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  1. AceCuba

    Need r7 370 nitro sapphire oc edition bios please.

    Hello sorry my inglish is not good .I need the bios for one r7 370 nitro sappire oc edition exact de grafic card on the picture i see 2 bios in the not tested list interesting but i dont now .If some one gat that exact bios please send that to my email adress ilmt0207@nauta.cu i am from cuba i...
  2. L

    Reduce video ram from 2gb to 1gb.

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I accidentally bought a fake card online. After searching for vcard bioses here. I finally found the correct bios for my videocard which is gtx 550ti with gpu clock 783 and mem clock 800. This is the only bios that is detected correct in GPU-z, other bioses crashes at...
  3. N

    Nvflash not flashing a MSI 1080TI Sea Hawk EK X

    Hey guys, I'm trying to flash the 1080Ti Asus strix XOC bios to my MSI 1080TI Sea Hawk EK X to break the 1.092v limit i currently have on the default bios. I've already owned a GTX 1080 that i flashed the same way i'm trying to flash my current 1080Ti without success. I've downloaded the...
  4. vhtrg

    I need bios PowerColor570-4Gb-31Mhz mod

    I need bios PowerColor570-4Gb-31Mhz for mining coin, please who can help me to download? thanks
  5. B

    Need Help - crashed my RX 570 4GB Bios

    Hi there So, since four days im looking for help. Bought i new Sapphire RX 570 4GB Pulse Card and want to Bios OC it. I think i have choose a false Rom Bios File, the card look like its over... In driver manager code 43 what i tried: - Pin 1+8 method - reinstall Windows and drivers (DDU) -...
  6. SoNic67

    AMD/ATI ATIFlash - flashing questions

    I want to edit my RX580 Device ID with the ID of a WX7100. In the help of DOS version of atiflash, I see the following: -mi <Num> [ID] Modify SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter <Num> to <ID>. SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter <Num> is...
  7. D

    AtiWinFlash doesnt show 4 or more GPUs

    AtiWinflash doesn't show in the app more than 3 GPUs. Of course flashing is still possible in cmd. But if any developers of the app come across it, pls implement a dropdown or scroll down menu for GPUs in the app or make the window extendable in windows so it show more area. But still a...
  8. B

    PowerColor RX 550 (V2) Original Bios Needed

    Hello, I flashed the wrong BIOS on my card accidentally without a backup :/ Could some one dump the original BIOS to me? My card version is this: PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon™ RX 550 2GB GDDR5 OC V2 (AXRX 550 2GBD5-DHV2/OC) - https://www.powercolor.com/product?id=1498033015 I tryed to flash...

    HOF gtx 780ti bios can't save system crashed.

    Here I have as above GPU, when I open the gpu-z all working fine but when I click the arrow sign to save the bios the system crashes all the time. I want to flash the bios but won't allow to save the original one. FIXED NOW.... CHEers!
  10. terroralpha

    Which BIOS should i use for the Gigabyte 2080 Ti Windforce OC

    i decided to save $80 and bought a gigabyte instead of an EVGA 2080 Ti. Just now realized that I'm an idiot. the card crashes with even moderate amount of OC because the max power target is 109%.... i flashed EVGA 2080 TI Xc Ultra BIOS onto it, but now i'm getting some weird unidentified...
  11. D

    need a stock ROM for GTS black XFX RX580P8D 8GB OC+ 1425M

    I am not sure if I got a fake card or not. I flushed 6 different XFX RX580 bios and none of these is giving me a good device in device manager (showing error 43). GPUZ shows zero memory for GPU card, memory type is Micron. but all the roms I tried seems using Samsung or other brands of...
  12. crazyeyesreaper

    New NVFlash Released With Turing Support

    With the latest release of NVIDIA's NVFlash, version 5.513.0, users can now read and write the BIOS on Turing based graphics cards. This includes the RTX 2080 Ti, 2080, and 2070. While this may seem mundane at first, due to the different power limits between graphics cards, there is some hope...
  13. M

    Fake GTX 1060 3GB need help with bios

    I recently purchased a grahpics card that looked too good to be true, and obviously it was. i got a refund, but they didn't want their graphics card back I need your help to hopefully get it working properly, as most games crashes. It looks like a gts 450 to me, but i am not sure as it has 1,5...
  14. V

    Help flashing Stock Bios for the correct memory manufacturer

    Hello, scared noob here. I recently bought a second hand Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB gpu (not the special or limited edition) of eBay from a ex miner(yes yes I know the risks). Anyway, the seller informed me that he had flashed a castom bios to one of the two bios chips on the card(it has dual...
  15. F

    GTX1080Ti -> Tesla P40

    Own a Gigabtye GTX1080 Ti FE. Is it possible to flash this to a Tesla P40? I looked in the vBios database, but can't find any for a P40.
  16. T

    To Flash or Not To Flash (that is the question)

    I have a Sapphire Radeon Dual X R9 280 OC edition that started giving me vertical lines in displays along with strange cursor artifacts. The card during a game shut down (orange screens with hi-pitched squeals) and after rebooting (restart) it would work fine for a spell then do the vertical...
  17. A

    BIOS update

    Hello. I bought a video card MSI GTX 1080 8 GB Gaming X. Device ID: 10DE 1B80-1462 3362. Installed BIOS . Can I flash the BIOS version,,,
  18. K

    Flashing newbie

    Due financial constraints I bought a eBay NVIDIA GTX960 made in china brand XHVGA. It works AOk for everyday things like photo editing VLC video display. But, any time I try to use Hitfilm Express or DaVinci Resolve it crashes app and leaves no bodies. Finding a driver is also problematic. My...
  19. W

    Flashing BIOS variant

    Hi, I own a Palit 1050 Ti Dual OC and I'd like to flash the bios for the Palit 1050 Ti StormX. My intent is to get rid of the additional power supply. Since the cards are basically, to my knowledge, the same with minor differences, do I have any chance of success at achieving my goal? Thanks in...
  20. Aphex

    Help getting GPU Bios to work with drivers

    Hello everyone. I need some help with a fake GTX 1050ti. I have two if these which turned out to be GTS 450's. I used a bios from this Youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra0T0j5KoAc) which seemed to work fine on a Windows XP PC after forcing the driver to install. The problem i'm...
  21. S

    Flashed Bios back to stock

    Hello everyone, i got an used Graphics Card (Asus ROG Strix Geforce GTX 1070 8G) and a few days ago i opened GPU-Z and it says it is a MSI Brand. Unfortunately i can´t get the old owner but i want to know if i can flash it back to the stock Bios for the ASUS? I searched a few things and found...
  22. L

    Palit GTX 1070 ti Dual Bios request

    Could anyone provide me working Palit gtx 1070 Ti dual bios, mine is corrupted so any help?
  23. K

    looking for msi gtx 1050 2gb low profile bios

    Hello does anyone have the bios for a msi gtx 1050 low profile i would use the bios from a normal 1050 but the low profile one has a base of 1354 and a boost of 1455, so if you have a msi gtx 1050 low profile 2gb could you send me a copy of the bios thanks.
  24. rmontroni

    Edit and Flash Notebook 1050 Ti

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have an acer nitro 5 AN515-51-75KZ notebook. Originally the CPU runs very hot under load (97º C). I undervolted the CPU, to -135 mV and the temperature decreased only 2 ºC. I also repaste it, and again the temperatures doesn't decrease that much. That...
  25. N

    Gtx 1050 ti

    I have a Foxconn H61MXE Motherboard with legacy bios and the card is only made for uefi bios so is there anyway I can Change the Gpu bios from uefi to legacy?