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  1. F

    EVGA GTX 980Ti (Classified) Unflashable!

    Pn is 10DE 17C8-3842 4997 All packaging says it is a classified Card. When I try to flash this card with my 4998 bios it says the card is unsupported and stops the process. NvFlash works perfectly with my 4998 card, but it does not need to be flashed. The card shows as a reference card under...
  2. V


    Hi all, im new here ... So i have a Gigabyte GTX 1050ti g1 Gaming, i just update the bios from the gigabyte website to the f3 bios,and only after do this, i see in gigabyte website that f3 bios its only a update for another bios, not mine ! After that i only get black screen ! And the worst, i...
  3. L

    I need an 1070ti AMP extreme BIOS plz

    i want to test a thing with mi 1070Ti palit and i apreciate it if someone give me his 1070ti zotac amp extreme edition bios plz :)
  4. R

    Graphic Card Bios Lost

    Zotac 210 (ZT-20314-10E) bios lost please anyone has bios?
  5. M

    R9 280x Bios Flash Question

    I cannot seem to find an answer to this on google and am still new to Bios Flashing so here it goes. I have the XFX Radeon R9 280x Double Dissipation Black Edition and have been having the screen flickering problems. When it switches from the Idle clock speed to any other clock speed the screen...
  6. T

    After GPU bios flash my gpu isnt working fine i reflashed it but problems still preists

    Hello every one whos reading this so i got this big problem now. I have RX 460 nitro gpu i did unlock it with extra shaders everything was fine until recently i tought i will flash it to RX 560 bios so i tried first i flashed it to saphire single fan bios and my msi afterburner did not work(i...
  7. T

    Subsystem ID

    Hi guys, i have a Problem with flashing a M4000M Notebook Card... The Card is from Dell, my note is from Dell too - but the Card is "newer". The Card has a Subsystem ID 1028.15CD but Drivers are looking for a Hardware ID like 1028.06DA. With this issue i can´t install any driver with the normal...
  8. P

    Graphics Card Problem

    Hello.I dont know English.I'm sorry.(google translate :)) I made a bios update on my display card. but then the windows started not to boot. Does not boot when the video card is installed. It only boots with the integrated card. NVFlash does not recognize your external graphics card on DOS and...
  9. K

    My Windforce 1050 ti is DEAD

    I have had installed this BIOS version (https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N105TWF2OC-4GD#support-dl-bios) on my 1050 ti, and when i restarted, it did not powerup (only the lights). When i press the button the fans go at maximum speed, but only for a few seconds then they go slower. I...
  10. R

    Fake 4GB Radeon R7 350, 1GB Firmware Fix Needed

    I've got this Fake 4GB R7350. It has 4 DDR5 Chips named Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR. The data sheet shows them as 2Gb (Gigabit), They are 256MB Chips. So it is an actual 1GB RAM video card. It is useless with this 4GB firmware, games crash out when they try to use more than 1GB RAM. Is there any known...
  11. StefanM

    NVIDIA NVFlash 5.469.0

    Check download section later. NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.469.0) Build Information - Build Date: May 31 2018 - Build Time: 16:06:26 - Build CL: 24261105 This version adds support for Tesla V100-FHHL-16GB
  12. SkOrPn

    [SOLVED] How to enable UEFI GOP on my GTX 550 Ti GPU?

    Hello again, I have a question for some of you experts here at TechPowerUp. I see that the 550 Ti was UEFI GOP enabled by Gigabyte in 2013 I also see that others have enabled UEFI on their identical GPU that I have simply by flashing this same UEFI BIOS rom. He/she flashed a Gigabyte BIOS...
  13. J

    ASUS ROG GTX 1060 O6g STRIX - performance differ on GPU with different BIOS

    Yesterday I've received the new GPU in substitution to my current GTX 1060 o6g, I,ve noticed the difference on a cryptocurrency miner, the graphic card are the same (ASUS ROG GTX 1060 O6g STRIX) but first model (the one that i need to return for a faulty fan) have the bios version
  14. D

    Need bios : NVIDIA Quadro M5000m

    hello guy , who can help me please. i needs nvidia Quadro M5000m bios , dell part , because now subsystem id has change to 15CD1028 , i can't setup driver. sent me a link file or other, thank you.
  15. S

    Atiwinflash 2.77 error reading from rom - Gigabyte Gaming RX 580 8GB

    Hi all, I have a problem with atiwinflash version 2.77 to read my new Gigabyte Gaming RX580 8GB bios. This is a NEW card and NEVER bios flashed before. I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64bit (1709 update). The gpu recognize by windows and i can mine with stock bios with no issue. I'v done the...
  16. P

    BIOS mod FAIL (episode 2). Please help!

    Hello again. You may know me from a recent saga about a modded bios. Short version, I saved my bios through GPUZ which set me up for failure. When I modded then reflashed I bricked ( but finally recovered my card with the gracious help of many kind souls on this forum). Link...
  17. I

    Looking for BIOS of PV-T42E-UDE3

    Hey everyone, I have a GF 6800 XT 256MB DUAL DVI TV PCI-E video card and it hacked. My kid gave this card and I didn't know that he got it from one of his friends, sure his friend!!!! It ruined my 4 hard drives and GF GT 610 video card. I manage to research and figure out that my video card was...
  18. E

    ATIWinflash won't start

    Literally just used the program to backup and flash another card, and worked fine. After swapping cards out to flash the next one, ATIWinflash acts like it's going to load but does nothing. Confirmed virus scanner is off. Tried downloading the program again, same result, went through normal...
  19. R

    Help me find the original BIOS for my Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x OC 4GB

    Hello guys i have and sapphire r9 290 tri-x oc 4gb with a modded bios, i dont have the backup of the original BIOS, i want to put the original, i found here lots of BIOS for my graphic (hynix) so what i can know what BIOS is the correct for my graphic?
  20. H

    Bricked RX 480 after BIOS flash

    Hello there, recently I tried to flash a modded Bios onto my Sapphire reference Design RX 480, but it didn't go exactly like planned, I ended up bricking it. At first I couldn't even boot to windows but with help of a paperclip and the 1+8 method i managed to succesfully boot with the "dead"...
  21. S

    video card bios flash experts - Is this possible?

    Hi, my first post on this forum. Seen an excellent write up / tutorial on flashing video card bios so this is best place to ask. Is it possible to adjust memory on a video card by flashing / at startup? This is to run cards tha have 1gb+ by default on 32bit OS, which obviously eats into the...
  22. TiFOSi

    Should I update bios?

    Galax 1070 EXOC, Sniper (70NSH6DHM9ES) (Micron) bios ver: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do I need to upgrade to P45L_5928 (86.04.3B.00.A5) or another version?
  23. M

    Help ASUS Pheonix GTX-1050ti-4G Vbios needed

    Hi, all I am new to TechPowerUP. I have an ASUS Pheonix GTX-1050ti-4G, and I get thing screwed-up. Anyone can help to post your Vbios extract for that GPU? Thanks a lot.
  24. A

    Bios for a Vapor X R9 290 TRI X

    I have this card and can't seem to find a bios for it https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/b2919/sapphire-vapor-x-r9-290-tri-x Anyone have any ideas
  25. Grom0X

    Msi GeForce GTX 960 GAMING 4G BIOS question?

    Hi Can someone me explain why this BIOS is unverified? Thanks and cheers.