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  1. R

    Fake GTX 960 Re-flashing Correct Rom

    I got a fake GTX960 from ebay. I a'm trying to find it's correct Rom, so far it hasn't worked with 5 GTS 450 Roms I found on techpowerup and youtube for other fakes, so I a'm not sure if it is truly a GTS 450. I include in this post a picture of the chipset with all it's model numbers and the...
  2. F

    Need Bios Original Power Color RX 570 Red Devil 4gb Samsung memory ,PLEASE!

    Need Bios Original Power Color RX 570 Red Devil 4gb Samsung memory , PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! IN HERE ONLY RED DRAGON ,NOTHING ONE HAVE RED DEVIL. I hereby request a VBIOS rom for the following graphics card. Brand: PowerColor Model:Red Devil 3 Fan Memory size:4 GB Memory manufacturer:Samsung
  3. W

    gtx 970m 3gb custom bios

    Hello, I have a medion erazer x7833 laptop and I would like to make a custom vbios to undervolt the gpu but, at the voltage table there is many voltage sliders. Does anyone know which one I have to adjust? Also gpu-z says that the max vddc was 1v at 1038mhz. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. johnspack

    Need help with 980 Ti bios mod

    Need some experts in here. Have flashed many video cards, but never played with modded bios before. I have a used evga ftw 980ti, that already has both bioses modded. I'm currently on the 2nd bios, which has a power limit of 330w and increased clocks. The max stable boost I can get is...
  5. M

    bios 980 gtx ti flash

    Hello, I go through a translator so sorry if certain sentences are hard to understand. I recovered a graphics card 980gtx ti amp zodiac (small error in the title 680) with only information that following a flash the user could no longer make it work. I see on the various forums several things...
  6. K

    GT 840M - BIOS File

    Hello everyone, I am currently testing with a laptop which houses a GT 840M. I would like to change the temperature limit because I think the limit of 69C on my Asus laptop is a little on the low side. The part where I get stuck is trying to get the BIOS file extracted with GPU-Z, and i can't...
  7. R

    How to flash RX 560 Sapphire 4gb

    My RX560 Sapphire 4gb is not recognized by the team. When I try to load the system from the external graphic, it releases several beeps and does not show an image. If I enter through the integrated graphics, the device manager does not recognize the external graphic. In some places they suggest...
  8. fra98_

    Gigabyte GTX 1080 Turbo OC Memory stuck at 405 Mhz after vbios update from official site!

    Okay I updated my new graphic card with this: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N1080TTOC-8GD#support-dl-bios Result? In Gpu-Z memory type is now unknown and memory clock is stuck at 405 Mhz. what can I do, tried all the vbios available on the internet for this card and nvflash keeps...
  9. D

    Original BIOS for ASUS ROG-STRIX-RX570-OC 4G

    Hello people, I need original bios for ASUS ROG-STRIX-RX570-OC 4G. Can you send me please? Thank you very much!
  10. L

    Need help Stock Bios Power Color RX 570 4GBD5-DM

    Hi, I bought an old Power Color RX 570 4GBD5-DM. I think it has mod bios for mining coin. Because I can't install drivers from Power Color or AMD. Could you please help me stock bios for it. Thanks first.
  11. G

    Can max well bios tweaker undervolt ?

    Is it possible to undervolt the gtx750ti ( max well)? I run into heating problem i rách 96*c on furmark and my clock throttle to 920-950 mhz.... I can't change the heatsink....is lowering the clock could help me to reduce a bit
  12. B

    ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 Ti AMP ayuda bios

    Hola a todos. decirle de antemano. que muchas gracias por las respuestas anticipadas. Él comprado una rtx 2080 ti zotac amp, el caso es que mi pregunta es, esta tarjeta se puede actualizar la bios a una de sus hermanas mayores. la ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 Ti AMP Extreme. ya que el boost...
  13. U

    Where can I get a 980 ti xtreme ln2 mode bios?

