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  1. btarunr

    AMD "Navi" GPU Code Surfaces in Latest Apple MacOS Mojave Beta

    System software code used for detecting and installing AMD's upcoming Radeon "Navi" family of graphics processors surfaced in the latest Apple MacOS "Mojave" beta. Version 14.2 beta of the operating system packs preparation for AMD's next-generation GPUs through a device identifier "0x73101002."...
  2. C

    RX 590 Games Crashing

    Recently I had a problem with my new GPU that while gaming it would just stop displaying anything to the screen. I fixed that by getting rid of an adapter but now instead of that at random times 5 minutes to 5 hours the games just close. Yeah the game just crashes and it takes me to the desktop...
  3. floop

    Vega 56 Pulse or RTX 2060 Founder/Zotac Twin?

    A simple question for you but very difficult for me... I have an AOC c24g1...1080p144hz with Freesync and a Ryzen 2600 etc... So what should i buy ? I play gdr and fps non competitive... and i dont change my pc every new hardware coming out lol
  4. btarunr

    AMD's Initial Production Run of Radeon VII Just 5,000 Pieces, Company Denies it

    More news coming in on AMD's upcoming high-end graphics card, the Radeon VII, with Chinese media reporting that AMD's initial production run for the card is set to ship just 5,000 pieces worldwide. This comes hot on the heels of another report that the Radeon VII won't come in custom-designs by...
  5. btarunr

    Sapphire Outs an RX 570 Graphics Card with 16GB Memory, But Why?

    Sapphire has reportedly developed an odd-ball Radeon RX 570 graphics card, equipped with 16 GB of GDDR5 memory, double the memory amount the SKU is possibly capable of. The card is based on the company's NITRO+ board design common to RX 570 thru RX 590 SKUs, and uses sixteen 8 Gbit GDDR5 memory...
  6. Raevenlord

    A Sprinkle of Salt: AMD Radeon VII Reported to Only be Available in Reference Design, no Custom Treatment

    A report via Tom's Hardware.de says that AMD's plans for the upcoming Radeon VII are somewhat one-dimensional, in that only reference designs will be available for this particular rendition of the Vega architecture. And this doesn't mean"initial availability" only on reference cards, like NVIDIA...
  7. L


    i'm looking for an OEM bios for my saphhire nitro+ vega 56 if anyone would like to send me one. i'm not sure what information is needed, but i'll list a few things below: SKU: 11276-01-40G RAM: 8GB Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Mighty-Lu-Bu

    Told you... 7NM Vega

    I was laughed at and even mocked when I said that AMD would release a 7NM Vega... you guys aren't laughing now ;)
  9. btarunr

    Radeon VII Lacks Full FP64 Compute Capabilities Available to Instinct MI60

    AMD's upcoming Radeon VII high-end consumer graphics card lacks full FP64 compute capabilities available to the company's other products targeting the enterprise-compute market, such as the Radeon Instinct MI60. Radeon VII offers an FP32 peak compute throughput of 13.8 TFLOP/s single-precision...
  10. btarunr

    AMD Radeon VII Detailed Some More: Die-size, Secret-sauce, Ray-tracing, and More

    AMD pulled off a surprise at its CES 2019 keynote address, with the announcement of the Radeon VII client-segment graphics card targeted at gamers. We went hands-on with the card earlier this week. The company revealed a few more technical details of the card in its press-deck for the card. To...
  11. xkm1948

    Radeon 7 cooler

    From chiphell, that cooler looks really beefy https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.chiphell.com%2Fthread-1949133-1-1.html
  12. crazyeyesreaper

    AMD Radeon VII Hands On at CES 2019

    While many have watched or at the very least seen our coverage of AMD's live stream at CES 2019, it just can't compare to seeing the latest graphics card from the company up close and personal. Therefore as soon as we had the opportunity, we took a closer look at the AMD Radeon VII and let us...
  13. xkm1948

    Radeon 7 is Released, What Would You Buy?

