    Be Quiet! Announces Pure Power 11 Series Power Supplies

    Be Quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for twelve consecutive years, announces its new mainstream power supply series: Pure Power 11. The series consists of six models with fixed cables ranging from 300 to 700 watts and four models with modular cables ranging from 400 to...
  25. T

    Xion psu question

    I have a Xion axp-700k14xe 700w power supply that currently has 2 6pin connectors powering my R9 270x graphics card. I"m looking to upgrade to an RX 580, but the power supply does not have any 8 pin connectors. Since the power supply is partially modular, can i add an 8 pin connector(s) to it to...