    I've been trying to oc my 980 ti g1 to 1.6g ,but I cant reach it at 1.243v.Considering I can hit 1.56g at 1.243v , I think if I can unlock the voltage to 1.273v ,1.6g would be a possible oced result.Now I am using a 980 ti xtreme gaming mode bios downloaded from TPU but its max voltage is still...
  14. R

    Help asus rx 470 mining elpida

    I have trouble with my graphics BIOS. Please download BIOS asus rx 470 mining elpida for download Thanks
  15. AceCuba

    Need r7 370 nitro sapphire oc edition bios please.

    Hello sorry my inglish is not good .I need the bios for one r7 370 nitro sappire oc edition exact de grafic card on the picture i see 2 bios in the not tested list interesting but i dont now .If some one gat that exact bios please send that to my email adress ilmt0207@nauta.cu i am from cuba i...
  16. L

    Reduce video ram from 2gb to 1gb.

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I accidentally bought a fake card online. After searching for vcard bioses here. I finally found the correct bios for my videocard which is gtx 550ti with gpu clock 783 and mem clock 800. This is the only bios that is detected correct in GPU-z, other bioses crashes at...
  17. N

    Nvflash not flashing a MSI 1080TI Sea Hawk EK X

    Hey guys, I'm trying to flash the 1080Ti Asus strix XOC bios to my MSI 1080TI Sea Hawk EK X to break the 1.092v limit i currently have on the default bios. I've already owned a GTX 1080 that i flashed the same way i'm trying to flash my current 1080Ti without success. I've downloaded the...
  18. vhtrg

    I need bios PowerColor570-4Gb-31Mhz mod

    I need bios PowerColor570-4Gb-31Mhz for mining coin, please who can help me to download? thanks
  19. B

    Need Help - crashed my RX 570 4GB Bios

    Hi there So, since four days im looking for help. Bought i new Sapphire RX 570 4GB Pulse Card and want to Bios OC it. I think i have choose a false Rom Bios File, the card look like its over... In driver manager code 43 what i tried: - Pin 1+8 method - reinstall Windows and drivers (DDU) -...
  20. SoNic67

    AMD/ATI ATIFlash - flashing questions

    I want to edit my RX580 Device ID with the ID of a WX7100. In the help of DOS version of atiflash, I see the following: -mi <Num> [ID] Modify SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter <Num> to <ID>. SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter <Num> is...
  21. D

    AtiWinFlash doesnt show 4 or more GPUs

    AtiWinflash doesn't show in the app more than 3 GPUs. Of course flashing is still possible in cmd. But if any developers of the app come across it, pls implement a dropdown or scroll down menu for GPUs in the app or make the window extendable in windows so it show more area. But still a...
  22. B

    PowerColor RX 550 (V2) Original Bios Needed

    Hello, I flashed the wrong BIOS on my card accidentally without a backup :/ Could some one dump the original BIOS to me? My card version is this: PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon™ RX 550 2GB GDDR5 OC V2 (AXRX 550 2GBD5-DHV2/OC) - https://www.powercolor.com/product?id=1498033015 I tryed to flash...
  23. HUSKIE

    HOF gtx 780ti bios can't save system crashed.

    Here I have as above GPU, when I open the gpu-z all working fine but when I click the arrow sign to save the bios the system crashes all the time. I want to flash the bios but won't allow to save the original one. FIXED NOW.... CHEers!
  24. terroralpha

    Which BIOS should i use for the Gigabyte 2080 Ti Windforce OC

    i decided to save $80 and bought a gigabyte instead of an EVGA 2080 Ti. Just now realized that I'm an idiot. the card crashes with even moderate amount of OC because the max power target is 109%.... i flashed EVGA 2080 TI Xc Ultra BIOS onto it, but now i'm getting some weird unidentified...
  25. D

    need a stock ROM for GTS black XFX RX580P8D 8GB OC+ 1425M

    I am not sure if I got a fake card or not. I flushed 6 different XFX RX580 bios and none of these is giving me a good device in device manager (showing error 43). GPUZ shows zero memory for GPU card, memory type is Micron. but all the roms I tried seems using Samsung or other brands of...