    See the choices
  14. btarunr

    AMD Announces the Radeon VII Graphics Card: Beats GeForce RTX 2080

    AMD today announced the Radeon VII (Radeon Seven) graphics card, implementing the world's first GPU built on the 7 nm silicon fabrication process. Based on the 7 nm "Vega 20" silicon with 60 compute units (3,840 stream processors), and a 4096-bit HBM2 memory interface, the chip leverages 7 nm to...
  15. Raevenlord

    AMD's CES 2019 Keynote - Stream & Live Blog

    CPUs or GPUs? Ryzen 3000 series up to 16 cores or keeping their eight? Support for raytracing? Navi or die-shrunk Vega for consumer graphics? The questions around AMD's plans for 2019 are still very much in the open, but AMD's Lisa Su's impending livestream should field the answers to many of...
  16. HTC

    AMD @ CES Keynote, with Dr. Lisa Su

    It should start momentarily. EDIT Lock please: i see it's in the news section, so no point in it also being here.
  17. C

    RX 590 Bottleneck?

    So I installed Hitman 2 and played on ultra settings the first mission and it was great(never dropped below 60), but the second mission was horrible I was getting less than 50 fps, changing all the settings to low didn't help and lowering the resolution didn't help either but just made the game...
  18. W

    Which version of RX 560 is this?

    Hi folks! Buying a used Sapphire Pulse RX 560 4GB and the seller sent me a screenshot of GPU-Z: I am quite confused with the Clock and Memory speeds it's showing. According to the Sapphire's website or techpowerup for that matter, there ain't any variant/version available with these clocks...
  19. northman

    Sapphire Rx580 Nitro+ 8GB Special Edition specs?

    Hi, i just bought an used rx580 and i wonder about the specs of this card (stock) and some more thoughts. i will provide screendumps from GPU-Z and a benchmark from Heaven Benchmark 4.0 and Speccy. Q1- is GPU Clock 1340 standard or is this card OC/UC? Q2 - i have a strange sound (metallic...
  20. btarunr

    Sapphire Outs Radeon RX 590 Nitro+ OC Sans "Special Edition"

    Sapphire debuted its Radeon RX 590 series last month with the RX 590 Nitro+ Special Edition, which at the time was advertised as a limited-edition SKU. The company over Holiday weekend updated its product stack to introduce a new mass-production SKU, the RX 590 Nitro+ OC, minus "Special Edition"...
  21. M

    R9 295x2 not working (no display)

    Hi there, I got my hands on a used Sapphire R9 295x2 GPU and tried to get it to work with no success. After installing it (still no AMD drivers installed) I connected my display to it through DVI and got no display. I used the integrated gpu (DVI port in the mobo) and booted windows, installed...
  22. J

    RX Vega 56 hard locks PC

    Hi, I Recently upgraded to a RX Vega 56. Great performance upgrade from a 270X. Noticed strange behaviour when the PC is in idle state, no apps open. The PC hard locks so bad that you have to shut it off from the PSU switch What could be wrong? Running latest driver from AMD still getting...
  23. Robotics

    what is the Global Wattman ideal settings for RX580?

    Hi guys, I started to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey last night. But my RX 580 run crazy. Fans loud high, heat around 65-70 my idle heat 38 with two monitors. So I had to close game. How can i set to border on 75 C. I want to run games 1080p maybe 1440p. One my monitor 1080p which I want to...
  24. crazyeyesreaper

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.3 Beta Drivers

    With AMD's recent launch of their Adrenalin 2019 Edition drivers, it was only a matter of time until we saw another major release. Enter the Adrenalin 2019 18.12.3 Beta drivers. While no performance improvements have been directly listed for this release, they do contain a large number of fixes...
  25. Raevenlord

    YESTON Releases Black, Purple Radeon RX 590 Game Ace

    YESTON may not be one of the most covered AIB partners here on TechPowerUp, even though the company does work with both AMD and NVIDIA. The trouble with their offerings is that they're mostly geared towards the Asian market (and the Chinese one in particular), which means availability on the...